December 9, 2023
MSI Optix

Be Ahead of Your Style With MSI Optix Gaming Monitor

The MSI Optix is a basic and no frills gaming monitor that comes with the low native resolution and comes with a fast refresh rate. it is for the gamers and offer them better gaming performance as compared to the overall picture quality. It doesn’t support the HDR and also comes with some additional features. 

While looking for the high solution and high refresh gaming then this option can be the best solution. It even has a handful of 4K 144 Hz monitor which does seem like a dream gaming monitor as it comes with all the features which a gamer may require. 

This MSI Optix 27 class FHD IPS gaming monitor has plastic rear mimics brushed with carbon and metal fiber which sits on the dramatically angled base. The Optix backs up with the dramatic design which comes with several features. The stand it has offer you 100 mm of height adjustment along with tilt and swivel movement.  


Excellent On-screen Display

This MSI gaming monitor has an amazing on-screen display that is navigated by the handy joystick which is fast an well-organized. The monitor has a display of IPS screen which has a 165 Hz default refresh rate which will overclocks to 175 Hz and also support G-Sync and FreeSync.

It comes with the resolution of 2,560 x 1440 resolution which is good for the mainstream gaming also. It may not be particularly crisp on 32 in screen but can easily see the pixels so easily. The product is extremely unique in the gaming world that offer you outstanding style and performance which will define the gaming future.  

Build Quality 

When it comes to the build quality of the MSI Optix gaming monitor, it has a decent build quality. The body of the monitor is made from the plastic and it flexes may feel a little bit sturdy and the quality of the plastic may appear okay. It has basic design and does give a look of other optix monitors. 

It does come with extremely thin bezel on the three sides whereas the stand that comes with is quite simple and effective. The monitor does provide you excellent and finest image and color quality without even compromising with the durability and stability   


This MSI gaming monitor comes with pretty amazing design which will make them look like the Optix monitors. It is a professional black screen which is perfect for the computer monitor that comes with the stand of 75mm x 75mm VESA Mount. 

It does come with the efficient purposes such as programming, website designing, coding and many other functions. This can be used as it has sturdy stand and slim profile and you will not have to compromise with the style and ensure the durability and stability of the screen.  


Controlling is what matters the most and you do require a single joystick which is available on the back of the monitor. It is used to navigate on-screen display and also to change the inputs of the monitor. There will be a power button which is located just below at the bottom of bezel. 

It comes with same core specification that has MSI alongside to a 180 Hz refresh rate, more mature and a sturdier design.  These are usually found on the business screen that allow their users to take control over two devices with just one set of peripherals which makes it handy between the laptop and PC.


The monitor screen has the dual source of connectivity which makes it so much compatible and flexible that can be used for different devices. You can connect this with different interface which include D-Sub (VGA) and HDMI so you can use it in your own way. 

You can even use the single button to switch between the PCs, consoles or peripherals which will help in saving a lot of your time and will help you connect with it seamlessly.  It is a premium gaming device where you can even strip the RGB lighting at the monitor back which makes the game so much better. 


Screen Size24 inches 
Item Weight2.85 kg
Response Time 4 milliseconds
Item Height41.6 cm
Items Weight54.1 cm
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Standing Screen Display Size24 inches
Included Components Power cord, Quick Start Guide, HDMI cable, Power Adapter 
Information Source:


  • Excellent peak brightness
  • Amazing SDR Color gamut
  • Good handling for reflection
  • Low input lag
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Great accuracy
  • Loads of features
  • Punchy Colors


  • Tricky To build
  • Mediocre Color accuracy 
  • Terrible Ergonomics
  • Does not support HDR

People Also Ask

Are MSI gaming monitors good?

MSI monitors are usually known for the build quality, high quality panels and also excellent performance for gaming. When you look for the gaming monitor then that will offer you a point over competitors. The monitors will be available in different range of resolutions, sizes and prices.

Are MSI monitors good for gaming?

MSI gaming monitor have 144 Hz-360Hz refresh rate in just 1 ms response time that has the most benefit in fast moving game genres such as first-person shooter, racing sims, real time strategy and sports. 

Does MSI gaming monitor have speakers?

No, MSI monitor does not come with in-built speaker. There will be audio jacks that you can use to attach with the external headphones or speakers. It has high quality graphics and speakers which allow you to play your favorite game to your best ability.  

Is MSI gaming monitor is good for your eyes?

Yes, if you think of using the MSI gaming monitor then that will be quite safe for you. All thanks to the MSI anti-flicker technology which has stable output current for the monitor. It will also protect the immature eyes of the children and help them against the eyestrain and dry eyes.

Can you tilt the MSI gaming monitor?

With the ergonomic adjustable stand, it may have a through adjustments of loweing, raising, tilting, pivotina dn swiveling. One can change the position of monitor so easily and have optimum experience.


The MSI can be expensive than most of the monitor but still not everyone will appreciate the bold visual output and brightness. There is no denying the fact which will impresses with the loads of feature with an eye-catching design. This is a great option one can have which makes it versatile and striking screen. 

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