December 9, 2023
Food Storage Bunker in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find the Food Storage Bunker in Sons of the Forest?

The hunger gauge is one of the most challenging game features in the newly launched Sons of the Forest game, we will delve into the food storage bunker in the game. 

Even though there are ways to hunt or fish for food, it depletes fairly rapidly. At times, it may seem tough to get food. Thankfully, The Forest’s sequel does have a number of locations on the island map that are teeming with food. 

One of them is the bunker, which is widely known for its assortment of crunchy cereal, canned cat food, and other tasty goods. 

Read on if you’re interested in learning where the food storage bunker is in Sons of the Forest.

Location of the Sons of the Forest Food and Dining Bunker

In Sons of the Forest, where is the food storage bunker located? Fortunately, the Food Bunker is near to the location of the beach helicopter accident, making it possible for you to get here rather quickly if you began the game here. However, from the other two helicopter spawn locations, it will take a little bit longer to reach here.

The biggest drawback is that you may only enter one of the main rooms before a Maintenance Keycard is needed to proceed. However, if you’re nearby, it’s still worthwhile to stop by to pick up some food.

Your starting point and current position will determine the best path to take to reach the food bunker. If you begin at the beach helicopter location, for instance, you should go southwest into the woodland. Likewise, if you’re at the mountain location, you should go northwest.

In any case, you will find your destination in the northwest of the map, just above a pond that flows into the ocean. You are searching for a cave that has a wrecked golf buggy outside of its entrance.

After you enter the cave, make your way through it until you come to a latch marked “Food and Dining” in Sons of the Forest by heading down the dim ramps. Find a room here where you may store food by heading down the ladder! You may pick up a variety of materials here, and more are accessible via the Maintenance Keycard door.

What will you discover?

There is a hydroponics facility with unharvestable lettuce and many blueberry trees outside the sealed double doors. The position of the crossbow discovered on the floor near to a dead corpse is indicated by multiple crossbow bolts on the wall. 

The player may discover the VIP Keycard resting on the desk in the middle of the security room, which is located farther within the bunker and is linked to a flooded corridor. 

Security cameras mounted on the wall are showing a repeated video of the diners being transformed into mutants. 

The player may enter the spacious dining hall by going back to the flooded hallway and using the VIP Keycard on the closed doors. The player will first see Edward and Barbara Puffton, who have been converted into Blind Mutants and are among the many dead mutants there. They will both emerge through the damaged window when the player gets closer to the dining hall’s rear. 

The Dress and the Tale paper copies of Edward and Barbara Puffton’s placards can be located in the dining room, respectively, on a lounge seat and a table, respectively in the food and dining bunker area in sons of the forest. The rebreather may be used to swim through the water past the shattered glass.

Hope that answered your question and cleared your doubts! 

People Also Ask

What is a Food Storage Bunker in Sons of the Forest?

A Food Storage Bunker is a location in the video game Sons of the Forest where players can store food items and supplies. It is an underground facility that provides protection from the environment and wildlife.

How do I access a Food Storage Bunker in Sons of the Forest?

Food Storage Bunkers can be accessed by finding their entrances in the game world. These entrances are usually hidden and can be found by exploring and solving puzzles.

What can I store in a Food Storage Bunker in Sons of the Forest?

Players can store various food items and supplies in a Food Storage Bunker in Sons of the Forest. This includes canned food, water bottles, medical supplies, ammunition, and other essential items for survival.

Can other players access my Food Storage Bunker?

No, other players cannot access your Food Storage Bunker in Sons of the Forest. It is a single-player game, and the player’s progress and resources are saved locally on their own device.

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