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Dead Space Crew Rig

Dead Space Crew Rig locations for Master Override

In Dead Space, you may be wondering how to get the Master Override. Security Clearance doors may be found all around the USG Ishimura in Dead Space. You will have access to Level 2 and 3 doors throughout the main plot. But only those who finish the You Are Not Authorized side quest may use the Master Override, which is necessary for doors marked with a star. You must find seven different Dead Space Crew RIGs in Ishimura. We’ll explain how to get it below.

This guide will explain how to get Master Override in Dead Space and will provide directions to each RIG that is strewn around the Ishimura. The locations of the different doors and containers that you may access with the Master Override and any noteworthy treasure you’ll uncover will subsequently be discussed.

How to get the Dead Space Master Override?

You must finish the “You Are Not Authorized” side mission before you may get the Dead Space Master Override. You may begin this operation from the console in the Captain’s Nest, and it requests you to gather the seven CEC personnel RIGs spread out around the Ishimura. 

Fortunately, these lost Dead Space Crew RIGs aren’t too far off the usual road, and you could discover that you’ve already gathered a few of them before accepting the side mission. 

Regardless, choosing that RIGs goal in the mission log and depending on your Locator to guide you are the two simplest ways to find any RIGs you may have missed along the way.

The earliest that you can do this side mission is in Chapter 10 when you get access to the Crew Deck and can take the last RIG out of there. 

Dead Space Crew Rig Locations

Voelker’s Rig

Before you even begin the journey in Dead Space, you may already claim Voelker’s Rig. Hammond takes you to the hangar in chapter two and disables gravity so you can discover a rear entrance to the engineering deck. 

Head over to the far left corner once you are at the furthest area of the hangar where there is no oxygen. There is a floating body and Hangar Overseer Voelker’s Rig on the ground level.

White’s Rig

White’s Rig is the next you can get during chapter four. You must go outdoors to manually calibrate the ADS guns by firing asteroids after rerouting electricity to them in accordance with Hammond’s instructions. 

After finishing, go to the far end of the trench, beyond the third gun, and turn to your left. There, you will see First Officer White’s Rig and a corpse.

Holt’s Rig

Injecting the different Wheezers to get rid of the hazardous gas will lead you to Holt’s Rig. You’ll be in a chamber with one entrance covered by a tentacle after you defeat Wheezer 4. 

After taking out the glowing nodule with a shot, enter the door. When you remove all of the tentacles on the left side of the region where you are in an upper gantry, Holt’s Rig will be below. 

Dallas’ Rig

During the search for the admin rig, you’ll come across Dallas’ rig. You must collect and hurl the glowing rocks into the energy beam in a little chamber that is off to the side of the mining processing area in order to eliminate the anomalies. 

Additionally, this will raise your Dead Space security clearance to level 3, which is another crucial plot point you shouldn’t skip.

Rousseau’s Rig

Players have to first collect Dallas’ Rig in Dead Space, which will provide them Security Clearance level three, in order to get Rousseau’s Rig. Access to Rousseau’s Rig requires this level of clearance. Players should go to the Engineering Deck Control Room and enter the circular hatch leading to the engine room after getting the necessary clearance. 

They should next enter the chamber where they got the flamethrower after passing through the fan room and the noisy area. They should then go down the hall into the main area and scan the right wall for a Security Clearance level 3-door. This entrance leads to Rousseau’s Rig, which is located there.

Bailey’s Rig

In Chapter 8, when Daniels gives you the task of fixing the Comms Array on the Bridge Deck, you may acquire Bailey’s Rig. 

When you enter Bailey’s Office via the door on the left after arriving at the communications control room with the large window overlooking the array, you will discover a corpse at a desk with Comms Officer Bailey’s Rig next to it.

Benson’s Rig

The last one is Benson’s Rig, which you may get as soon as you get back from the Valor in chapter nine. Daniels will instruct you to use the recently accessible door adjacent to the shop to access the Crew Quarters from the Bridge Deck. 

Go down the stairs, into the hallway, into the tram tunnels, and then turn around and go back up the tramway. On the right, you’ll see Tram Supervisor dead space Benson’s rig next to a severed limb. 

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People Also Ask

What are Crew Rig locations in Dead Space?

Crew Rig locations are specific areas in Dead Space where players can find valuable resources, such as ammo, health packs, and weapon upgrades. These locations are usually marked on the game map and can be accessed by using the appropriate elevator or door.

How do I find Crew Rig locations in Dead Space?

To find Crew Rig locations in Dead Space, players should explore each level thoroughly, paying attention to the map and looking for any areas marked with the Crew Rig icon.

What should I do when I find a Crew Rig location in Dead Space?

When you find a Crew Rig location in Dead Space, be sure to thoroughly explore the area to collect all the resources available. Look for hidden rooms and check every corner for items that may be tucked away.

How many Crew Rig locations are in Dead Space?

The number of Crew Rig locations in Dead Space varies depending on the level. Some levels may have only one or two, while others may have several. Players should explore each level thoroughly to find all the available Crew Rig locations.

Do I need to find all the Crew Rig locations in Dead Space?

While finding all the Crew Rig locations in Dead Space is not necessary to complete the game, it can be helpful in ensuring you have enough resources to take on the game’s toughest challenges.


After obtaining every Crew Rig, return to the Captain’s Nest and turn on the console to the right to get your Master Override. This will open all Master Override clearance doors and crates, the majority of which include the last round of weapon upgrades for your collection of firearms. 

As soon as you have Benson’s Rig, I advise you to do this. The Crew Quarters contain several Master Override packages, but once you enter, it’s hard to leave without assistance.

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