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Keyboard with Metal Keys

An Interesting Top 4 Keyboard with Metal Keys Review

The best keyboard with metal keys is ideal for typists, but purchasing one for gaming would not be a waste of money. Mechanical switches provide a more sensitive, fluid, and rapid typing experience, but perhaps it’s also the clickety-clack sound of a keyboard with metal keys that inspires productivity.

Although these keyboards are incredible for typing, they are also excellent for gaming. These keyboards may not be as spectacular as some of the items on our list of the best keyboard with metal keys, but their feel and tactility are superb.

There are several varieties of mechanical switches. These key switches are available in a variety of styles to accommodate various preferences. Consult our guide to identifying which style of keyboard with metal keys appeals to your sensibilities.

Popular Keyboard with Metal Keys

Keyboard with Metal Keys

EVGA Z15 Metal Keyboard Plus

Hot-swappable relays.
RGB customizable backlighting.
All keys support macro programming.

ABS keycaps are readily polished.

The EVGA Z15 is a cheap gaming keyboard with Metalic keys. This full-size board is packed with features seen on more expensive boards, like onboard memory, dedicated media keys, and the ability to assign macros to any key, despite its affordable pricing. Additionally, it features a brushed metal backplate that feels durable.

The EVGA Z15 is a hot-swappable, full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard, allowing you to swap out the switches for a different feel or brand. It boasts one of the lowest latency values we’ve ever recorded. It contains programmable RGB illumination, media-specific keys, a volume wheel, and macros that may be assigned to any key.

Obinslab Anne Pro 2 Keyboard with Metal Keys

Excellent construction quality.
A wide array of available switch types.
Complete RGB backlighting.

Minimal added features.

The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a superb 60 percent compact gaming keyboard that feels well-constructed and seems elegant in the majority of PC configurations. It boasts extremely low wired latency, complete RGB illumination with individually-lit keys, and all keys are macro-programmable with the associated software. While this keyboard is available with many switch configurations, some model is equipped with Gateron Brown switches, which give excellent typing quality, a reasonable amount of feedback, and are not too noisy.

The popularity of compact keyboards is increasing, particularly among gamers who may not require as many keys and users with smaller work areas. It is a 60 percent gaming keyboard that is tiny, feels extremely well-built, and has a sleek look that will likely complement most setups.

In addition, it boasts exceptionally low wired latency, complete RGB illumination with individually illuminated keys, and the customization software allows you to assign macros to each key. The keyboard is available with several switch configurations.

You can acquire a machine with Gateron Brown switches that give outstanding typing quality and tactile feedback. It can be wirelessly connected through Bluetooth, although this is only suggested for productivity activities and routine web browsing due to the much greater latency while using it remotely.

Corsair K100 RGB Metal Mechanical Keyboard

Optical switches that are responsive
100% RGB, at all times.
Superior construction quality.

A great deal of software.
Optically operated switches are not analog.

It so happens that the best metal mechanical keyboard is also the greatest gaming keyboard. Who would have thought? We cannot get enough of the Corsair K100 RGB Optical for some reason.

The K100’s internals are strikingly identical to those of the K95, sharing the same high level of quality throughout, the same general layout, the same macro keys in the bottom left and top right corners, and the same media keys. The same two-shot keycaps are immediately below it. As always, a comfortable wrist rest magnetically attaches, and USB passthrough is conveniently accessible.

On closer scrutiny, there are contradictions, though. This particular model’s switches are brand-new and are Corsair’s first optical choice. Then there is the sizable, vivid-red iCue wheel in the top left corner, which changes depending on the mode and function. It can be used as a zoom or scroll wheel, to change the brightness of the room, to skip music tracks, and for a few other things. additional activities

These are the latest optical-Mechanical switches from Corsair, which speak for themselves. It’s crucial to remember that OPX switches are digital and not the dynamic analog type seen on keyboards like Wooting, which can determine how deeply pressed a key is and then react by applying force (for example).

Ducky One 2 RGB Professionals Metal Keyboard

Silky stabilizers.
Excellent PBT keycaps.
Surprisingly inexpensive.
Multiple sizes are available.
Removable USB Type-C port.

Plastic carrying case.
The indicator lights are unattractive.

The Ducky One 2 RGB is a mechanical keyboard with fewer features than the Corsair; it is more suited for the workplace than the esports arena. But do not let that discourage you from believing that Duck has no intelligence and style. It is attractive and well-cut, but most importantly, it is built like a tank.

The famous quality and durability of Ducky assure that the One 2 is worth your money. The fact that you must press the space bar between every word has a huge influence on the comfort of your typing.

In the absence of stabilizers, the keycaps are as nice for a stock board. The Ducky One 2 RGB has PBT plastic keycaps and double-shot legends, which are the most durable varieties in their category. This is vital because it ensures that the keycaps will survive for years and that their printing will not fade, and the best mechanical keyboards are meant to last. In addition, Ducky features an additional set of colorful keycaps for the escape, space, and control keys.

What Characterizes All Metal Mechanical Keyboard, and Why Should You Use One?

Keyboards included with desktop computers often include a variation of the rubber dome design. When the key is fully depressed, the dome’s contact prompts a press. The negative is that the rubber membranes are soft, unreliable, and require constant downward pressure. The scissor switches seen on laptops are not much better. They have a little tactility, but the low travel and mushiness continue to grate on the skin with time.

The easiest way to define a mechanical keyboard is as a board with switches that activate before the point of bottoming out. For instance, Cherry-style metal contacts. When a key is depressed, a stem travels into the housing, allowing metal contacts to make contact. Other types of switches are termed mechanical, although their mechanics are fundamentally distinct. 

Topre switches are popular, although they are very costly. These switches contain a rubber dome and a spring in the shape of a cone. Here, activation is initiated by a change in capacitance of the spring when the button is pressed, and the tactile bump is caused by the dome collapsing. In addition, there are metal contacts in the Alps style, buckling springs, and Hall effect switches. However, they are all rather uncommon on current boards.

Due to the exact and constant feel of the keys, using a mechanical keyboard might make you a far more proficient typist. In addition, the high tactility of numerous switches allows you to predict when a key press will register, allowing you to release and go on to the next key without bottoming out.

For gaming, you may employ switches that are far more precise and responsive than the keys on inexpensive membrane boards. The sound of a clicky switch may also be entertaining, assuming there are no co-workers around to disturb.


Whether you’re searching for the best keyboard with metal keys, the best compact, or the best full-size mechanical keyboard, we believe that the selections listed above are the finest currently available. We consider pricing (a cheap gaming keyboard with Metalic keys wins over a more expensive one if the price difference is insignificant), customer reviews, and product availability (no keyboard that is difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

Consider the above list of all metal mechanical keyboard reviews, if you would want to make your selection. Be cautious not to become too mired in the particulars. Although no keyboard is ideal for every use, most keyboards are good enough to satisfy practically everyone, and the variations between them are generally imperceptible unless you seek them. Ensure that you are aware of your key switch preferences before selecting.

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