December 9, 2023
Gigabyte G27Q

Best Gaming Monitor Reviews – Gigabyte G27Q

The best gaming screens can give you a genuine profit, or possibly give you a good experience. Are gaming screens great? Indeed! It’s not even about having the best mix of things, having a very amazing gaming machine is ridiculous without a gaming monitor. And we have one such monitor here Gigabyte G27Q.

Gigabyte G27Q Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitor review


  • Superb Image Quality.
  • Outstanding gameplay performance.
  • Numerous beneficial utilities.


  • Blatant design.
  • The refresh rate is comparable to that of a pedestrian.

Features of G27Q Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitor review

On paper, the Gigabyte G27Q appears to be a very standard laptop. It’s a flat, 27-inch panel with a low refresh rate of gigabyte 144Hz and a design that wouldn’t blend in well in an office atmosphere. However, it is one of the greatest gaming displays I’ve used this year. Not only does it have a stunning, bright display, but it also supports HDR and includes a slew of handy features meant to enhance your gaming experience.

The Gigabyte gaming monitor G27Q comes with a native resolution of 2560×1440 at a 16:9 aspect ratio. The thin bezels let the panel shine, and the screen is large enough for multitasking without dominating your workspace. The stand is straightforward, with a cable management slot and adjustable height and tilt but no swivel. If you prefer to install the Gigabyte G27Q on a wall or custom arm, you can VESA mount it. Except for the OSD joystick and several I/O connections, the rear is simple.


The Gigabyte G27Q features an IPS panel with a refresh rate of gigabyte 144Hz and a response time of 1ms. As someone who values visual integrity, I appreciate the clarity and performance of this resolution. Even the modest GTX 1660 Super in my desktop is capable of running games at 60 frames per second on high settings. If you spend your whole day playing CS: GO or Valorant, the 144Hz refresh rate may be a hindrance, but for the rest of us plebs, it’s fantastic.

In any event, the G27Q monitor excels at gaming, owing to adaptive sync with AMD FreeSync Premium. Additionally, it is G-SYNC compatible, which means that whether you are on team Green or Red, the G27Q plays nicely. I did not have an AMD GPU to test with, but I did have a PC and laptop powered by NVIDIA. Neither of them encountered any issues running games with G-SYNC enabled.


And regardless of the game, the  Gigabyte gaming monitor G27Q looks fantastic. The IPS panel features an 8-bit color depth and 92% DCI-P3 coverage. I’ve been looking at a lot of displays recently, and I was immediately taken with the G27Q’s vibrant colors and high contrast. It exhibits a dynamic contrast ratio of 12M: 1. The colors are bold and powerful with superb resolution from dark to light areas. Additionally, there are numerous settings for calibrating the display to your satisfaction.

Additionally, the panel achieves eye-searing brightness—a requirement for VESA Display HDR 400 Certification. And, while HDR gaming on Windows remains abysmal when it works, it’s stunning. From The Division 2 to Marvel’s Avengers, the colors are vivid and there is lots of contrast between dark and light. At maximum brightness, however, sunny sky and other bright spots tend to blow out and lose clarity. Dark parts are occasionally crushed as well.

However, movies and videos on Netflix and YouTube fare far better. Regrettably, my Xbox One X failed to recognize the Gigabyte G27Q as an HDR-capable display. However, the G27Q’s SDR mode is amazing, so I didn’t miss anything. However, the Xbox can play games at 1080p/120Hz or 1440p/60Hz, which is quite nice. I love that the G27Q includes two HDMI 2.0 connectors and a DisplayPort 1.2 port, allowing you to connect two consoles and a PC—a feature that will appeal to streamers and multi-platform gamers.

Connectivity and Menu

Additionally, the Gigabyte G27Q features two USB 3.0 Type-A downstream ports and one USB 3.0 Type-B upstream port for convenient peripheral connectivity. Additionally, the monitor includes a pair of 2W speakers, although they don’t sound great—in fact, they sound worse than normal laptop speakers. Fortunately, there is a headphone jack.

The Gigabyte G27Q’s OSD provides access to a plethora of profiles and monitor settings. You navigate with the small joystick on the rear, and I really like how you don’t have to press the joystick to access menu selections. After a little delay, flicking the joystick over a menu activates it. It’s a small thing, but it can save you a lot of time in the long run. Additionally, there is the OSD Sidekick, a convenient Windows application that provides the same menu access but uses the mouse instead of the joystick.

Gigabyte G27Q

Once in the menu, you may access features such as image profiles, black equalization, aim assist, and blue light filtering. My favorite feature is the Dashboard. It’s a built-in hardware monitor that shows framerates, temperatures, and voltages – all without the need for additional software. This is ideal for you overclockers. Additionally, I enjoy the Reader mode, which activates Low Blue Light and flicker-free technology, which helps my aged eyes endure long days of reading and writing.

The G27Q isn’t flawless, but there isn’t much to dislike here, except for its relatively bland appearance. Whether used for work or pleasure, the Gigabyte G27Q delivers an exceptionally sharp, vivid, and smooth image. The additional features are quite handy, and for $330, you get a lot. It’s unquestionably one of the greatest 27-inch gaming monitors available at the moment and comes highly recommended.

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