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Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Location

Where is Kenneth Haight Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, the next open-world action role-playing game from From Software, Kenneth Haight is just one of the many NPCs that you may run with. He is a self-declared ruler, the legitimate successor of Limgrave, an area of the Lands Between. Additionally, depending on your decisions, he might be a friend or an opponent. 

We’ll explain where to locate Kenneth Haight, how to help him finish his mission to take back Fort Haight, and how to offer your assistance to him in this tutorial.

Search Mr. Kenneth Haight

Near the boundary of Stormveil, in the northeastern region of Limgrave, is where you may find Kenneth Haight in the Elden Ring. He is at a castle that is half-submerged in the sea and is in ruins. Riding your spirit horse or utilizing quick travel points will get you there.

When you get to the castle, Kenneth Haight will be seated on a makeshift throne and surrounded by his devoted supporters. He will salute you and present himself as Limgrave’s new king. Additionally, he will discuss his desire to rebuild his ancestral home, Fort Haight, which has been overtaken by monsters and robbers.

Fort Haight Expedition

In order to clean up Fort Haight and regain it as his own, Kenneth Haight will need your assistance. He will inform you that Fort Haight is situated in Limgrave’s south-west region, close to the Enchanted Forest boundary. Additionally, he will provide you with a key so you may access the fort.

You must go to Fort Haight and use the key to unlock the gate there in order to finish this task. You’ll encounter a variety of foes within, including bandits, wolves, and corrupted knights. Additionally, there are several riddles and mysteries to be found. The fort is split into a number of spaces, including the keep, the barracks, the courtyard, and the armoury.

A massive dragon that protects the fortress serves as the quest’s ultimate foe. To beat it, you’ll need to use your abilities and weaponry. Once you have, you will be allowed to enter the keep and discover a treasure box with a priceless object inside: Kenneth Haight’s golden crown.

Price for Finishing the Task

You must go back and give Kenneth Haight the crown after Fort Haight has been cleared out and you have the crown. He’ll be delighted and appreciate you for your assistance. He will also give you certain gifts, like currency, equipment, consumables, and weapons.

He will, however, also need one more thing from you: a promise to serve him and be his obedient servant.

Promising Kenneth Haight Service

Kenneth Haight in Elden Ring will offer you a unique ring to wear as a symbol of your commitment if you accept to swear your service to him. He’ll also let you know that there are still more jobs you need to do for him so he can rule Limgrave.

There are advantages and disadvantages to offering your services to Kenneth Haight. You will have increased access to missions, objects, and secrets pertaining to Kenneth Haight and his supporters, on the one hand. He may be called upon as a co-op partner or an ally in the conflict.

Prizes for Finishing Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Questline

Kenneth received a position on the governing council and the title of Lord Protector of Limgrave in recognition of his contributions to the area and his assistance in selecting a new king. He was also given a sizable estate and a significant amount of gold, enabling him to live out his days in security and luxury.

People Also Ask

Where is the Location Of Kenneth Haight in Elden Ring?

If you are playing Elden Ring, you may have come across Kenneth Haight, a guy who claims to be the legitimate king of Limgrave. He is one of the numerous NPCs you may interact with in the game to get tasks and prizes, but his backstory is more nuanced and fascinating than it first seems. 

The first location of Kenneth Haight located in the northeastern part of Limgrave, on top of some ruins that line the road between the grace sites of Mistwood Outskirts and Third Church of Marika. As you approach the location, where he is encircled by foes, you can hear him begging for assistance.

He requests that you remove the Knight Commander from Stormveil Castle from Fort Haight, his previous stronghold. If you do, he assures you that he would lavishly compensate you.

From the Mistwood Outskirts site of grace, you must go south along the road until you come to a big stone gate with a banner. Beyond the gate lies the fort, where you will encounter a variety of foes, such as Godrick Knights and Demi-Humans. The Ash of War: Bloody Slash is dropped by the vanquished Knight Commander, who is located at the top of the battlements.

Should I Kill Kenneth Haight Elden Ring?

You may get your prize, the Erdsteel Dagger, by going back to Kenneth Haight at his starting point once you’ve cleared out Fort Haight. Additionally, he will beg you to promise your loyalty to him since he needs your assistance to bring peace and harmony back to Limgrave.

If you agree, he will invite you to Fort Haight for a knighting ceremony. Kenneth Haight stands atop the battlements, bemoaning his predicament, and Fort Haight has once again been overtaken by Demi-Humans if you rest at a place of grace or warp away.

He will inform you that Nepheli Loux and Morgott the Omen King are two contenders for the position of genuine and steadfast Lord of Limgrave. Stormhawk Queen Nepheli Loux sits in Stormveil Castle, while Morgott, a huge beast, is in charge of Leyndell Royal Capital.

Be warned that your decision will have an impact on Kenneth Haight’s questline and resolution whether you opt to assist one of them or neither of them.

Can You Revive Kenneth Haight Elden Ring?

Nepheli Loux will take over as the new ruler of Limgrave and Kenneth Haight will act as her adviser if you assist her by giving her the Stormhawk King key item rather than Seluvis’s Potion.

After you’ve vanquished Godrick the Grafted and taken a break in his place of grace, you may locate them in the Throne Room of Stormveil Castle. You’ll get the Stormhawk Ring as payment from them.

Morgott will take over as the new ruler of Limgrave and Kenneth Haight will act as his interpreter if you assist him by beating him atop Leyndell Royal Capital and then speaking to him after resting at his place of grace.

After taking a respite in Godrick’s place of grace, you may discover them in the throne room of Stormveil Castle. You’ll get the Omen Ring as payment from them.

Nepheli Loux Seluvis’s Potion or helping neither of them will make Kenneth Haight furious and disillusioned. At Fort Haight, he will accuse you of betraying him and issue a dueling summons. He will drop 500 Runes and a Golden Seed if you vanquish him.

With its exploration of the concepts of power, loyalty, and diplomacy in a war-torn world, Kenneth Haight’s questline is one of Elden Ring’s more intriguing and branching ones. You may see several outcomes for him and Limgrave and get different prizes depending on your decisions.

Kenneth Haight is a character worth getting to know and following in Elden Ring, whether you decide to assist him or not.


Kenneth Haight’s questline includes his hunt for a new lord to lead Limgrave, the capture of Fort Haight back from hostile troops, and his successful campaign to have Lady Nepheli installed as the new head of both Limgrave and Stormveil. Kenneth in the Elden Ring showed bravery, insight, and compassion throughout his voyage, earning him a position of honor within the governing council and safeguarding the future of the area.

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