December 8, 2022
Wall Mount Vs Desk Mount Monitor (1)

Wall Mount VS Desk Mount Monitor Which IS Better?

The days of placing monitors on the desk using their normal stands are over. And with good reason, since there are several practical benefits in addition to the increased look. This article compares the non-standard desk configuration options of a desk mount monitor and wall mount. Let’s begin our discussion of wall mount vs desk mount monitor.

Wall Mount Vs Desk Mount Monitor

Wall Mount Vs Desk Mount Monitor

Wall Mount Vs Desk Mount Monitor: Pros of Wall Mounted Monitor

Enhancements to Airflow and Cooling

In wall mount vs desk mount monitor comparison, putting your computer on the wall will dramatically increase its ventilation and cooling capacity.

Since one side will not be forced down, fans of your PC will be able to cool their important parts effectively. As any gamer knows, maintaining a cool monitor is crucial.

It Alleviates Neck and Shoulder Discomfort

Many people set their displays too low, too high, too near, or too far away, which can cause unneeded back, shoulder, and neck strain, as well as eyestrain if your monitor is too close or too distant from your face. 

Mounting the monitor on the wall is, therefore, an excellent choice, because when you raise your head to look at the monitor on the wall, your upper and lower cervical vertebrae do not have to rotate as much, and the weight of your head is distributed more evenly among your front and back neck extensor muscles.

It Saves Room

Utilizing a wall mount monitor is not only effective but also saves a tremendous amount of room. If you have a desk with a portable computer, mounting a display on the wall will save a large room.

Wall Mount Vs Desk Mount Monitor: Cons of Wall Mounted Monitor

There are several advantages to putting your computer on the wall, but there are also some disadvantages to consider.

Extra Time is Required for Setup

It is time-consuming to properly and securely install a wall-mounted setup. Even if you choose a PC case that is mounted on the wall, you will need to find the right drilling sites on your wall and have some knowledge of electrical piercing to install the case successfully.

Increasing Requirements

Wall mounts have the most stringent requirements since they must be attached to studs within the wall or to drywall using specific screws. If you want to guarantee that your monitors are securely secured, you must attach the wall mount to a stud instead of the drywall alone.

More challenging to Alter or Replace Components

If you wall-mount your PC, you will have a more difficult time upgrading or replacing the components if your present parts fail or if you decide to replace them.

You must take the complete tower from the wall, replace the components, and then reconnect the computer to the wall.

Wall Mount Vs Desk Mount Monitor: Pros of Desk Mount Monitor

Work Productivity

If you’re still doing all of your jobs on a laptop, you’re probably squandering hours every day. Switching back and forth between multiple windows while trying to complete a basic task can be stressful. 

With a desk mount monitor, windows may be distributed across two displays. Having two-guard nodes is even better; with three displays, you can organize your windows and files in a way that makes them easy to find, view, and edit.

Decreased Neck Pain

We’ve all spent many hours engrossed in a project at our desk, only to get a terrible crick in the neck. A monitor mount will alleviate this annoyance. With a normal, immovable monitor stand, your monitor is fixed in a particular position, which is often inappropriate for you.

Sit-Stand Versatility

If you have a sitting desk that is adjustable for height, it is even more important to use a lift. The ideal ergonomic position of your monitor varies depending on whether you are sitting or standing, so if your monitoring stand is in the wrong place at least 50 per cent of the time. 

With a monitor mount, you can always put your display in the most comfortable position, regardless of how high or low you elevate or lower your desk.

Wall Mount Vs Desk Mount Monitor: Cons of Desk Mount Monitor

Instability Problems

There is a strong possibility you have read about my fixation with stability if you have been searching for a standing desk. A wobbly standing desk can be a significant source of distraction.

Examining the architecture of a monitor arm reveals that it rises from a post or gas arm system. The further monitors are from their mounting points, the more they will jiggle and wobble. If you go for a cheap, fragile monitor arm, this issue will be more noticeable than with a high-quality device.

Monitor Width Constraints

If you are employing monitors with a screen size of 24″ or more, you will certainly need to consider the size limitations of your monitor arm. Because the majority of computer monitor arms feature complete tilt and pan capabilities, problems might arise when the width of the display increases.

Most desk mount monitors will utilize a ball joint for tilt/pan functionality. Once a monitor gets excessively broad, the leverage exerted by the weight beyond this connecting point causes complications.

Can Be Complicated to Adapt

The adjustability of a desk mount monitor might be an issue for some users. There are five fundamental adjustments available with a monitor arm. These are the height, depth, lateral, pan, and tilt settings.

Some monitor arms need the freeing of collars or bolts to make adjustments, whilst others do not. These modifications may involve height, pan, and tilt. According to the wall mount vs desk mount monitor comparison, this might be problematic if you want to make frequent modifications or have numerous users at the same workstation.

Wall Mount Vs Desk Mount Monitor: Conclusion

Mounting a monitor might be a smart option if you’re prepared to take the time to attach your monitor case to the wall firmly and have a nice location in mind.

After going through this article on monitor wall mount vs desk mount, i hope you understood what will suit your needs. For best results, you should mount your monitor so that it is not too high from the ground and in an area that makes mounting easier from time to time.

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