February 17, 2024
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Best 5 Quiet Gaming Keyboards You Can Find In 2023

Do you also feel irritated and annoyed by the sound of clicky keys? When you press the keyboard button, it will make a loud tactile. For some people, that is a satisfying sound, but for others, it is cringy!   

If you have ever been to an office or a lecture hall, then dozens of people may be typing, which is quite loud and can be distracting. Thankfully, in the past few years, several strides have been made to reduce keyboard noise. 

Nowadays, when someone is serious about gaming, they usually choose the mechanical keyboard. When you choose the quiet gaming keyboard, then they are easy on the ears. This keyboard does offer you several benefits and has a satisfying audible click.  

Another benefit of a mechanical keyboard that you can experience is that it is durable. If you are looking for genuine performance, then it is the best option you can have! Here, you will find the best collection of quiet gaming keyboards!

quiet gaming keyboard
Example of a quiet gaming keyboard

Best Quiet Keyboards 

Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 

When you are looking for the best PC peripherals under the skin, then Corsair is the best option you can have! There is no exception, as you can find the updated keyword version that comes with the original Strafe keyboard. It even comes with better choice upgrades. It has Cherry MX Silent switches, which take complete smooth and responsive actuation and are designed to operate by dampening noise.

The switches do feature a linear design which makes it quieter. It is 100% anti-ghosting that has full-key rollover that works great to register every key press. It also includes a set of textured which prefers a grippier feel from the keys. 

Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 is the best quiet gaming keyboard that features multi-media controls. It also has a detachable soft-touch palm that will add more comfort to you and make typing comfortable.


  • Cherry MX Silent switches
  • RGB backlighting
  • Have an excellent gaming experience
  • You can control the media with a USB pass-through 


  • The keyboard is quite expensive
  • The customization is non-intuitive 

Logitech G513

Do you want to have a keyboard that comes with smooth and rapid keystrokes? If you do, then Logitech G513 is the best option you can have that comes with little resistance. 

With the keyboard, you can utilize the Logitech proprietary Romer-G linear switches based on the Cherry X in both feel and form. The keypresses are responsive, and with a 26-key rollover and anti-ghosting feature, it ensures the keypress available here is registered no matter how frantic the actions in the game are. 

This is the best quiet gaming keyboard that features fully customizable light-sync RGB backlighting, full-function keys, and a USB pass-through that helps avoid accidental key presses. The RGB attribute is impressive and comes with a wealth of presets, an audio visualizer, and per-key programming. 


  • The design is minimalist 
  • It is quite comfortable and has plush wrist rest
  • Romer-G linear switches


  • The keyboard is quite expensive
  • Does not have any dedicated media controls 

Razer BlackWidow Elite 

While looking for a well-priced and premium keyboard, Razer BlackWidow Elite is the one that comes to your choice! It has the option where you can work with the yellow or orange switches, where one can opt for more tactile key presses, and it will be quite silent. 

Along with the quieter options, these quiet keyboards for gaming also have RGB lighting and versatile media keys and are embedded with a lower wrist pad. But the media controls can be frustrating when you have to customize them. It is a well-rounded option that is not focused on the silence but does hit you differently.  


  • Comes with customized RGB lighting  
  • O-rings sound keys that do not make much sound and make it dampening
  • Dedicated media controls
  • Embedded with a wrist rest


  • Lack customer support
  • Does not support wireless functionality 

Fnatic miniSTREAK

The next option that one can find is Fnatic miniSTREAK which is minimal. Light and the best feature that you can find is a silent gaming keyboard, built around to improve the performance of different games, and you can focus on the game better.

The board is reinforced with fiberglass, which offers them a removable leather wrist rest which is the perfect option you can get. The board is reinforced with fiberglass and also comes with removable leather that offers support to your wrist. But the only problem you can face is anti-ghosting, sound dampening capabilities. When it comes to price, this is the best option that is quiet that will be worth your time.    


  • Comes with a removable cable.
  • TKL size
  • Detachable wrist rest


  • Have complex customization
  • Keys are becoming laggy

SteelSeries Apex Pro 

If you are looking for quiet gaming keyboards, then it comes with extra bells and whistles, then SteelSeries Apex Pro is the best option you can go for! It is equipped with an aluminum alloy case and anti-ghosting software and will offer you everything you require.   

This keyboard is built with personalized RGB lighting and can store five user profiles and even allow you to customize them. However, it is not the quietest gaming keyboard, but it is still a solid option when choosing the best gaming keyboard.  


  • Aluminum frame
  • Have anti-ghosting software
  • Brilliant per-key RGB Lighting
  • USB pass-through and have come with cable management 


  • Expensive
  • OLED screen adds little
  • The keyboard is quite big


ProductRelease YearNoiseKey SwitchesMechanicalKeystroke Feel
Corsair Strafe RGB MK.22018QuietCherry MX RedYesLinear 
Logitech G5132018QuietRomer-G TactileYesTactile
Razer BlackWidow Elite2010Quiet Green Clicky and Yellow Linear Mechanical SwitchesYesTactile
Fnatic miniSTREAK2018QuietCherry MX Silent RedYesLinear
SteelSeries Apex Pro2019QuietOmniPointYesLinear
Information Source: amazon.com

How to Pick the Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard?

It can be a complex decision when choosing the right quiet gaming experience. You can narrow the focus to just a few things one must consider before making the final choice. 

Features and Consideration

A quiet gaming keyboard may come with so many essential and non-essential features. It is always better if a person will consider everything and choose the option that is according to their desire. There will be some extra features such as responsive game-state or app RGB, media controls, USB pass-through, and questionable benefits such as customizable backlighting. 

You can narrow down the research to a few, like above, and then choose one option based on their pros and cons. 

Size and durability

Another crucial aspect one must remember while buying a quiet gaming keyboard is Size and Durability. You must ensure you choose the one that completely fits your requirement. It is essential to feel comfortable. You need to look for a sturdy material where you can explore different frame options.

There are a variety of frames which include minis, wrist pad embeds, lifted, full-size, and split, to name a few. It will be better to consider your need and use it according to your needs.

Switch Type

When you talk about the switches, you may not think of the actual switch type. It is the mechanism that helps to register a keypress. When it comes to the mechanical keyboard is available in tactile, linear, and clicky, which usually gives a better idea about how loud things can be.

There are some parts where one can choose to make the board as silent as it is possible, which is linear, or it can be increased where you may hear a bit of noise which is tactile.


It is an important factor because that is why you are looking for a keyboard. That is why talking about sound is what matters the most. Irrespective of which keyboard you choose, there will be some noise that it may make. But when you look for the different options, there will be a silent keyboard with a pitch and volume.

If it is possible, then you should try the model first. Most keyboards have the same switch, which means a similar sound. But there is no harm in exploring more and choosing the one that is the right fit!

People Also Ask

How to make the gaming keyboard quieter?

Sometimes, these gaming or mechanical keyboards are loud, and it is important to choose the right option. One can use the desk mat or add the form inside the keyboard. Consider installing the rubber O-Rings inside the keys, which will lower the decibel level.

Are gaming keyboards quiet?

Yes, there is a gaming keyboard that you can consider; it will not disturb the others. The gaming keyboards are designed to reduce the noise that is made when you strike the keys.  

Can a gaming keyboard have quiet buttons?

Yes, a gaming laptop is quiet buttons. There are several options too that a person can have, so you need to choose the one with low-profile and tactile keys, which will give a comfortable experience while playing or typing. 

How to quiet the keyboard when gaming?

There can be several ways to make it quiet while gaming, such as, you can consider lubricating the switches and replacing them with better ones. It is better to mod your stabilizers.

What is a good quiet gaming keyboard?

A good quiet keyboard does not make any noise when in use. One of the best keyboards you can find is the Logitech MX keyboard.


Getting a quiet keyboard does help you in improving your performance, and you can enjoy the game. But be careful while choosing the keyboard and then choose the perfect one for every use. Please check out our other articles on gaming keyboards, such as the mini keyboard, pro and cons of high ground keyboards, review of the glorious keyboard, keyboards with metal keys, and for female gamers pink keyboards!

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