September 30, 2023
Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset

Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset- Is It Worth the Money You Spend?

The Sennheiser Game One gaming headset is a comfortable gaming headset with great sound quality. If you are looking for a better gaming headset, then this is the one you should choose! It is a great option to go up from your cheap headsets and crappy mic.   

The headset is a little utilitarian and comes with a few nods to casual users. This headset is different from other gaming headsets as it has an open-back variety, which means it will not offer you any isolation to speak of! If you are gaming at home, it is a great thing because you can hear everything around you. If you are playing a deathmatch, FPS, and RPG game, this will be amazing! 



The first people see in the EPOS I Sennheiser game one gaming headset is its design. The look catches people’s eye, and if you want something subdued and something that will make you a little less noticed, this option is great with a white-with-red accent.

However, most people prefer the black one, and it also has a mic boom that is not removable. It is a great option, but if you are finished gaming, it can be a bit annoying.  

Build Quality 

With the Sennheiser game one gaming headset, there is a lot of plastic. Everything is of plastic and looks a bit cheap. It does not look premium or even straight out of the box. Along with that, the case covering and headband are all plastic and look a bit cheap. 

 It is built with a noise-canceling feature and a convenient microphone mute option, which one can use whenever necessary. Choosing this will give you an ultimate comfort plush velvet ear pad.  


When you think of comfort, then it is a good option for you! Many people may wear these headsets for a long time. Using a headset with crystal clear audio is useless when it is uncomfortable to wear. A panel of judges has tried out these headsets for an extended time with an overall rating that focuses on the ear cups and headband.

The testers tested the headset by wearing glasses to see if it caused an unpleasant pressure on the points. With the valve-padded headband, you may experience a quite nice holding which is comfortable on the head.


Now, let’s deal with the fact that the headset is wired, and you will not find any wireless variants. If you are in the market for Bluetooth-compatible headphones, these are designed especially for you. This headset has a TRS cable and a 3.5mm split cable. 

Sometimes, this can be annoying because most of the Sennheiser game one 3.5 mm connector circumaural gaming headset comes with wireless headphones. It is compatible with the PlayStation 4 also. 


Audio matters the most when you buy a Sennheiser game, one gaming headset, or any other brand headset. You may want it to sound better and with this, you can have a clear voice and music that sounds and know how accurately it may convey the sound position.

In addition, it has also worked on blocking external noise. It has an amazing positional sound that originates from the front but can get a little muddled when the sound is behind. With this headset, you can listen to soundtracks or music which deliver a well-balanced sound. 

Ease of Use

Last but not least, it is essential to look at whether the headset you use is easy to use. You need to operate each of these products. Each headset’s score will be based on the onboard presence or in-line controls. Knowing whether it is detachable or convenient to use the microphone is crucial.

It is the right headset you can have when it comes to the control; the cord on the product is long, 9.65  feet, and detachable. But the mic is not detachable.  


If you are thinking of microphone quality, then the EPOS Sennheiser game one gaming headset is considered well because of its top-notch performance. You may have started by having a panel of listener rates on how you record the message of the same person without knowing the headset-generated recording. 

After so many research studies, it has been decided that this headset sounds great. However, there is a tiny buzzing, and the recorded voice is slightly flatter.  


Audio ChannelsStereo
Frequency Response15-28,000Hz
Acoustic DesignOpen Acoustics
Microphone muteRaised the boom arm automatically 
Connectors2 x 3.5mm / 1 x 3.5mm
Ear CouplingAround the ear
Microphone type Noise Cancelling
Information Source:


  • Comfortable for you to wear
  • Durable
  • Offer high-quality sound for gaming
  • Easy to mute the mic and get control of the volume


  • Does not require Bluetooth connectivity 
  • The plastic hinges are a potential weak point

People Also Ask

Does the Sennheiser game one gaming headset black have software?

Yes, the Sennheiser game one gaming headset has the software Sennheiser Control Cockpit that is quite easy for you to handle, maintain, and control. 

How easily does Sennheiser’s game one gaming headset break?

It is common for a gaming headset to break, but what makes them fragile? Gaming headsets are expensive and heavy, and the headset weight is much more than an actual person can bear. It may also cause stress to people.

Can you use a Sennheiser game one gaming headset with consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 5?

One can use this Sennheiser game one gaming headset on different consoles. But you may require a 3.5mm TRRS adapter where they can use the mic. If you are trying to play this multiplayer game, this is a great option because of the voice chat system and the plugging of the mic output into your smartphone.

The Final Words

With this EPOS I Sennheiser game one gaming headset review, you may get the idea that the headset is predominantly geared toward gaming. If you are using this for general listening and gaming purposes, this is not at all a bad option. Moreover, they are durable. If you do not require Bluetooth, then this is definitely worth considering. 

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