December 9, 2023
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Most Informative Staff Tier List For Elden Ring

Staff is an essential part of the Elden Ring; they get the best weapons that prove extremely useful. With this best staff Elden Ring tier list, it will become easy for you to make the decision easier. Here the staff ranking is given in a tier list from S to F, where S is the best and F the worst.

S Tier- Elden Ring Staff

The Elden Ring Staff Tier List section includes the top staff, as was said in the beginning. These people will give you excellent service and improve your character skills.

  • The staff of the Academy Glintstone It’s fantastic staff where you can utilize spellcasters and will usually climb mostly on strength and intellect. Even Thops can be used to acquire the staff.  
  • The Astrologer’s Staff is the ideal tool for those who want to create pure magic. It provides better improvements and serves as a catalyst for the casting of sorceries.
  • The Carian Glintstone Staff has a remarkable capacity to improve sword sorcery. You can see more of this character as it advances to the S tier to demonstrate its talent.
  • The power of other sorceries will be greatly increased by Lusat’s Glintstone Staff by expanding additional FP. As a result, you may observe this character’s power increase.

A Tier- Elden Ring Staff

Elden Ring Staff Tier List The A-tier staff is really outstanding in what they have to offer. The A-tier workers should not be disregarded, nevertheless, as they are less polished than their colleagues from higher tiers.

  • Glintstone Staff: This might be an excellent weapon if you wish to attack nearby adversaries. Additionally, sorcery spells can be cast using the weapon.
  • The Staff of the Avatar would be a wise choice if you’re looking for a hybrid build in Elden Ring because it provides exceptional performance.
  • Sorcery of the Crozier is provided by the Watchdog’s Staff, which enhances the whole presentation.
  • Carian Glintblade Staff – If you’re looking to upgrade your glintblade staff, this is a great option to consider. 

B Tier- Elden Ring Staff

When they perform well, B-tier employees make good choices and are a pleasure to work with. However, Elden Ring offers better alternatives than this.

  • Only characters with high intelligence levels are advised to use the Carian Regal Scepter. The Carian Regal Scepter will thereafter be used by sorcerers the most frequently as a result.
  • The staff of LossIf you want the one for increasing your invisibility, then this staff will help a lot. 
  • Meteorite StaffFor enhancing gravity sorcery, Meteorite staff is your best choice. 

C Tier- Elden Ring Staff

Elden Ring’s staff from the C tier in the staff tier list is a good option if you need something for the near future and want to level up rapidly. At best, the C-tier employees are regarded as ordinary.

  • Digger’s StaffThe Digger’s Staff is most effective when used to boost Stonediger spellpower in Elden Ring.
elden ring staff
Elden Ring staff used in battle

D Tier- Elden Ring Staff   

When there is no other choice, this personnel is advised. The D tier’s workforce is sufficient for avoiding the notorious F tier.

  • Azur’s Glintstone StaffThe best glintstone staff in the game is Azur’s. It is concealed behind the Raya Lucaria Academy’s secret passageways. If you are a spell caster who relies on magic attacks, it makes sense that they are mostly scaling with intelligence. 
  • The intelligence requirements for the Crystal Staff will be higher than those for the Elden Ring staff. You even get a crystalline sorcery enhancement from it.
  • The Staff of Guilty– You will have the opportunity to acquire the staff-based enhancement to thorn sorcery at the cost of some moderate blood loss buildup.
  • Princeof Death’s StaffPlayers working with Faith and Intelligence will most likely be the Prince of Death’s staff. It boosts death-based sorceries.   

F Tier- Elden Ring Staff

The Elden Ring Staff Tier List’s top staff is at this level, which is also the last one in the collection. Unfortunately, this area has some of the weakest game personnel and offers nothing in comparison to value.

  • Demi-Human Queen’s Staff: This weapon is primarily used to cast sorceries; magic cannot be infused into it.
  • Glemir Glintstone StaffGelmmir Glinstone staff is a weapon that will inflict physical damage in the form of a strike attack. It has abilities that you can use as a regular skill. It also improves lava sorcery.
  • Rotten Crystal Staff: Of the staff in the Elden Ring, Rotten Crystal Staff has one of the higher intellect requirements. It has access to crystallian sorcery, but at the expense of a slight scarlet rot buildup.
  • Albinauric StaffBecause of intelligence ad arcane, this Albinauric Staff is the right option that comes with the belief. If the player uses the sorceries, it also helps flourish that particular staff. 


You will now study about the best staff, which will be challenging but worthwhile now that you are familiar with the Elden Ring Staff Tier List. There is also our Elden Ring weapons guide to help increase lethality. Naturally, the individual should select the greatest and most dependable alternative for the combat, but you should think about using any of these staff by yourself if you have the time to practice. If you’re new to Elden Ring, check out our walkthrough guide.

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