April 13, 2024
PC Racing Wheel

Best PC Racing Wheel with Clutch and Shifter

Video games and gameplay have evolved significantly from the Nintendo handheld versions. What was once considered child’s play has developed into a full-fledged profession for many.

The joy of being a part of the game has elevated the complete viewpoint of gameplay. You may immerse yourself in the digital world of video games through simulations and virtual reality. While this is still true for X-Box or PSP, the joy has now spread to PC-based racing games.

Racing games, in particular, are rapidly gaining popularity since they are being played with immersive controls and settings. With PC gaming accessories, experiencing the excitement of the drag, the sharp curves, each rough ride, and the pursuit is now a reality.

A specialized PC racing wheel is used to immerse you in the visual competition. A gaming racing wheel together with an associated clutch and shifter provides a more tailored and interesting gaming experience.

With so many various PC racing wheels, clutches, and shifters available, it might be challenging to pick the finest for your ideal gaming experience. We’ve developed a list of the top PC racing wheels to assist you in narrowing down your options and moving on with the process of establishing your very own racing pit. Let’s take a look!

What Things to Consider When Purchasing PC Racing Wheel with A Clutch and Shifter?

Purchasing a racing wheel PC only on the basis of its price or various features is not the best method. You must consider the device’s compatibility as well as your gaming requirements.

Other important factors to consider include the following:


The rotating angle of the PC racing wheel indicates the greatest angle of rotation a wheel may achieve from its original position before locking up and returning to base. The greater the steering rotation value, the more precise your game’s control and driving experience will be.

This is not to say that a wheel with a rotation angle of less than 900° is deficient in any way. Several arcade racing games are better suited to a limited number of steering revolutions than others. This is why only a few versions of PC racing wheels allow you to lock the maximum rotation angle in order to improve your game.

Shifter/Clutch with Pedals

A pedal unit will contain a minimum of two and a maximum of three pedals. Acceleration and braking are two critical roles of the pedals, while clutch control is the third. In actuality, the majority of automobiles do not have a manual transmission and instead rely on an automatic transmission.

Even in a few racing games, automated gear switching is the norm, which implies fewer distractions from control-related operations. However, clutch controls are the optimal alternative for increasing immersion and engaging the experience.

Force Feedback

Each force feedback PC racing wheel utilizes a motor to create resistance and feedback through the wheel, and in a direct drive system, the wheel is mounted directly to the motor for optimal reaction.

When driving an actual car, steering is not a smooth control, and there is a noticeable drag/friction in motion. This drag is caused by the amount of force necessary to turn the wheels on a bumpy track. As a result, you may fine-tune your driving control by interpreting the tactile input.

In a racing game, the same notion of force feedback is used to infuse each movement with realism. Naturally, not all force feedback racing wheels provide the same amount of force feedback. Logitech utilizes a dual-motor to generate force feedback that is superior to those of its competitors.

For certain players, force feedback may not be essential. However, it is highly suggested because budget-friendly wheels have the feature. Additionally, rumbling effects provide a realistic feel to the game but are also optional.

Advantages Of Using PC Racing Wheel That Includes a Clutch and Shifter

Using a racing wheel PC is an experience in and of itself. However, sweetening the deal with additions like a clutch/shifter enhances the whole game experience. Several other advantages include the following:

  • PC racing wheels are purpose-built to keep the user involved with integrated techniques and customizable features to replicate the sense of real-world driving. It is here that you will get an unmatched, immersive gaming experience. Along with increased accuracy provided by upgraded controls, you now have the flexibility to customize settings as desired. In-game instructions may be readily configured to favor your preferred style of gaming or to test your limitations.
  • The ability to exercise exact control over movement and tailor strategies gives players a competitive edge over their opponents. Additionally, professional players can experiment with various combinations in order to enhance their skills and discover new opportunities.
  • The primary goal of adding extensions is to improve the game experience. This effect is reinforced by the excitement of reality brought about by the additions. In a nutshell, play becomes more enjoyable and engaging.

Top-Rated PC Racing Wheel

PC Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel for PC

A great entry-level racing wheel.
Compatible with all pedal units.
Convenient button placement.

Relatively smaller rim made partially of plastic
The pedal construction is average yet adequate for novices.

Built for PS4 and Windows, the Thrustmaster T150 PC Racing Wheel maximizes immersion. The ergonomic design, along with the incorporation of several feature, is certain to enhance your video gaming experience, particularly for racers.

The normal 28cm diameter of this PC racing wheel guarantees comfortable handling for all sorts of racing games. With a 1080° rotation, you’ll enjoy impeccably controlled driving in every curve and drift. Never fear losing precision when competing against friends and other players in an exciting racing battle.

Due to its adaptive nature, force feedback is designed to be very sensitive in order to accommodate the accuracy required for gaming controllers. Even practice becomes enjoyable when combined with the delights of simulation via the performance-oriented Force Feedback. A quiet belt-pulley system improves smoothness by directing motor noises into the in-game vehicle, resulting in intuitive control.

The visually striking interface for PCs enables complete customization of the force feedback while also restricting rotations to match the game. Any game played with the T150 will provide feelings that are startlingly close to those experienced in real life.

FANATEC CSL Elite Starter Kit

Rotation is quite smooth.
Force feedback that is both powerful and clean.
Wheel with a large diameter. The menu system might be perplexing.
The base is made of plastic.
Can be difficult to locate in stock anymore.

The Fanatec CSL PC racing wheel is compatible with PS4 consoles, Xbox One consoles, and PCs. While the CSL is a starting kit, it provides high-performance levels with endless variation and versatility. The CSL Elite’s adaptability in terms of technology integration is astounding.

ClubSport technology enhances force feedback. The brushless servo motor and single-belt drive combine to provide outstanding force feedback. Furthermore, the steel ball bearings minimize overall friction, resulting in a smooth transmission experience.

This racing wheel for PC has a 30cm diameter and a lightweight rim. The glossy exteriors of the wheel provide the appearance of a real-world race car. The suede leather cloth wrapped around the steering wheel ensures a secure grip. The newly designed shifter paddles emit a pleasant clicking sensation due to the use of Snapdome technology.

Additionally, setting controllers with Fanatec Tuning optimize game performance. Pre-configured profiles provide an extra incentive for synchronized game times.

A flexible two-pedal instrument with a cutting-edge design that provides equally amazing setup and tuning capabilities. Whether it’s adjusting the layout or surface of the pedal plate for added comfort or installation, all functionalities integrate seamlessly.

Thrustmaster TMX Pro DIY Bundle

Compatible with PC and Xbox One.
Individual items must be bought.
More customizability than the Thrustmaster TX. Pedal quality is of lower construction.

Although the Thrustmaster TMX PC racing wheel, pedals, and shifter are not sold in a bundle, it is suggested to purchase them all together for the best gaming experience. A 900-degree force feedback base is included with the wheel. The force feedback system creates a very realistic experience—you’ll feel brakes, bumps, and collisions. The wheel is created in a competitive manner with a diameter of 11″/ 28 cm, making it suitable for all racing games. A solid ball bearing improves durability, while paddle shifters integrated directly into the wheel make driving faster and easier. Xbox One instantly detects and installs the TMX wheel.

The pedals are large and adjustable in angle, while the brake pedal has progressive resistance. Although the wheel has paddle shifters, you may prefer a manual gearbox. Fortunately, the TMX wheel is compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A gearbox shifter. This gearbox is composed entirely of metal, including the internal mechanism and gear stick. HallEffect AccuRate Technology provides incredible accuracy without the use of a tact switch or potentiometer, extending the life of your shifter indefinitely. The TH8A may be utilized in either an “H” pattern or in a sequential fashion, depending on your preference.

Logitech G920 PC Racing Wheel

Compatible with Windows PCs, Xbox One consoles, and PlayStation 3 and 4 systems.
Solid Steel Bearings and Leather Wheel Grip Pedals.
Rotation of 900 degrees is possible. Eye-catching LED lights.
Slightly pricey.

The Logitech G29 is a premium-priced bundle that has a slew of outstanding features. This bundle contains a steering wheel that simulates human movement and a sensitive floor pedal device. As with a real automobile, you can accelerate, brake, and change gears. The addition of a six-speed “H” design shifter and gearbox adds to the excitement.

This bundle has sturdy metal bearings and pedals with a leather wheel grip. The lock-to-lock rotation of the wheel is 900 degrees.

The button arrangement enables simple adjustment of the controls for distraction-free gameplay. On the left, a D-pad and the standard A, B, X, and Y buttons enable in-game navigation and instructions. The G920’s uncomplicated design provides an immersive experience with well-positioned buttons and shifters. While the setup may appear to be less than conventional, all of the components work together to create a solid gaming experience.

DLX Hori Force Feedback PC Racing Wheel

Feels somewhat realistic.
Customizable profiles that can be swapped quickly.
Lightweight and simple to assemble. Torque feedback is limited.
Wheel rim made of plastic.
Pedals made entirely of plastic.

For few primary reasons, the Hori Force Feedback Racing Wheel DLX is an important racing steering wheel PC. For years, the only prominent brands in popular wheels were Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec. Hori can now be added to that list.

Hori hasn’t made a mistake here. The Hori Force Feedback Racing Wheel DLX is a significant upgrade over Hori’s entry-level RWA model.

The Hori Force Feedback Racing Wheel DLX, like Logitech’s wheels, features a dependable but not entirely smooth geared force feedback system. And it features quite rudimentary pedals, similar to those seen on entry-level Thrustmaster setups. Additionally, the force feedback is a little poor, however, individuals unfamiliar with these wheels will likely be happy after adjusting in-game settings.

While the Hori Force Feedback Racing Wheel DLX does not have class-leading force feedback, it does provide the core immersive enhancement that every lover of “sim” type racing game needs. You can feel when the tires lose traction, and the strong rumbling effects do a good job of simulating road conditions.

PC Racing Wheels: Conclusion

Upgrading to a PC racing wheel equipped with a clutch and shifter results in a gaming experience that pales in contrast to one centered around a controller. With the real-time characteristics of a racing wheel, you can see and feel the shift. From sensations to rumble to braking and steering resistance, racing wheels bring a whole new level of gaming to the forefront.

We hope you found this post interesting and gained insight into the many aspects to look for when purchasing a PC racing wheel. The best part about these goods is that they are compatible with a wide variety of games, so if you’re looking for something adaptable, you’ll find lots of possibilities.

When deciding the best racing wheel for PC to purchase, keep your budget in mind as well as the type of driving experience or gaming style that meets your preferences.

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