December 9, 2023
Fortnite Mending Machine Locations

Where is Mending Machine in Fortnite?

Do you want to know what a mending machine is in Fortnite? The Fortnite terrain is riddled with Mending Machines, which are vending machines that offer vital medical supplies including Bandages, Medkits, and Shield Potions. As long as they have enough Gold Bars, players may buy these heals by simply interacting with any machine they come across in a game. 

Fortunately, Mending Machines in Fortnite only charge around 25 to 50 gold bars for things, which is far less expensive than buying weapons from a dealer. Mending Machines are useful when you’re short on supplies after a tough battle or get stuck in a storm, however looting heals and shields from chests or the ground is still the best method to get them.

There are ten distinct Mending Machines in Fortnite spread out around the Fortnite area in total. Fortunately, they’re all quite equally distributed, so if you ever find yourself in a bind, one should be accessible to you nearby.

What is a Mending Machine in Fortnite?

You may wish to seek for a Mending Machine if you need some healing goods while playing Fortnite. On the island, you may find these unique vending machines next to petrol stations. 

They provide a patch up service that may swiftly restore your health as well as bandages, medical kits, shield potions, and bandages. But they are not inexpensive. 

To buy from a Mending Machine, you must spend some gold bars. Enemies may be eliminated, chests can be opened, and cash registers can be looted to acquire gold bars.

Mending Machine Location in Fortnite

Consider visiting the Mending Machines if you’re seeking for a fast and affordable method to heal in Fortnite. These are unique vending machines that provide different medical supplies including bandages, first aid kits, and shield potions. To rapidly recover a significant quantity of health, you may also employ the Patch Up service, but it will cost you more gold bars.

Contrasted with Weapon-O-Matic machines, which sell weapons and ammunition, are Mending Machines. Both kinds of machines may be found all around the island, although Mending Machines are often found next to petrol stations. We’ll walk you through each of the 10 mending machine locations in fortnite can be found in this article.

1. Near Logjam Junction, North of Rave Cave

On the road leading to Logjam Junction, there is a petrol station just next to this mending shop. It’s next to a blue automobile and several garbage cans on the north side of the street.

2. Shifty Shafts to the Southwest and East of Rave Cave

On the road that goes to Shifty Shafts, there is a petrol station right adjacent to this Mending Machine. It’s close to a red automobile and several barrels on the east side of the street.

3. Beyond Tilted Towers

The petrol station south of Tilted Towers, next to the river bridge, is where you may find this mend shop. It’s adjacent to a green automobile and some boxes on the west side of the petrol station.

4. Beyond Greasy Grove

Near the edge of the map, at the petrol station south of Greasy Grove, is where you may find this Mending Machine. It’s adjacent to a yellow automobile and some tyres on the east side of the petrol station.

5. To the north of Sleepy Sound’s Southern Half

This repair station is next to the water tower at the petrol station northwest of Sleepy Sound. It is next to a white automobile and several cones on the south side of the petrol station.

6. Near Coney Crossroads in the Northeast

Near the Ferris wheel, at the petrol station northeast of Coney Crossroads, is this Mending Machine. It is close to a purple automobile and some signage on the north side of the petrol station.

7. Southwestern of Herald’s Sanctum

This Mending Machine is located at the petrol station next to the mountain southwest of Herald’s Sanctum. It’s adjacent to a brown automobile and some crates on the west side of the petrol station.

8. To the north of Cloudy Condos

Near the lake, at the petrol station north of Cloudy Condos, is this Machine. It may be found adjacent to a pink automobile and several pumps on the east side of the petrol station.

9. To the east of Fort Jones

The petrol station east of Fort Jonesy, close to the forest, has this mending machine. It’s adjacent to a blue truck and several barrels on the south side of the petrol station.

10. East of Lustrous Lagoon 

Near the beach, at the petrol station east of Lustrous Lagoon, is this Machine. It’s adjacent to a red vehicle and several cans on the north side of the petrol station.

By stocking up on healing goods and surviving longer in your battles, you may now locate all 10 Mending Machines in Fortnite. Keep in mind that you need gold bars to purchase these goods, so be careful to steal from adversaries, cash registers, and treasure chests as you travel. 

How Should I Use the Mending Machine?

You must have a enough supply of the same kind of materials that the Machine needs in order to operate. The fee varies based on how uncommon the equipment is, and it may ask for wood, brick, or metal. 

The machine will need more resources as it becomes more uncommon, but it will also provide more healing. The machine’s color—gray (common), green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic), or gold (legendary)—will show you how rare it is.

You must approach the machine closely and push the button that appears on your screen in order to communicate with it. Then a menu will appear where you may choose either health or shield healing. 

Once you’ve made your choice, the device will start mending you or your partner and take the necessary supplies out of your inventory. The machine can only be used once each interaction, however, if you have extra resources, you may interact with it again.

How to strategically use the Mending Machine?

In Fortnite, the Mending Machine may be a helpful tool to replenish your health or shield, but you must be cautious about where and when you use it. To help you make the most of it, consider the following advice:

  • When you run out of healing supplies and your health or shield is low, use the Machine. In an emergency, the Mending Machine can save your life, but it cannot replace medical kits, bandages, shield potions, or other healing supplies. In the event that you cannot locate or use a Mending Machine, you should always have some healing supplies on hand.
  • When you are in a secure location, use the mending machine. You need to wait for the Mending Machine to heal you for a short while, and during that time, foe strikes may harm you. When you are under fire or in open spaces, you should avoid utilizing the device. Instead, seek for a structure, a building, or a natural cover where you may utilize the gadget covertly.
  • Work with your colleagues to use the Machine. Any member of your squad who is near enough to the Machine will get healing. By exchanging resources and providing aid to one another, you may benefit from this. You may boost your odds of survival while also saving time and money in this manner.


People Also Ask

What is a Mending Machine in Fortnite?

A Mending Machine is a vending machine that allows players to exchange materials for health or shield. Players can use this machine to heal themselves or restore their shield during gameplay.

How do I find a Mending Machine in Fortnite?

Mending Machines can be found randomly placed around the map in Fortnite. They can also be purchased from certain NPCs in the game, including some of the Non-Player Characters that can be found in different areas.

How does the Mending Machine work in Fortnite?

To use a Mending Machine, players need to have the required materials, which can include wood, stone, metal, or gold. Once the materials are collected, players can interact with the machine and select the option to restore their health or shield.

How much does it cost to use a Mending Machine in Fortnite?

The cost to use a Mending Machine in Fortnite varies based on the current game mode and location on the map. In general, the cost can range from 50 to 500 materials, depending on the rarity of the item and the player’s current health or shield.


In Fortnite, there is a special function called the Mending Machine that allows you to heal both you and your team members in return for supplies. However, you must use it wisely and carefully since it may potentially put you in danger or use up your resources. These recommendations will help you make the most of the Mending Machine in Fortnite.

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