December 8, 2022
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Our Exclusive CLX Gaming Products Review for PC Building

Wide range of custom configuration.
Better performance.
You can replace selective parts of your PC .

High cost.
Lengthy repairs can be a major inconvenience.

If you’ve been living under a rock over the last nine months, you may have missed the news that GPUs are becoming increasingly scarce. Scalped graphics cards are extremely expensive, and those that do appear at authorised merchants sometimes sell out in seconds.

Additionally, there is the human virus issue, which makes remaining at home and gaming slightly more appealing than usual. As a result, prebuilt and custom PCs are currently all the rage. However, with so many companies to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for spending your hard-earned money.

You can find CLX Gaming as a good option if you are a pro gamer. Here is the CLX Gaming PC review!

CLX Gaming in a Nutshell

CLX gaming

We recently got the opportunity to collaborate with Cybertron PC’s CLX brand to assess the gaming PC manufacturer’s build quality and customer experience. While we are certainly proponents of the do-it-yourself approach, there are occasions when it makes sense to choose something pre-built.

Apart from the apparent availability of graphics cards, there are other reasons to purchase prebuilt gaming PCs right now. You won’t risk purchasing the incorrect parts or destroying anything if you assemble it yourself; you’ll have a single point of contact for warranties and technical support, and you won’t have to sift through all of the substandard products available (there are a lot).

Additionally, you will not feel the need to cleanse your mouth with a bar of soap after everything is correctly connected. Continue reading the article to know more about CLX Gaming PC review.

Aesthetics and Excellence

CLX Gaming provided us with a proprietary PC chassis for this build, which is immediately appealing to the eye. It’s a standard MicroATX tower with an embedded logo on the front. The design theme is highly Blade Runner-esque in that it incorporates hexagonal edges everywhere. You definitely get a sense of luxury when this sits at the edge of your desk, and it compliments almost any style.

The only criticism of CLX Gaming would be the fan positions where the front portion is solid, making air circulation difficult. There are also small vent slots at the top for the fan to blow through, although when considering high-performance RTX cards, this may be an issue unless liquid cooling tubes are used throughout, which is doable. It’s a strong construction that maintains a high level of shock resistance. In general, this is a very nice design – it’s simple but detailed. You may view their PC chassis as the dividing line between the two options.

The CLX Trademark

A few of CLX’s top executives are seasoned industry veterans. As in, the original Alienware community. That alone says a lot, but what struck the most was their relatability. I didn’t feel as though I was communicating with a marketing agency.

I felt I was conversing with other PC gaming aficionados who build computers for a career. The product manager is knowledgeable about what the hardware community is discussing and was able to discuss trending news. This is only one example of CLX’s efforts to create a customer-centric organisation.

Additionally, the customer experience and offering excellent service are critical. As previously said, there are several horror stories, yet CLX passed the “undercover” test. It is really simple to contact and receive courteous basic support. Without a doubt, off to a solid start CLX is not without flaws. However, the company is still working to improve a few aspects of its configurator, the case selections are not optimal, and there is the issue of cost. 

Quality of Components and Construction

A gaming PC’s build quality, component selection, and hardware configuration are all critical. A system requires a great deal of work and there are several opportunities for error along the route. There aren’t many difficulties to report with our custom CLX set gaming PC. All components are configured appropriately, cable management is generally excellent, the system works incredibly well, the components remain cool, and the system is insanely silent. We have only minor quibbles. However, for the purposes of this review, we’ll go through all of the major concerns that arise when purchasing a CLX set gaming PC from a system builder.

If you are wondering “how loud are Clx gaming desktops?” given the immense processing power, you will be surprised to know it is very silent, compared to other computers that have such heavy components.

Things You Should Know

To begin, there is much to like about CLX Gaming that CLX chose. While the design of the Phanteks Evolv may not be for everyone, it provides superior ventilation than the majority of cases offered by system manufacturers. Additionally, you can have it custom painted by CLX. On the outside, the case is made of metal and tempered glass. Both sides are flanked by the tinted black glass. Both sides hinge open, and the doors can be removed from their hinges.

The front panel contains a full front intake that is obscured by a cover to a minimum. It is reminiscent of the Corsair 5000X, as air can flow directly into the front radiator via a 45-degree intake. When you remove the cover and check the thermals, you will notice little, if any, difference. Additionally, the casing features several slots that allow additional air to circulate through the top and corner areas of the design. The case’s sole serious flaw is the case’s tiny roof vents. These do vent heat but appear to be excessively narrow. The top of the case became quite warm, yet the components remained relatively cool (and the 3070 plus a 11700K create a lot of heat). However, the top fans were simply pumping a lot of heat into the case’s thick roof.

We cannot guarantee that the smaller versions of this case will keep your components cool, as the Ra is a full tower. What you order has an effect on your thermals. If you’re ordering components that require a lot of power, this is the case to choose. If you choose a less expensive system, you may be able to get away with having less cooling capacity. Prebuilt cases drastically lack cooling capabilities in comparison to this model, so consider yourself warned. Hopefully, CLX will be able to expand its selection of high-airflow cases in the near future.

Is a CLX Gaming PC a good investment?

CLX produced a well-built gaming PC in the end. Apart from a dearth of alternatives for airflow-oriented cases, the majority of users should be satisfied with the existing customization options. The organisation maintains a comprehensive inventory of in-demand components and ensures that consumers receive optimal performance from their purchases.

Pricing is the final impediment to overcome. Our CLX package costs $3,418. To put that into context, we compiled a list of all of the components used in our construction, along with their MSRP prices. The entire cost of the project came to $2,350. While these two price points are not exactly comparable due to a few constraints, they do demonstrate the system’s overall markup. To those accustomed to purchasing prebuilt, the markup should come as no surprise, but this is on the high end. Comparable systems from competitors start at roughly $2,700 and go up to $3,500. However, there are some variables to consider, as one rival offered only the 10700K but paired it with a Z590 motherboard, which makes little sense.

In light of this cost, CLX Gaming appears to be a premium brand for this particular model. The additional money spent on shipping ensures you receive premium service, construction quality, and custom system optimization similar to what we experienced. However, there are ways to make the brand more inexpensive by surfing sales and selecting older components that provide comparable performance at a fraction of the price. For approximately $2,300, we were able to develop an alternative custom build with comparable quality and performance. Additionally, there is the pre-configured lineup of entry-level gaming PCs mentioned previously, which can be purchased for significantly less than $1000 if you are on a budget.

Is CLX Gaming Good?

CLX Gaming is a firm worth considering if you’re looking to have a custom gaming PC built for you. While DIY is cost-effective, it does have certain disadvantages. Additionally, purchasing a GPU at MSRP is expected to remain tough for the foreseeable future. Going with CLX will cost you a significant amount of money in the end, so you’ll need to consider whether the experience CLX sells with its PCs is worth the cost in comparison to competitors. 

Now with this, we come to the end of the CLX gaming review. It is believed that you will find this article informative. This can provide a buying guide for you while purchasing CLX Gaming. 


Q. Is CLX Brand Trustworthy?

CLX is the gaming brand name of Cybertron PC. They have been making custom PCs for years. Products like CLX Gaming and others are mostly high-priced, but reliable builds. They have been reviewed by major publications like CNET and their builds are sold online, on their own website, and in offline stores also. 

How to turn on pc fans clx gaming?

How to Activate CPU Fans Manually:

  • Restart your computer or turn it on.
  • While your computer is booting, press and holds the appropriate key to access the BIOS menu.
  • Locate the section titled “Fan Settings.”
  • Locate and select the “Smart Fan” option.
  • “Save Settings and Exit” should be selected.
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