April 13, 2024
Logitech G935

Complete Review of Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset

Are you looking for a headset that is not just enriched in features but also affordable? Now, there is nothing to look further because this Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset is the perfect solution you can get. Because of the launch of new products, the price of the Logitech G935 has to drop, and it is the perfect time to get it!

It is a great option with a comfortable fit, excellent sound, and superb wireless connectivity. It is one of the wireless headsets for gaming in the market, which also has the features such as RGB lighting and a bulky design. However, it is not the wireless headset that is worth considering.  


You can get the most out of the Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset when you install the Logitech G Hub software. One can customize their experience how they want to, from tweaking sound options to setting up the lighting patterns. It is crucial to feature G Hub, which is DTS 7.1 surround sound.

A wide range of options makes this a perfect option for people. You can know about its features more from reading the below- 


This Logitech G935 is quite large as it goes with the wireless headsets go. The headset size is 7.4 x 7.7x 3.4 inches, but it is not that heavy. But it does feature a black plastic chassis which is usually matte and shiny. The geometric pattern which it has makes the headband and ear cup adorable.  

Just like other Logitech headsets, you can find several hidden features in this headphone, which is incredible for you to store easily. With the help of the back of the left earcup, you will find three functional buttons, including a volume control dial and a mute mic button. It is easy to know about these buttons, and you will get used to them. The volume dial is too smooth for the taste and makes everything so easy to adjust.

All thanks to the LED strip, there will be a glowing symbol of “G,” which will be on the earcup and make the headset more colorful. They are bright and colorful if you want to have the better one.  


This G935 features leatherette earcups with a padded headband that will be breathable and supportive. If you think that either earcups or headbands will be heavy and press down, then you are wrong! You can wear these headsets for hours without worrying about anything, without any ill effects, even when wearing glasses.

The ear cup of the headset is quite an odd shape which prevents them from making a proper seal; that means your ears will not be sweaty and will be perfect for you! Once you start wearing this Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset which offers you more comfort. There is no trouble you get wearing the headset that you need for everyday productivity.   

Gaming Performance

With the Logitech G935, you can know that it works so well with PCs, but if there is a Switch and PS4, it will triple the peripheral value. To use this, it is essential to plug the wireless dongle into the PC, Switch, or PS4, and you can have the wireless experience. It does come with a 3.5mm audio cable which you can use with Xbox One and Switch in the hand-held mode; however, the sound quality may not be that good.

Once you set up everything and start using this Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset, it will offer you an amazing sound. No matter which game you play, you will always enjoy a pleasant balance of the treble and bass, voice work, music, and sound effects. It does provide you with the richest soundscape, so you can find the perfect headset!  

Music performance

Another appreciable feature of the Logitech G935, which you can experience, is that it handles music so well. The bass you can get is the tiny bit that will be on the quiet side by default, and then you can easily handle everything so smoothly from the Baroque. 

No matter which type of music you love, when sound comes from these headsets then that will be clean and balanced. You will have a great listening experience every day.   


Logitech G935 offers you the most advanced wireless gaming headset, which is from Logitech G 2.4 GHz that helps deliver premium sound that will offer you complete information and freedom to set up without wires. It has default lighting for 8 hours, and with no lights, it can work for 12 hours.

It even has a 50mm large pro-G driver that will let you hear more about the game environment in greater detail. With this, you can understand more about the game environment in detail. It even has the software you can download and connect with Windows 7 or later, Chrome OSTM, USB Port, macOS 10.11, and internet access for the G Hub. 


When it comes to controlling, the Logitech G935 is quite an easy option you can have. It will give you access to the volume wheel, three mappable buttons, and a mic-mute button to help you set it practically. The top button is not for the audio selector, such as Logitech G935, a power switch that allows you to turn your headset on or off. 

The available buttons offer you great feedback that makes it easier to distinguish the different buttons. However, it might take a few seconds to feel the surrounding buttons and ensure to have a press about it. It helps you provide the seconds to feel the surrounding button. 


This Logitech G935 is built in the same that other Logitech headphones are designed, but there are several major improvements, too, which you can experience. It is a great option you can choose that offers you great quality. They are a still-well-built option that is slightly plasticky and does not feel more comfortable.   

A lightspeed gaming headset squeaks a bit when you manipulate the headphones. These headphones are quite flexible and are quite sturdy, all thanks to the reinforcing metal framework. Inside the Logitech G935, there is enough room which is quite useful! 

Battery Life

Logitech claims that the battery of the Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset will last up to 12 hours with a single charge and lights off. But if you keep the lights on, it will work 8 hours straight. However, it has always been tested, and it has been found that the headset had managed to work for 12 hours and 40 minutes even when the lights were on. 

When you turn them off, then it will become even better. You can experience nothing wrong, but it will be amazing if you choose a wireless gaming headset.  

Due to the features of this headset, one may consider Logitech G935 as the best replacement for everyday use headphones. If you want to live in your world and have the best time, this headset can be the perfect solution!

Logitech G935
Logitech G935 wireless headset color, brightness, and speed visualization.


Item Dimensions7.8 x 4.21 x 9.06 inches
Sound Driver50mm Pro G
Padding MaterialsLeatherette
Programmable Button3g-Keys
Inputs3.5mm or USB
DTS Headphones: X 2.0 Surround Yes
Flip to mute the micYes
Information Source: logitechg.com


  • Excellent sound and music
  • Flawless wireless connectivity
  • Versatile connections
  • Fir comfortably 


  • Unnecessary RGB lighting
  • Dated the physical design 

People Also Ask

Does a Logitech G935 wireless 7.1 surround sound light-sync gaming headset?

Yes, a Logitech G935 wireless 7.1 surround sound light-sync with a gaming headset. It does come with 50mm PRO-G audio drivers and DTS headphone that helps in creating expansive, immersive, and detailed soundscapes. It is a customizable headset with G Hub.

Is Logitech G935 good for gaming?

The design of the Logitech G935 is reminiscent of the older Logitech gaming headset, which is G432 and G230. It is a Logitech G935, a gaming headset that is the best option you can have without any doubt. It has great sound and low latency, which makes it the perfect option for gamers.

Does Logitech G935 have a mic?

When it comes to Logitech G935, it is pretty much bog standard for the gaming headset. Unlike other headsets with a 3.5mm wired option does not cause any volume issues. 

What is the battery life of the Logitech G935?

The battery life of the Logitech G935 is great as the company claims that it can work more than 12 hours without the lights, and if you use it with lights, it works for 8 hours straight. It is a great option that you can use that is not just wireless but also provide amazing sound quality.


You may think Logitech G935 is an old option gaming headset that you get at a reasonable price. But because of its wireless features, and sound quality, it has become the most popular. It fit the need of the people and is quite comfortable to wear. Please check out our other articles on gaming headsets, such as the Logitech G433 gaming headset review, Binnune wireless gaming headset, and finally Sennheiser gaming headset article.

So, if you think about whether you should buy Logitech G935, there is nothing to think about. It is a great option one can have for gaming and other purposes!

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