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One of The Best PC Game Review of 2021

Game ReviewsList of latest games 2021 with reviews

It’s 2021! Are you still playing the games released a year or two ago because you can’t find the trustworthy game reviews recently released and don’t want to waste your precious time on a game that won’t ultimately give you satisfaction on completion?

Recent single-player successes, flourishing esports, and a few modern classics would boost any library on this list. As new games are released, we’ll update this list, remove old favorites, and replace them with our most recent obsessions. We’re aiming for a practical answer to the issue, “What new PC game should I get?” instead of an ever-expanding list that stretches far into the past time.

We’ve compiled a list of new games for 2021 to give you an up-to-date look at what’s coming out. Check out the best free Steam games and the best free browser games for more free choices.

Want to play these games on a new system? For about $750, you can build a primary gaming PC, or for $1,000, you can develop our suggested mid-range PC. We also recommend pre-built PCs if you need anything that works right out of the box.

Game Reviews – List of top 10 new games reviewed

1. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Game Reviews


“Powerful, poetic, haunting, and hilarious.”
10/10 – Gamespot

“The voice acting in Disco Elysium – The Final Cut makes the best RPG on PC even better”
92/100 – PC Gamer

About the game:

The definitive version of the revolutionary role-playing game, Disco Elysium – The Final Cut. You’re an investigator with a one-of-a-kind skill set at your hands and an entire city block to navigate. Investigate memorable characters, solve crimes, or accept bribes. Become a hero or a complete failure of an individual.


There is full voice modulation. With a final English voiceover, all of the city’s beautiful people come to life. As – word is spoken to you with the appropriate accent and emotion, you can pit characters against each other, try to support them, or fall hopelessly in love.
New political visions are being sought. When your political compass takes you down new paths, confront the truth of your worldview. Discover more people, a larger city, and monumental sights as you pursue your dreams and make an even more significant impact on the planet.
Unprecedented option equality. Author poetry, sing karaoke, dance like a beast, or solve the meaning of life by intimidating, sweet-talking, or resorting to violence. The Final Cut of Disco Elysium is the most accurate depiction of desktop role-playing ever attempted in a video game.

There are a plethora of role-playing resources available.

Choose from 24 wildly different abilities to mix and match. With over 80 clothing pieces to choose from, you can create your style. Use 14 different materials, such as weapons, flashlights, and a boombox, or mix up a mixture of 6 other synthetic drugs. With the detective’s Thinking Cabinet, you will further develop your character with 60 crazy thoughts to consider.

With memorable characters and a groundbreaking dialogue framework. True people, not extras, populate the earth. As you play cop or something entirely different, pose questions, make exciting observations, or share your wildest desires. The groundbreaking dialogue method in Disco Elysium allows you to do almost everything.

Create your route through the city. Unlike any you’ve seen before, explore tricks, raise tare, or become a millionaire in an open world. The town of Revachol is yours to take in small chunks at a time. Everywhere from nooks of streets to corners of beaches  – and anywhere in between

They were hard-boiled with a thorny heart. Nothing is off the table: death, sexuality, taxes, and disco. Rachel is an actual location with genuine difficulties. Relax and unwind with sprawling side-cases, or solve a major murder investigation. The detective makes the decision, and the people obey.

2.Valheim Game Reviews

The Valkyries have transported your soul to Valheim, the tenth Norse world, as a battle-slain soldier. You are the youngest caretaker of the primitive purgatory, charged with defeating Odin’s ancient rivals and restoring order to Valheim, besieged by beasts of chaos and old gods’ enemies.

Key features

Explore and inhabit magical lands, from mysterious forests to imposing snow-capped mountain ranges and breathtaking meadows, filled with their beasts of legend to fight and wildlife to hunt in a procedurally-generated setting.
Valheim supports autonomous, player-hosted servers as well as limitless world-building, whether you want to conquer the lands alone or with trusted allies. With 3-5 participants, we suggest playing co-op.
A fighting system with a wide variety of weapons that punishes dodge and block-based combat.
Conquer the seas and explore new lands by building and sailing ships, ranging from flimsy rafts to intimidating warships.
To advance and craft new powerful pieces, invoke and kill vengeful primordial bosses from myth and legend, and earn trophies.
Raise mead halls, plantations, settlement outposts, castles, and more with this dynamic house and base building method.
Forge the finest arms and armour, as well as food and mead, with intuitive object crafting.
Players that choose to run a continuous server can use a dedicated server.

3. Loop Hero Game Reviews


“an innovative gem”

About the game

The Lich has entangled the planet in a never-ending loop and thrown its people into disorder. Use an ever-expanding deck of magical cards to position enemies, buildings, and scenery for the brave hero along each particular expedition loop. Regain and equip powerful loot for each class of hero in preparation for combat, and extend the survivors’ camp to enhance each adventure as it advances through the loop. On your journey to break the relentless loop of misery, you’ll unlock new classes, cards, and devious guardians. Infinite Adventure: Before embarking on each journey along a randomly generated loop course, choose from unlockable character customization and deck cards. No mission is ever identical to the ones that came before it.

Make a Battle Plan: Place building, landscape, and enemy cards strategically along each loop to establish your own perilous course. To maximize your odds of recovery while recovering precious loot and resources for your camp, find a balance between the cards.

Strike down menacing monsters, recover better loot to customize on the move, and unlock new rewards along the way with loot and upgrades.
Expand Your Camp: With each executed loop along the expedition course, transform hard-earned money into campsite improvements and obtain useful reinforcements.

Save the Lost Planet: Defeat a series of unearthly guardian bosses over the course of a grand saga in order to save the world and crack the Lich’s time loop!

4. Half-Life: Alyx Game Reviews

Valve’s VR return to Half-Life series is Half-Life: Alyx. Set between both the developments of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, it tells the tale of an unlikely fight against a hostile alien race known as the Combine. You, as Alyx Vance, are humanity’s only hope of survival. Ever since Black Mesa incident, the Combine has increased its grip on the world, confining the remaining population to towns. Some of the world’s greatest scientists are among them, including you and your father, Dr. Eli Vance.

About Virtual reality gameplay:

Valve’s comeback to the Half-Life world that began it all was created with virtual reality in mind. Half-Life VR was created to allow the gameplay that is at the heart of the game.

Immerse yourself in visceral war, puzzle-solving, world exploring, and immersive environmental experiences.

5. Hades Game Reviews

“Hades is one of the best roguelikes of all-time.”

10/10 – TheSixthAxisHades is a god-like barbarian dungeon crawler that blends the best elements of Supergiant’s widely praised games, including Bastion’s fast-paced action, Transistor’s rich atmosphere and depth, and Pyre’s character-driven storytelling.

With each unique escape attempt, you’ll grow stronger and uncover more of the story as the eternal Prince of the Underworld, wielding the powers and mythic arms of Olympus to escape from the grip of the god of the dead himself.

6. The Medium Game Reviews

“One of the best third-person horror games.”

PC Gamer 92/100

“The Medium is a disturbing yet convincing study of duality that weaves a memorable story out of the tragedy of personal trauma.”

Gamespot gives it a 9/10 rating. Discover a mysterious mystery that can only be solved by a medium. At the same time, explore the physical and spiritual worlds. Use your psychic powers to solve puzzles that span both dimensions, discover profoundly unsettling mysteries, and avoid encounters with The Maw, a creature born of a terrible tragedy.

The Medium is a third-person psycho horror game with Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka’s original soundtrack and proprietary dual-reality gameplay.

Use psychic gifts that are only available to those who have been given the gift. Explore all worlds at the same time or travel through them. Use any Out of Body experience to explore areas that your real-world self is unable to visit. To endure the supernatural and its otherworldly threats, build energy shields and unleash powerful spirit blasts.

7. Crusader King III Game Reviews

“In the realm of historical strategy, a new king has been crowned.”

IGN gives it a ten out of ten.

“So far, Crusader Kings 3 has been my Game of the Year.”

5/5 – VG  Here is one of the best strategy games ever created is now available from Paradox Development Studio. Crusader Kings III is the successor to a long history of historical grand strategy games, and it comes with a slew of new ways to ensure your royal house’s success.

History is a fascinating topic.

On a map that extends from Iceland to India, pick a royal or noble house from a variety of realms.

Ensure the stability and influence of each new generation by leading a legacy through the centuries. To cement your name, collect new lands and names.

Be a religious king to win over the religious forces, or go it alone to create your own splinter religion, winning everlasting glory or eternal damnation.

Discover the excitement and grandeur of the Middle Ages with knights, farmer revolts, pilgrimages, and Viking raiders.


Adopt one of five lifestyles when honing your military policy and kingdom management skills.
Develop characteristics that will drive your decisions, but be careful not to go against your natural instincts! The stress of denying your true self could lead to a whole new set of problems!
Choose a suitable guardians for your heirs or educate them yourself. But what happens if the legitimate heir isn’t up to the task?
Violent characters may earn a fearsome reputation, scaring your fearful subjects into submission.

8. Armed conflict Game Reviews

To augment your royal levies, hire men-at-arms units and strong knights.
Investigate emerging technology to boost the kingdom’s wealth and military strength.
For your major battles, appoint mercenaries and Holy Orders.
Ransoming hostages or raiding parties from neighboring realms will help you supplement your income.

Paradise Killer

Summary reviews

“Paradise Killer is a one-of-a-kind, exceptional experience. It’s a detective game that, in a way that few others do, feels like actual detective work, and it manages to make its intricate worldbuilding feel effortless. I was adamant about not leaving the island or the game.”

GameSpot: 9/10 .

“In a way I’ve never felt in a mystery game before, Paradise Killer sets a new standard for investigation gameplay; I felt untethered and involved in the world’s mysteries. It’s one of the best whodunits you can play, thanks to its neon sheen, excellent score, quirky characters, and plot twists.”

PC Gamer 91/100

What this game is about?

An island that exists outside of time and space. A rogue human race attempting to revive the gods of the dead aliens. Behind closed doors, there is a crime.

Every few millennia, the island of Paradise regenerates. The psychic energy released into the world by the alien worshipers is intended to feed and ultimately revive their fallen gods. However, this power draws unwelcome attention from demons, who gradually corrupt each island — before the Council creates a new alternate reality.

The machine isn’t perfect yet, but it will be on Perfect 25, the next island in the making. The Council, however, is assassinated on the eve of rebirth, and Paradise is assassinated.

In the aftermath, Lady Love Dies, a “investigation freak,” is recalled from exile to track down the perpetrator. This is the crime that would put an end to all crimes.

What is the truth? What are the realities? Is it the same thing?

9. Amnesia: Rebirth Game Reviews

“A memorable sequel to a horror classic”PC Gamer 91 percent“A confident, mature, and insightful horror game that seamlessly combines narrative and gameplay”4.5/5 – Embarrassingly revolting“Intense survival horror game.”IGN : 8/10.

You are unable to exhale.Its sole aim is to profit from your fear. As a result, you crouch in the shadows, attempting to stop the fear from rising and silence what lies inside you.

“I recognise you. I’m well aware of your capabilities.”

In Amnesia: Rebirth, you play as Tasi Trianon, who wakes up in the Algerian desert. Days have gone by. What have you been up to? What exactly did you do? What happened to the others?

Retrace your steps and piece together the pieces of your broken past; it’s your only hope of surviving the merciless nightmare that is about to devour you.

“Do not permit yourself to be angry, or to be afraid.”

10. Super Mega Ball 3 Game Reviews

“Super Mega Baseball 3 is just another unrivalled triumph,” say the critics.

– polygon.

“Super Mega Baseball 3 adds a lot of complexity and thoughtful decision-making on and off the field while keeping the cartoony arcade fun of the previous games.”

PC Gamer – 90/100

“The SMB series has established itself as one of the most reliable and very well sports gaming franchises on the market.”

Forbes gives it a 9.5/10. With the best on-field simulation yet, extensive offline and online play, including League mode and the new updated Online Leagues mode, and greatly improved graphics, Super Mega Baseball 3 refines the series formula. New content includes a redesigned user interface, as well as new audio, team/character content, etc.


With smooth gameplay that scales seamlessly from beginner to beyond-expert levels of difficulty, you can test your twitch reflexes or relax and hit dingers.

Use a complex baseball simulation with a new pickoff and stealing mechanics, wild pitches/passed balls, designated hitters, and situational player characteristics to practice and improve your baseball instincts.

In the all-new Franchise mode, which includes player growth, aging, retirement, and signing/releasing free agents, you can lead a developing team to excellence over multiple seasons (1vCPU, 2vCPU, local or online).

In the newly added, flexible Online Leagues mode, you can organize a cross-platform community with your mates (1v1, online only).

In the cross-platform Pennant Race mode, compete online to win pennants and advance to higher divisions (1v1, online-only, controller only).

With an extensive configuration suite that includes season length/structure and individual names/appearance/attributes, you can build your ideal league.

Solo or with buddies, play or simulate any mix of games/teams in personalized Seasons and Elimination brackets.

In Regular Season and Standard Elimination modes, skip the customization and battle for top leaderboard scores with uniform teams and settings(1vCPU, 2vCPU, local or online).

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