December 9, 2023
Winter Jacket Sons of the Forest Guide

Where to Find Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, the Winter Jacket is a collectable outfit that keeps you warm throughout the winter and when exploring the chilly mountain summits. 

Without the correct protection from the elements, the bitter cold may do serious damage to your energy bar, therefore it’s important to be ready for extreme weather by getting specialist clothing, like the Winter Jacket, to match the requirements of various circumstances. 

This guide has all the information you need to get the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest if you want to remain warm while exploring chilly locations in quest of tools, weapons, armor, and supplies.

How Can You Get Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest?

The Winter Jacket is an item that modifies how warm you feel. Similar to Breath of the Wild, being in really cold weather can reduce your overall stamina. Seasons are one of Sons of the Forest’s novel elements; they will change every few days.

The most hazardous time of year is winter. Enemies grow more abrasive and desperate, while the landscape is covered with snow. Without defense, you’ll lose strength and have to rely on a torch or other source of heat. The Winter Jacket is an alternative.

The Winter Jacket may be found in an unmarked tent for civilians next to a large waterfall. The jacket is located inside one of the tents next to a dead corpse.

In addition, there are additional handy objects like spare watches, food, and other unrelated stuff within the camp. Inside the wooden coffins along the water, there are additional crafting supplies. Use your axe to pry them open so you can get to the contents.

Open your inventory and scroll to the very right of the screen to equip the Winter Jacket. You may discover your typical Tactical Jacket stuff in the right corner. You’ll discover the Winter Jacket below the standard attire. 

By choosing the desired article of clothing and equipping it with the [Wear] command, you may change your outfit at any moment. This area of the inventory screen will also display more clothing items that you discover.

How To Get Other Winter Clothes in Sons of The Forest?


You may be able to get some additional warmth with a Blazer. Although it doesn’t have much weatherproofing, so it wouldn’t provide much defense against snow and rain.

You must go toward the location shown on the map below in order to find the Blazer in Sons of the Forest. To locate a temporary burial site, go in a northwesterly direction.

When you arrive at the designated location, you will notice a hole with many storage containers within. Each box contains a decomposing body, which may be seen upon closer scrutiny. Look inside the main container for the Blazer.

To take this winter coat of sons of the forest and put it in your inventory, use the E key.

Leather Jacket

The third piece of winter clothing that you may purchase in Sons of the Forest is a leather jacket. Although it gives some protection from the cold and gusts, it falls well short of what the Winter Jacket delivers.

Getting the leather jacket may be a bit difficult since you have to battle your way past a lot of mutants and cannibals to get to the location where it is.

You must first go to the location shown on the above map, which is the seashore in the northern part of the map. Once there, you must search for a rocky outcrop with a cave entrance that is boarded up with a few pieces of wood.

In the cave, there are a few mutants, so take care as you break past the barricade. They should be easy for you to dispose of before moving on.

You will encounter a wave of mutants if you take your first right and go up a higher route. You may start looking for stuff in the area once you beat them. Look up at the ceiling to find the leather jacket, then press E to take it.

Possible Locations To Find The Winter Jacket

Here are the winter jacket locations in sons of the forest:

  • Hunting Lodge: The player may find a winter jacket in a hunting lodge, which could be a common place for hunters or survivors to store warm clothing.
  • Ranger Station: A ranger station in the game world could contain a winter jacket as part of the gear used by forest rangers to survive in the winter.
  • Campsite: A campsite or makeshift shelter in the forest may have a winter jacket left behind by previous survivors.
  • Village: If there is a village or settlement in the game, the player may find a winter jacket in one of the houses or buildings.

People Also Ask

What is the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest?

The Winter Jacket is an item of clothing in the video game Sons of the Forest. It is a warm and insulated jacket designed to protect players from the harsh winter conditions of the game world.

How do I obtain the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest?

To obtain the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest, players need to collect and craft the required materials. This includes animal hides, wool, and other materials that can be found throughout the game world.

What are the benefits of wearing the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest?

Wearing the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest provides players with increased warmth and protection from the cold. It also allows players to explore colder areas of the game world without suffering from hypothermia.

Can the Winter Jacket be upgraded or modified?

Yes, the Winter Jacket can be upgraded and modified in Sons of the Forest. Players can use various crafting materials and resources to improve the jacket’s warmth, durability, and other attributes.


In Sons of the Forest, the player character’s life depends on the winter jacket. Without enough protection, the chilly winter weather in the forest may cause hypothermia and other health problems. 

The player may find the much-required winter jacket by meticulously exploring certain places, such as hunting lodges, ranger stations, campgrounds, or towns, and by following hints. While looking, it’s necessary to have supplies like food, drink, and firewood on hand and to be on the lookout for any opponents or hazards that may be hiding in the game’s environment. 

With the winter jacket at their disposal, the player character can remain warm and improve their chances of surviving in Sons of the Forest’s harsh winter wilderness. Keep an eye out for danger, collect resources, and locate that winter coat to face the trials ahead!

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