December 9, 2023
Best gaming mouse

Best Gaming Mouse – Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse Reviews

Customization options galore that do not void the warranty.
Ergonomic shape that is extremely comfortable.
Reasonably priced (for now).
PTFE mouse feet 100 percent.
Excellent battery life.
Needless RGB appears to have been an afterthought.
Certain users may object to the mouse’s one- and two-click functionality.

With the arrival of so many lightweight gaming mice, it has become difficult to find the one that sticks out from the crowd. So, here comes the best gaming mouse that is the Pwnage Ultra Custom mouse. 

Pwnage established a name for itself with the original Ultra Custom Ergo, a right-handed, ergonomic mouse aimed at consumers looking to spice up their setup.

Following an unconventional crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the mouse received widespread praise for its performance and unique customization features. So, check out the Pwnage Ultra Custom review which is also the best gaming mouse.

Best Gaming Mouse: Pwnage Ultra Custom Mouse in a Nutshell

Best gaming mouse

Being the greatest gaming mouse, the Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo is a fantastic wireless mouse with excellent ergonomics. It includes a variety of modular parts that let you customize the mouse’s look and feel, and even though the parts are removable, the mouse feels incredibly sturdy. You can connect it wirelessly or via its flexible paracord-like cable using the USB receiver.

It also has a compartment on the underside where this receiver can be stored when not in use. It has an extremely low click latency, a very short lift-off distance, and a wide CPI range. Unfortunately, the modification software Pwnage Ultra Custom can only be used with Windows, and the CPI adjustment can only be changed in step 100.

So, the compatibility of Pwnage Ultra Custom software somewhat becomes a drawback for this gaming mouse.

Video Games

According to the Pwnage Ultra Custom review, the Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo is an excellent gaming mouse. Whether used with a palm or claw grip, it gives a sturdy feel and a comfortable shape that fits the majority of hand sizes.

It also includes many customizable buttons and wireless communication with a USB receiver. Unfortunately, it does not support Bluetooth, and the customization software is only available for Windows.

MMO Video Games

Although it lacks the majority of the side buttons seen on dedicated MMO gaming mice, this top gaming mouse is still suitable for MMO gaming. However, it has a right-handed shape that is appropriate for most hand sizes when held in a palm or claw grip and for larger hands when held in a fingertip grasp. It feels quite strong and has a right-handed shape.

It also has an amazing click latency, a wide CPI range, and a close lift-off distance. Unfortunately, the customization software only works with Windows, and there is only a maximum CPI adjustment of 100.

Gaming on a very Ultra Scale

One great ultra-lightweight alternative for gamers is the Pwnage Ultra Custom gaming mouse. When the palm cover with the honeycomb pattern is attached, it feels really solid but is incredibly light. One of the factors that make it the finest gaming mouse is this.

Due to its right-handed design, it can be used in almost any hand size when used as a palm or claw grip and in larger hands when used as a fingertip grip.

It has an impressively low click latency, a large CPI range, a CPI that can be adjusted in 100-point steps, and a lift-off distance that is incredibly short. Furthermore, its mouse feet move on mousepads and desktops with ease. However, when placed directly on desktops, they do generate a scratching sound.

Convenient for Travel

Even while the Pwnage Ultra Custom Ergo is practical for traveling, some laptop cases may find it difficult to fit due to its large design and lack of Bluetooth connectivity. Having said that, it contains a compartment on the underside for keeping the receiver when not in use and connects via a wired or wireless USB receiver.

Best Gaming Mouse Pwnage Faqs

Can you use the Pwnage Ultra Custom RGB?

The finest gaming mouse is the Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo, which is highly customized and cozy. Pwnage claims that the Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Ergo has a battery life of up to 66 hours when using the battery settings for “office mode” and turning most of the RGB lighting off, and up to 40 hours when using the battery settings for “gaming mode” and turning on all of the RGB lighting.

How much does the Pwnage Ultra Custom gaming mouse weigh?

The Ultra Custom is currently the lightest RGB wireless gaming mouse available, weighing between 66 and 73 grams. Other premium wireless gaming mouse on the market typically weigh around 80 grammes. - Big savings on official Steam games

Which switches are included in the Pwnage Ultra Custom?

This will be your finest investment because it contains Omron switches that can withstand more than 20 million clicks, RGB illumination, and a lightweight design. Pwnage mouse is designed to outperform rivals and was made specifically for complex gameplay. Performance and customization were priorities while designing the Ultra Custom Pwnage mouse.

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