February 17, 2024
LG Ultragear Gaming Monitor

LG Ultragear Gaming Monitor Review- Should You Buy It?

LG Ultragear QHD 27-inch gaming monitor 27gl850-b is a fabulous gaming option one can have with flawed gaming panel. This comes in a range of powerful gaming monitor which offer their users high performance and functions. You can experience total immersion for players in different gaming environment. 

It is a new entrant into the market which offer you the most appealing options. The monitor even offers you outstanding low input lag for the responsive gaming experience. This also supports AMD’s FreeSYNC AND IS ALSO NVIDIA certified. If you are not comfortable with TV as the monitor then this can be a great option you can have!

This LG Ultragear Gaming Monitor support the HDR which also include local dimming and comes with the VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification. If you are thinking of getting a gaming computer, then this can be the perfect choice for you!! 


LG Ultragear gaming monitor does offer their users an immersive experience which they haven’t had before. But with these features they are going to enjoy the game completely. 


If you have thought of using LG Ultragear 32 class QHD gaming monitor, then that will easy for you connect with the Display Port, HDMI x 2and headphones out. It is a great option which can easily connect with 144Hz refresh rate. With this, you can also capture the smallest movement.

It also offer you DisplayPort Connectivity, that wakes from standby with the PC and offer you smooth automatic brightness to level for productivity. When you will look at this then you can have a small TV and a big monitor which will impress you. The monitor also supports HDMI 2.1 and have three inputs with the DisplayPort 1.4 connections. 

Ultra-picture quality

Choosing this monitor will offer you the best and high Picture quality which is beyond your imagination. You can get the chance to see the world where you can find wide range of colors. It has also improved the color reproduction which will bring more virtual world to the life with the color imagination.

It even has the dynamic, and lifelike precision which breathes life into the fantasy and wide color spectrum. It is bright and has hyper realistic picture captivates where with its true-to-life precision you may get transport to a new realm.   


Another feature that you can experience with LG 27 Ultragear gaming monitor then that will can track the victory so fast. It is unparalleled speed which is unequivocally that is crucial for winning. Speed is what matters the most and your need for the speed is a secret weapon for you. 

You need to overcome the pivotal moments and help in achieving the victory without lagging. It has maximum 240Hz, where the victory hinges on the instant reaction on the screen. It has 1ms motion blur reductions which will allow gamers to enjoy the accuracy and precision that is needed to play at the high level. 

Surreal Fluidity 

Another exciting feature about the LG Ultragear gaming monitor is its surreal fluidity which offer seamless motion and imaging. It has one frame which will be a key for you to win and can also disrupt the course of the game. It flawless motions and imaging that may deliver the win after winning the triumphant victory.


LG Ultragear gaming monitor has immersive gaming field which is designed to impressive and immersive experience. One you will start using the monitor then you will get lost in an overwhelming scale of graphics that has 21:9 QHD. You can get into the game that the world on the screen and the world which you barely distinguishable. You can get the game on with these features and will be able to enjoy it!


Item Weight6.12 kg
Display TechnologyLCD
Response Time1 milli-seconds
Item Height‎22.6 Inches
Item Width ‎24.2 Inches
Product Dimensions‎27.43 x 61.47 x 57.4 cm; 6.12 Kilograms
Resolutions ‎2560 x 1440 (Quad HD)
Included components Monitor, Power Adapter, Cable, Display Port Cable and Stand 
Information Source: lg.com


  • Outstanding response timing
  • Get the view from Wide angles
  • Great low input lag to enjoy more


  • Limited ergonomics
  • Disappointed contrast ratio and poor black uniformity 

People Also Ask

How to clean LG Ultragear gaming monitor?

To clean the LG Ultragear Gaming Monitor, first you need to switch off the screen and unplug the monitor. After that remove the dust with the air duster or it will be better if you use Microfiber cloth. If there is any stubborn marks then you also use the distilled water (but use the water at your own risk). 

How to change resolution on LG Ultragear gaming monitor?

To change the LG Ultragear gaming monitor, first you need to select the system preferences and then choose the display option. You need to ensure you are on the display tab and then click the scale so you can see more available resolutions. From there you can select the resolution which you want to use.  

Does the LG Ultragear gaming monitor have speakers?

The LG Ultragear gaming monitor does have the gaming speaker with DTS Headphones X which delivers the virtual 7.1 surround sound that comes with headphone port 3.5mm. You can play sound form the HDMI cables for your computers via in-built speaker which are available there! 

How to setup LG Ultragear gaming monitor?

Installing LG Ultragear is easy. You just need to follow the steps which are written on the instruction guide and everything will become so easy for you. 

Should you use LG Ultragear gaming monitor for gaming purposes?

You can use this LG Ultragear gaming monitor that will offer great performance with remarkable motion handling. It also product more 4K and ultra-wide monitors as compared to the competitors. It does have limited ergonomics and offer you swivel adjustments which may not be a big issue form most of the monitors. 

The Final Words 

Choosing a LG Ultragear gaming monitor is the best decision you can make to play games instead of using the old TV screen as monitor. With this you can experience the ultimate experience with HDR implementations, design, connectivity, speed and a lot more. Purchasing this, will definitely be worth the money that you spend on it! 

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