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DBD Killer Tier List- Best Killer Ranked

The Dead by Daylight Killer is a multiplayer horror and action game that one of the ruthless killers that will haunt you down four survivors who may try to evade a gruesome death. It is a game for both killers and survivors of this deadly game. You may think that playing this game is quite simple, but it is not. In fact, the game is so strategic and tiring.

The game involves so many characters that are ranked in the Dbd Killer tier list. The game is divided into two different teams: Killers and Survivors. In this Dead By Daylight, killers are un-killable, untouchable, and agile characters, but on the other hand, Survivors are weak, frank, and frail characters that need to use tactics so they can escape. But the catch is there are more survivors as compared to the killers.

The person needs to choose the right character to win the match and gain more advantages over the survivors. That is why you will find the Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List and choose the right characters!

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Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List

When you play DBD then this killer tier list Dead By Daylight will get highly rated killer characters will be available in the game. You need to find the character based on the core abilities, perks, and base stats. One thing that you need to understand is that the statistics of these character changes and are updated.

Dead By Daylight Killer S-Tier

In S-Tier, one of the best murderers is to be found. No other killer will come close to them since they are so strong and have such amazing talents. The murderers you will encounter here are:

  • The Spirit- Spirit is the top murderer on the list of Dead By Daylight Killers. When it comes to who is the best killer, the Nurse and Spirit are in fierce competition. Because of their primary ability, like Yamaoka’s hunting grants, the majority of players believe that Spirit holds the throne. Additionally, there are several challenges that make it challenging for you to play with the Spirit; nonetheless, it is not difficult to understand and master the play style; even novice players won’t have too much trouble doing so. The Spirit’s primary ability is its ability to become invisible, in which case it will move more quickly.
  • The NurseThe Nurse is the next person on the S-tier list, and while she may not be at the top, that does not mean she is not the best murderer. She has incredible abilities that can aid her even when she needs to move rapidly. It is quite helpful in the game, and its primary function is to find the survivor and hasten your arrival at the destination.
  • Because of her playstyle, The Hag is one of Dead By Daylight’s most challenging killers to master. But even so, as it is the best trap killer, you should still use that character. They can even trap the entire survival squad with the use of their strength.
  • The OniThe Oni is a very potent character when speaking of the Killer. It is simple to use and has the best tools for quickly eliminating the surviving.

DBD Killer A-Tier

The DBD Killer A-Tier list comes next; while it may not be a top tier, it is incredibly effective and will aid in pushing the survivors.

  • The Artist—The newest participant in Dead By Daylight is a person by the name of Carmina Mora. She possesses a skill for seasoned gamers, and those skills focus on commanding crows.
  • Wesker, Albert The most recognizable villain is The Mastermind-Albert Wesker, so it’s not surprising that Dead By Daylight has chosen to create another Residential Evil Crossover episode. The killer is powerful but also a lot more entertaining for the player.
  • The Executioner- It’s possible that the Executioner has limited mobility. Although he possesses the finest map-controlling skills, that may not imply you should pick them. He can even employ the long range strike to quickly target them.
  • Hillbilly- Depending on the power, The Hillbilly once arrived at S-Tier killer. However, the designers intend to nerf him, and since then, he has fallen into the A-Tier group. Despite this, he is a strong character who will destroy the entire survivor squad.
  • Huntress– Another killer in the SBS killer tier list is The Huntress, who is really easy to play. Unfortunately, there are numerous aspects that you must learn in order to play well.
  • The Wraith-The Wraith is a killer similar to The Spirit in that it has the ability to vanish, which is its primary ability. Even behind the adversaries, he can sneak. But in order to achieve the finest outcomes, you must practice for a while.

dead by daylight

DBD Killer B Tier

The following killer list in the Dead By Daylight Killer tier list is B-Tier, which is neither overly strong nor underpowered. However, some good skills have a number of flaws.

  • Knight– One of the most recent and intriguing murderers you have after a year is The Knight. His game is amazing, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and it doesn’t have a typical knight design.
  • The CenobiteThe primary force behind the Summons of Pain is cenobite. He can make the gate anywhere he wants and send it out in the direction of the targets, as suggested by the name. The killer is also capable of using lament configuration, for example.
  •  Cannibal- Another killer on the list is the Cannibal, who will slaughter the survivors by chainsawing them to death. You wouldn’t have any issues playing with Cannibal if you played the game with Hillbilly.
  • Plague– Another straightforward and potent killer in the Dead By Daylight killer tier list is The Plague, which enables you to make the survivor persevere even in the face of adversity. Unfortunately, he is also contagious.
  • The Deathslinger- It is straightforward and easy to use the ability, just like the plague. He employs the gun, which is his primary weapon, therefore FPS players won’t have any trouble playing. Targeting survivors who are a little further away with the gun is an option.
  •  Doctor- The doctor is a highly effective murderer who was selected as one of the top killers in the Dead By Daylight killer tier ranking. Few are as skilled as doctors at finding the survivors. It will be canceled if they take action.
  • Demogorgon – You’ll be able to track down the survivors so rapidly and miraculously and map out the control with the aid of Demogorgon’s powers. Demogorgon has proven to be a little challenging for inexperienced players at first, but once you hang with him, you won’t regret investing in him.

DBD Killer C-Tier

The Dead By Daylight killer perk tier list continues with C-tier, which is also one of the weaker perks you can employ in the game. When you have no other options, this is the only option you should pick.

  • The Dredge is the least thrilling item you have encountered so far in the game. They can work wonders with him because they have only the most fundamental power, which is typically required on a certain terrain.
  •  Ghost Face- Night Shroud, the primary ability of Ghost Face, is activated when this ability is used and grants the invisible status effect. The location of the survivor is known after 1.5 seconds of looking in that direction.
  • Legion- The Legion were formerly thought to be Dead By Daylight’s top murderers. Then, the developers gave him a nerf, and he dropped a tier. He remains a fantastic killer for experienced players, but it is not appropriate for a beginner.
  • Nemesis- The Nemesis has special skills throughout the game, and as his mutation rate rises, so does his might. Something could be attacking the survivors.
  • The Shape- Another character is the Shape, who has superior skills and whose power is determined by the offers’ three levels and power level.
  •  Clown– Dead By Daylight’s Clown is one of the less interesting characters, and this is because of the power, which is common. His two bottles, which are the focus of the powers, will be resolved around that.

DBD Killer D Tier

These are the worst murderers in Dead By Daylight; they have meager skills that will only increase your worry. Because of this, we gave them a D grade.

  • Onryo- The Japanese name for the Ring, The Onryo, refers to a well-known horror film from that country. She is renowned for creating Samara, the American adaptation of the Japanese version of the Ring.
  • The Pig- The main power of the Pig is Jigsaw Baptism which will allow the killer to carry the 4 Reserve bear trap with her. The traps are inactive, and these traps are on the survivor who is dying. 
  • The Twins- The Twins, Charlotte, and Victors are the least-picked killer in the Dead By Daylight killer tier list. They are a duo of the killer that would like to work together and take down the survivors.
  • The Trickster- Finally, the last one is Trickster, and without a doubt, he is the worst killer you can use in DBD. But the problem is he is slow with speed and has weak power. 


In Dead by Daylight, you must pick the greatest murderers if you want to force the survivors into a corner. Look for strong qualities to combat their challenging and damaging struggle for survival.

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