December 9, 2023
Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest Guide

Easy way to make Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest

Surviving in the Sons of the Forest horror game demands that players become proficient in crafting and building. To maintain your health and avoid being eaten by the cannibals chasing you through the bush, scavenging for essential supplies, materials, and food is essential. 

Fish found in lakes, rivers, and ponds are great food sources that you can catch. To successfully catch fish, consider creating a fish trap and placing it in a body of water that already has a large population of fish.

 This will raise your chances of catching something. The process for creating and using a fish trap in Sons of the Forest is explained in the following stages.

Instructions for Making and Using the Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest

Making A Fishing Trap

There are no fishing traps already constructed for Sons of the Forest. If you plan on employing it as a fishing tool, you will have to construct it from the ground up. You might look at the instructions that came with your book to find out what kinds of materials are required to put together the fishing trap. It is essential to create tight fishing traps in a body of water rather than on land in order to maximize catches. 

The fish trap in the game may be built with only 25 wooden sticks if you follow the instructions. These sticks don’t have to be anything particularly spectacular, and you might find them strewn about the arena at various points. 

The last steps to take are to find a suitable place to set up your fishing trap close to the water and to get the required item from your inventory. To set the trap, open the guidebook, press X, and consistently press E. Further information about making the fish trap may be found on this page.

Environment in Which the Fishing Trap Is Set 

After you have completed the construction of the fish trap, it is time to set it up. You will need to consult the manual in order to properly set up the fish trap, just as you would with any other kind of animal trap. 

  • The first thing you need to do is look for a fantastic position that is unquestionably close to some body of water. 
  • Following the acquisition of the 25 Wooden Sticks, you will need to construct the trap in accordance with the directions provided in the survival guidebook.  
  • After bringing it within a short distance of the body of water, you are obligated to carry out the subsequent steps. 
  • It is recommended that the Sons of the Forest guidebook be opened. 
  • Continue to click the X button throughout the game. 
  • After that, you will have access to the Traps Tab, which will present you with a list of all of the traps you have crafted up to that point. 
  • Determine where you want to construct your fish trap and write down the coordinates. 
  • After then, the frame will appear as a ghost outline, which you are free to move around in any way that you see fit. 
  • Position this outline so that it faces the direction you want your trap to face. 
  • Keep pressing E while you move towards this shape until your character completes the trap construction.

There is no need to panic if you were only able to create half of your trap because you couldn’t find enough sticks; the progress that you made will still be saved. You have the option of going to gather sticks and then coming back to the spot where you last left your trap to start over. After the trap has been constructed, all that is required of you to begin fishing is to press the E button.

Sticks may be found in great abundance in the Forest; hence, the players won’t have any trouble locating them when they need them.

In the event that you are unable to find enough sticks to construct the fish trap, you can always use your axe on a tree to harvest some for yourself. To access your inventory, you simply only climb a tree and click the “I” button on your keyboard.

Using the axe, you could then cut the small trees into sticks, which you could then select from your inventory after doing so. You can access your guidebook by using the B key on your keyboard. 

In addition to fish traps in Sons of the Forest, your Traps Section allows you to examine and create a variety of other traps as well, such as traps for catching small animals. If you are able to put up a sufficient number of traps, you will be able to survive in the Forest by cooking and eating meat. 

Sons of the Forest: How to Use Fish Trap

Since the game Sons of the Forest doesn’t provide any guidance on how to fish, you will have to evaluate the situation and exercise your own common sense. You can’t do much after setting the trap other than wait, similar to what one would need to do when fishing in reality.

You have to give the fish a little amount of time to swim inside the trap before you close it. It’s possible that it will take some time; if so, you could want to abandon the ambush and come back at a later time. While you are out exploring and waiting for the fish to come, you might gather the ingredients for the cooking while you are out there.

You will be able to interact with the Craft Box Trap and claim the fish you caught if you were fortunate enough to catch one when you returned.

In the extremely unlikely event that you are not blessed with good luck, the fish trap in sons of the forest might not work for you. However, this scenario occurs quite infrequently. However, increasing your chances of success by setting the trap in a confined area where you might be observed would be beneficial.

You may give various methods, such as fishing with an axe or spear, one more shot as a last ditch effort. However, in order for this method to be successful, the water must be extremely transparent, and you must be able to track the fish’s every motion.

For instance, choosing streams that are narrow rather than wide is a good idea because there are less places for the fish to hide.

How To Fix If Sons of the Forest Fish Trap Not Working?

You may have run across a bug that stops your fish trap from functioning correctly if you’re playing Sons of the Forest. This might be upsetting, particularly if you depend on fish for both food and water. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem so that you may play the game as intended.

You must first save your game before leaving and returning to the main menu. Then, locate the “config.cfg” file in the game folder on your PC. Look for the line that reads “fish_trap_enabled = true” when you open it in a text editor. Save the file after changing it to “fish_trap_enabled = false”.

Restart the game and load your save now. You should note that the fish trap has vanished from both your inventory and the surrounding area. This is normal; do not be alarmed. Simply create a fresh fish trap and set it up where it will be most effective. Ensure that it is buried in water and away from the beach and other structures.

After setting up your new fish trap, give it some time and keep checking it. 

People Also Ask

What is a Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest?

A Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest is a structure that players can build to catch fish in the game. The trap consists of a basket that is placed in the water and can be used to catch fish as they swim by.

How do I build a Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest?

To build a Fish Trap, players will need to gather resources such as sticks, stones, and rope. Once the necessary materials have been collected, players can select the Fish Trap blueprint from their inventory and place it in the desired location in the water.

What types of fish can I catch with a Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest?

Players can catch a variety of fish with a Fish Trap, including salmon, trout, and bass. The type of fish that are caught will depend on the location of the trap and the time of day.

How often should I check my Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest?

Players should check their Fish Trap regularly to ensure that it has not become damaged or clogged with debris. It is recommended to check the trap at least once per in-game day to ensure that it is functioning properly and to collect any fish that have been caught.

Can other players steal my Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest?

Fish Traps in Sons of the Forest are player-owned structures and cannot be stolen by other players. However, players should be aware that other players may be able to destroy their Fish Trap if they are in a PvP-enabled game mode.


The water streams in the game are the best areas to fish for various species. Pressing the E button will allow you to set up the fish trap even as your character works on creating it. Hope you learnt everything you needed to know! 

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