December 9, 2023
Complete Memory Alembic Destiny 2

How to Complete Memory Alembic Destiny 2?

You must first locate a Qualichor before you can begin the Memory Alembic Destiny 2. Leveling up Fynch in the Throne World will enable you to access the Deepsight 2 skill. New Deepsight nodes will consequently start to surface.

A Scorn corpse that may be interacted with is revealed by some of these new Deepsight nodes. This displays a shimmering, green trail. This path will take you to a boss and a chest with the Qualichor prize. Let’s discuss in more detail!

Sights where you can find them 

There are three places where you may find the Deepsight nodes and dead Scorn. You can see improvement by doing this only once a day:

Deepsight Quagmire & Dead Scorn

To the area’s north, in the main cave, is where the Deepsight node is located, with a view over the chasm. When interacted with, a short movement to the right shows the Scorn body. The Alluring Curtain may be reached using this route.

Deepsight Quagmire & Dead Scorn

Inside the open-walled building in the middle of the space is the Fluorescent Canal Deepsight node. In the room’s corner, the deceased Scorn emerges. The road enters the Queen’s Bailey, the site of the Lightblade Strike.

Deepsight Miasma & Lifeless Scorn

As you come from Quagmire, on the south side of the region, is where you’ll find the Deepsight node. Next to it, the Scorn will emerge. The Witch’s Echo may be reached by this route.

Start by looking around the three areas until you locate the Deepsight node. To expose a dead Scorn corpse on the ground, interact with it. Once you approach debris, interact with the Scorn and continue down the green route. To see more of the trail, interact with the debris.

Take Down the Hive Executor

The green trail will ultimately lead you to your destination—a Hive Lightbearer—if you continue following it into the furthest reaches of the royal planet. These are Savathun’s special agents, and the plan is for them to maraud about the land of the kingdom, taking out high-value targets for the Witch Queen, like that Scorn you discovered. Be prepared for a challenging battle, comparable to taking on the Hive Lightbearers that prowl the patrol zones as High-Value Targets.

Make careful to locate and unlock the treasure before departing after killing the Lightbearer and their Ghost. Look around carefully since these chests often occur in corners or other hard-to-find locations. Qualichor will be your prize; after you locate some, go back to Fynch to start the Memory Alembic Destiny 2.

Take the Inquisitors On

Another, less dependable and more challenging method to begin this quest is to locate a group of Hive Inquisitors in open patrol areas in the throne world. When a notice stating that there are Hive Inquisitors in your “sector” appears in the lower-left corner of your screen, you are in the region where the Inquisitors are present. Given that this whole event is timed and will end soon, you’ll need to discover them quickly.

A group of Hive adversaries with dazzling white auras should be on your radar. Attack the gang and eliminate them as you come across them. A Knight, Wizard, or Ogre will emerge as a harder lieutenant adversary after they have all been eliminated. 

The same “Hive Inquisitors in your sector” notice will appear if you defeat this adversary as well, alerting you of the arrival of a new, more formidable set of Inquisitors. Although not always, these men are often located near to where you discovered the last bunch. Jump in your sparrow and search the area in order to locate them swiftly.

Three distinct Inquisitor groups must be eliminated, each one more challenging than the last. You’ll learn that Inquisitor Lightbearers are spawning after the third lieutenant is eliminated. Look for them around where you battled the last group, which should be in the middle of the patrol zone. 

How to Progress in the Memory Alembic Mission?

After obtaining Qualichor, your next task will be to collect enough Qaulichor to produce Refined Qualichor. You will receive Qualichor and move the step forwards by around 12% each time you kill a Hive Executioner similar to the previous one. That indicates that you need eight hits of Qualichor to finish this phase, and it will spawn throughout many days.

You must enter the throne world often to hunt down Executioners in order to fulfill the Qualichor phase. As previously indicated, a daily rotation occurs between Quagmire and Miasma in the patrol zone area where an Executioner’s trail might be discovered. towards the Fluorescent Canal.

If you’re already in the throne world, you may search for Hive Inquisitors to find more Qualichor. They are more difficult to locate, however, since Inquisitors only spawn in one of the three zones and only at what appears to be significant intervals. If you are circling in hope that some would appear, you will probably be waiting a lot. It’s also not clear whether you may acquire Qualichor by eliminating more than one set of Inquisitors each day. 

As a result of our confirmation that you may kill Inquisitors on the same day as an Executioner and that you can only hunt one Executioner each day, the minimum Qualichor you can receive each day is 25%. The Ascendant Bounty Hunter Triumph can only be unlocked by eliminating all three Executioners.

Return to Fynch after you have finished the whole batch of Qualichor. By speaking with him, you’ll finish the memory alembic quest destiny 2 and get Refined Qualichor, but no instructions on what to do with it. To unlock a particular box and get your praise for all of your hard work, you need this resource.

Where is the Executioner’s Hoard?

Now that you have the Refined Qualichor, you may access the Executioner’s Hoard. After you defeat an Inquisitor gang and take the prize chest, you will find this chest. Explore the Deepsight node that is hidden below the reward chest, engage with it, and then go down the path to the spiky Hive chest. You will get a piece of legendary gear and the Executioner’s Hoard Triumph for doing this.

People Also Ask

What is a Memory Alembic in Destiny 2?

A Memory Alembic in Destiny 2 is a device used to extract and store the memories of powerful enemies known as Champions. These memories can be used to create powerful weapons and armor.

How do I obtain a Memory Alembic in Destiny 2?

Players can obtain a Memory Alembic by completing certain activities such as Nightfall Strikes and Legend and Master Lost Sectors. These activities have a chance to drop the Memory Alembic as a reward.

What are the benefits of using a Memory Alembic in Destiny 2?

Using a Memory Alembic allows players to extract memories from powerful enemies and use them to craft powerful weapons and armor. These weapons and armor pieces have unique perks and can greatly enhance a player’s gameplay experience.

How do I use a Memory Alembic in Destiny 2?

To use a Memory Alembic in Destiny 2, players must first defeat a Champion enemy and then use the device to extract its memory. The extracted memory can then be used to craft weapons and armor at the appropriate crafting station.

Can I use a Memory Alembic more than once in Destiny 2?

No, a Memory Alembic in Destiny 2 can only be used once. After the memory of a Champion has been extracted, the Alembic must be discarded and a new one obtained in order to extract another memory.


This concludes the tutorial for Memory Alembic Destiny 2. We hope that this guide enables you to successfully finish the Memory Alembic Quest. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by including them in the comment area below. We’ll do our best to address them and provide you with useful guidance in the process. Please visit our website for more of these useful tips. Also please check our article on PC keyboards for your enjoyment while you play this game.

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