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Mouse with Side Buttons

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The best mouse with side buttons could mean the difference between success and failure. A cheap productivity accessory won’t do while you’re engrossed in lengthy single-player adventures or competing for glory and fame in multiplayer.

Although using a good gaming mouse with side buttons doesn’t automatically improve your skill level, it certainly let your abilities shine. By heeding our recommendations, you’ll be able to select the best gaming mouse for your play style, aesthetic tastes, and financial situation. Whichever side-button mouse is chosen, it will be more comfortable, colorful, and functional than a standard mouse.

Some stylish and tiny gaming mice prioritize speed over all other considerations. Others are enormous and loaded with extra functions, letting you adjust how your hand fits and feels. In addition, manufacturers provide a variety of wireless gaming mice in case your desktop gets a little tangled up. This guide will help you choose the best side-button mouse for your specific setup.

Best Mouse with Side Buttons

Mouse with Side Buttons

Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons

Long-lasting battery.
PowerPlay mousepad with wireless charging.

When employed, lighting is not discernible.

The G502 Logitech gaming mouse is perfect for discerning gamers who don’t want to make many sacrifices or for non-gamers who just want a good, dependable mouse.

The finest is not cheap at $150 (but it is periodically offered for less than $100). No other products, however, can easily justify the cost of a high-end wireless mouse if you’re thinking about buying one. The G502 Lightspeed integrates all of Logitech’s top gaming and multipurpose mouse capabilities. The large buttons have a satisfying bounce response when pressed, and unlike some other popular models, they click easily no matter how your hand grips the mouse.

The quick-release button on this Logitech gaming mouse with buttons on the side is also comparable to those on other Logitech gaming mice. By default, a single webpage is staggered down with each round of the scroll wheel, as it should.

The mechanism that grips the wheel is released by tapping the button, allowing it to glide to the bottom of a long page with ease. It’s a small feature, but it increases the mouse’s adaptability in certain situations, like quickly scrolling through your inventory while playing a game. Additionally, a Logitech mouse with six side buttons is available. This also offers appealing qualities that gamers desire.

DeathAdder V2 by Razer

The top CPI sensor in the 20,000 class offers additional durability through the use of visual click sensors.

It is more expensive than the other variations.

You may use the Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse, which features buttons on the side, for hundreds of hours of gaming, Photoshop work, and online browsing. It has an outstanding overall design that fits a broad range of grips and hand sizes. Despite numerous changes throughout the years, Razer has never changed DeathAdder’s appearance.

A 20,000 DPI Razer Focus+ optical sensor is included, and while high numbers do not always guarantee superior performance, in this instance they do. Even when the mouse is moved as swiftly as humanly feasible, Razer’s most recent technology provides flawless tracking.

For the majority of games and gamers, the DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse with side buttons is fantastic. It has a simple layout with two thoughtfully placed thumb buttons that are of good size. It also has the appropriate body form for a claw or hybrid palm grip, a fantastic optical mouse sensor that works with both hard and cloth mouse pads, and more.

Naga Gaming Mouse with Side Buttons by Razer

six sides, 12 full-button keypads
comprehensive and comfortable design.
MMO light mouse.

There are no tactile cues on the side buttons to aid in keypad navigation.

The Naga mouse from Razer has undergone major design and functional changes over time, but it has always been regarded as the best MMO mouse available at any price. The Razer Naga Pro’s most recent version is the best yet compact, ergonomic mouse with a quality sensor, three interchangeable thumb grips, and button arrays tailored for MOBAs, MMOs, and general use.

The MOBA array is the best; it has six buttons that are arranged in two rows, which is enough to map multiple talents without turning into an overwhelming sea of similar buttons.

Although the design and capabilities of the Razer Naga mouse have substantially changed over time, it has long been regarded as the best MMO mouse available at any price. And this most recent version of the Razer Naga Pro is the best yet compact, ergonomic mouse with three interchangeable thumb grips, a quality sensor, and button arrays tailored for MOBAs, MMOs, and general use.

The MOBA array is the best; it contains six buttons, two rows wide, allowing for the mapping of multiple talents without becoming an overwhelming sea of identical buttons.

The redesigned Naga is compatible with the Razer Mouse Dock and has a longer battery life. Compared to several other gaming mice, the Razer Naga Pro is a smaller and more compact model. The loose grip is comfortable for MMOs, but it also works well for MOBAs, shooters, and other hectic games.

Razer has also created a left-handed version of the Naga, which includes the greatest left-handed mouse guidance despite the Naga being a 100% right-handed rodent. However, the left-handed version only has one set of side buttons.

LIGHTSYNC Logitech G203 Mouse with Side Buttons

Alternatives for high-tech lighting.
Strong sensor information about value
Very reasonable

It is comparable to the Prodigy G203.
small enough to grab.

The Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC is the greatest gaming mouse choice if you’re on a tight budget. This wired version seems to be incredibly well-made and cozy to use. Users of both the left and right hands can use its egg-shaped body with ease. It only has left-side buttons, though. It can be used easily with a claw or palm grip if you have smaller hands, but due to its small size, it is best used with a fingertip grasp regardless of the size of your hands.

It has a fantastic click latency and a stable sensor despite its modest cost. By reprogramming the mouse’s buttons and, if necessary, designating a G-Shift button for an additional layer of inputs, the Logitech G HUB software enables you to change the mouse. Additionally, the application enables precise CPI adjustment in 50-point increments across a very wide range, enabling you to achieve the required level of sensitivity. If you’re on a tight budget but still want high performance, this mouse with side buttons is a great option.


Standard mice and gaming mice with side buttons are similar in many ways. Any design can be classified as “gaming,” and it is not necessary to have a dozen more buttons and as many flashing LED lights as on an acid trip. However, a powerful optical or laser sensor that permits speedier or more accurate motions and some degree of user customisation are two features that any mouse with side buttons worth considering for purchase will have at the very least.

Additional thumb buttons, on-the-fly sensitivity and speed adjustments, extra-long cords, and even unusual features like interchangeable weights or button tension springs are common on gaming mice with side buttons.

Furthermore, practically all gaming mice are tethered rather than wireless. Sometimes “input delay,” a dubious benefit of the USB input, is blamed for this. The input latency of even the most basic wireless mouse will be a few hundredths of a second, which is well within the range of response times for the majority of individuals.

They are often more expensive than ordinary wireless gaming mice since they come with specialized, ultra-fast wireless connections. Before making a purchase for a new design, weigh all the options.

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