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Find The Best Elden Ring Weapons List

You can spend dozens of hours exploring items, bosses, dungeons, and more in the world of Elden Ring. This critical masterpiece is filled with things to do and a powerful Elden Ring weapons list. The game is packed with special weapons that range from halberds and classic swords to fist augmentation, which can deal a heavy attack on opponents.

We stumbled across dozens of consumable items, pieces of gear, and various satisfying strong weapons. The Lands Between is filled with evil foes, and alongside getting pummeled and doing the pummeling, we found some of the strongest weapons and even some overpowered weapons.

Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer to FromSoftware’s games, you will love this new title compared to other Souls games.

You may wonder what some are some of the Elden Ring’s best weapons that other players and we have found as we compiled our Elden Ring weapons list. We will show you a handful of choices on the best weapons accessible in The Lands Between.

After this article, you will fully understand how the strongest weapons work and can go hunting for them on your next adventures in Elden Ring.

Without further ado, let’s begin this piece.

What Is Weapon Skill?

Using different weapon types or unique weapons in Elden Ring can hugely benefit your entire game. In order to use potent weapons such as the Golden Order Greatsword, you will need sufficient character skill.

Skills are a character progression and combat feature that makes their return from the previous Souls games. However, in Elden Ring, the company focused on the level of freedom it gives the player.

Elden Ring has it all, whether you want to play with straight swords or curved swords. Even other weapons in the game, such as the Bloody Finger Nerijus have stat requirements.

Elden Ring Best Weapons

Below we have listed some of our options for the game’s best weapons for every kind. It is important to note that as more people play the game, more weapons and rare items will begin to be discovered. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Meteorite Staff
  • Sword of Night and Flame
  • Dark Moon Greatsword
  • Grafted Blade Greatsword
  • Bloundhound’s Fang
  • Cipher Pata
  • Reduvia
  • Banished Knight’s Halberd
  • Moonveil

The following sections will discuss what makes the above weapons the best and highlight some of their features.


This is the best Katana we have located so far in Elden Ring. The Moonveil is a weapon that can be found at the Gael Tunnel in Caelid when you beat Magma Wyrm. Furthermore, the tunnel is on the border of Limgrave and Caelid in the center and south of Smoldering Church.

Its Ash of War is one of the strongest in the game, meaning this Katana is a powerful weapon. Upon a heavy or light attack, Transient Moonlight shoots out a bolt of lightning. When you perform a severe attack on enemies, you can stun them with one of two slashes, allowing you to land a critical hit.

Banished Knight’s Halberd

Part 1 of Elden Ring Weapons List

The Banished Knight’s Halberd has to be one of the most prominent weapons you get, especially if you want a weapon designed for taking out multiple enemies. When combined with the Ashes of War Spinning Strike, you become a powerful halberd wielding force with immense energy behind your swings. You can even use this weapon to block projectiles and deal excessive damage to enemies.

If you want to claim this weapon, you have to defeat an NPC named Edgar that chills in one of the towers around the edge of the castle. Head over to the Whispering Peninsula at Castle Mourne early in the game and get this tough fight over. Please note that it may be challenging to fight this non-playable character, but it is not impossible. If you beat him, you will end his quest.


North of where you can attempt to beat Flying Dragon Agheel, travel along the river leading up the Murkwater Caverns to find the Reduvia. You will find an Invader, Blood Finger Nerijus towards the second half of the river. Players will get themselves this weapon if they manage to kill this NPC.

The dexterity scaling weapon can land strong slashes and is fast. Besides that, it has fantastic weapon art in the form of blood blades which causes blood loss damage by shooting out to stun enemies.

Cipher Pata

This is one of the most incredible weapons on Elden Ring weapons list. It is a blade made out of ancient symbols which attach to your wrist and can be used to slice through your enemies and lunge forward. However, you should be aware that it does require a 30 Faith, which is pretty challenging to obtain until late in your first playthrough.

Part 2 Elden Ring Weapons List

If you want to find this weapon, you must locate and kill Mad Tongue Alberich below the main chamber of the Roundtable Hold. After killing him, you can follow the path around to find the weapon in the final room, but be aware that this Invader is difficult to defeat.

Bloodhound’s Fang

You can get this weapon at the beginning of Elden Ring at the Evegaol Forlorn Hound in Limgrave, making the Bloodhound’s Fang a powerful weapon.

The strength of the Bloodhound’s Fang lies in its ability to perform two large slashes with a step backward in between them. This lets you land incredibly impactful blows and stay out of trouble.

Furthermore, this weapon makes it into the top tier of weapons in the game due to the blood loss buildup, on top of all its over perks.

Grafted Blade Greatsword

You will be a gift to the incredible Grafted Blade Greatsword if you manage to destroy Leonine Misbegotten at Castle Mourne. It requires 40 Strength to use this weapon, which is insane.

This is easily one of the most potent weapons in Elden Ring. Powerful hits, giant swings, and looking like an absolute boss while doing it is what the Grafted Blade Greatsword is used for. You will find it challenging to find a weapon type with a better graphic style than this one.

Dark Moon Greatsword

Continuing FromSoftware’s love of including the fabled weapon in its games, the Dark Moon Greatsword is easily one of the most potent weapons in Elden Ring. It has a high attack for both magic stats and traditional skills. The skill of the sword is also powerful as it imbues the blade with first damage and raises magic attack power.

When you battle, it releases charges of moonlight damage upon charged moves; since this is one of the most potent weapons in the game, it’s worth going after it; if you want to find this weapon, you need to follow Ranni’s questline be able to get it.

Sword of Night and Flame

The Sword of Night and Flames is still one of the more potent weapons you can pick up despite a recent nerf. It has an insane amount of skill bolstered by the high attack that can clear out enemies surrounding you.

Meteorite Staff

Even though there is only one staff on this list, it is a super powerful one. The Meteorite Staff is one of the best Elden Ring weapons as it scales with intelligence and has an S rank for that scaling.

Elden Ring Battle Scene

Gravity sorceries are also boosted with this staff, some of the most potent sorceries in the game. That means that a dedicated mage can use it throughout the new game, plus the usual run or by players who like to alter their playstyle with a spell now and then.

You may want to read Wargamer’s guide on playing your DnD character like Elden Ring if you are a Dungeons and Dragons fan.

The Most Suitable Melee Weapons for Dexterity, Strength, and Magic

Once you build your character and have your hands on a solid early weapon, you will get a taste of which stats you want to invest in and your preferred playstyle. You can also build depending on your starting class choice if you wish.

An example of this is dexterity or high-strength weapons. You will want dex stats and high strength, such as samurai, prisoner, vagabond, and confessor, and then continue to level them up. It is important to note that some weapons have requirements to invest in intelligence or faith.

Below are our best weapons choices based on various stat requirements:

The weapon with the best dexterity is the Bloodhound’s Fang, and it is a curved greatsword located near the beginning of the game in Limgrave. We mentioned earlier that you would have to overcome a rather tricky boss to get it.

If it is a strong weapon that you are after, the Grafted Blade Greatsword is the one. You can find it in the Weeping Peninsula, and the area is accessible around the south of Limgrave from the start of the game.

One of the best magic melee weapons is the Sword of Night and Flame, which can inflict fire and magic damage. However, it is essential to remember that it requires a significant amount of faith and intelligence to use it.

Other Best Weapons You Can Find Early

If you don’t like the stat requirements of the Crucible Knight or Winged Spear, then other weapons available in the early hours of Elden Ring include the following drops from Limgrave enemies:

Part 3 Elden Ring Weapons List

The Bandit’s Curved Greatsword is a powerful weapon that is a possible drop from particular enemies, such as the enemies found in the river north of Lake Agheel. This location is north of where the bright jellyfish spawn in the cave at night and before the air gust that can take Torrent up when it jumps.

The stat requirements are easy to attain because it is only 11 strength and 13 dexterity. It is imperative to note that the drop rate is low. We found that clearing the group of skeletons in the loop can be achieved in a few minutes before traveling back to the Grace at Murkwater Catacombs.

In the graveyard just east of Saintsbrigde in the north of Limgrave, you can find skeletons that hold the Grave Scythe. You will require 17 strength and 13 dexterity to use this potent early-game weapon. We suggest using it as a slashing and jumping weapon before switching to something that can finish your foes a little faster. It also has a valuable blood loss buildup passive effect.

Meanwhile, the Dismounted is the best weapon you can receive when defeating Mercenaries, and it has 19 Strength and 16 Dexterity requirements, which is pretty high at the beginning of the game. On the beach’s north side, you can find one Mercenary location very early in Elden Ring.

You can find bandit camps at the start, far east of Limgrave plus close the Stormveil Castle, Weeping Peninsula, and Redmane Castle.

If you are impatient and cannot wait for a weapon to drop from one of the above NPCs, you can pick up the Great Epee, a powerful thrusting sword. There is a treasure chest in the bandit camp in the southwest corner of Limgrave.

The camp is guarded by numerous Mercenaries, including one horse that can drop off a Starscourge Greatsword or a Dismounted. However, if you are scrupulous, you can sneak in from the east, open the chest, and grab the weapon before the enemies come down on you.

With the ability to roam most of Elden Rings’s locations, the chances are that you can pick up specific types of weapons that offer increased damage and skill for your quests through the region.


From the creator of Dark Souls, Forza Horizon, and other future brands, FromSoftware’s legacy continues to persevere. The game comes out on all platforms, including PC, the Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5, meaning it is only a matter of time before you get in on the action.

It’s time to muster up your unique skill and discover awesome weapons, including great spears, the Devourer’s Scepter, a Starscourge Greatsword, and more in the vast landscape of Elden Ring.

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