December 9, 2023
microsoft wireless mouse

A Wonderful Microsoft Wireless Mouse Review By Our Tech Team!

Having a mouse that fits in your hand is quite beneficial for you. When you choose, Microsoft Wireless Mouse is the perfect option for you can have. Gaming and high-end productivity mouse are pretty comfortable because their size and body height sometimes exceed about 2 inches.  

You may have come across different mouse devices that you can take anywhere, but they are quite small, which makes it uncomfortable usually because of the larger hands. But when you choose this Microsoft Wireless Mouse is an exception. In spite of shrinking the mouse dimensions, Microsoft has just flattened the body, bringing more comfort and portability. 

Along with that, it adds a stylish design, cutting-edge wireless technology, and an affordable price, making this the best mouse one can have!! 


Getting the Microsoft wireless mouse 5000 means you are getting a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse which will give you a freedom of 30 feet of freedom that will be compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It even offers a comfortable and reliable wireless solution that will be ideal for you. 

It has the BlueTrack technology; you may have to work on a variety of surfaces, and it is quite comfortable for right and left-handed users. Through this, you can also get access to common tasks such as registration or setting for devices such as cameras and webcam products.

1. Comfort design

The Microsoft wireless mouse does come with a modern design and high-quality finish, which is why it is comfortable for both hands. In addition, it has a symmetrical shape, so it does not matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed; you can use it. It also has a unique rubber grip which gives you better cushioning and control over the mouse so you can use it easily. 

2. Easy access to common tasks

When users use the Microsoft wireless mouse, they will know that it gives them easy and quick access to common tasks. The person can access popular devices such as cameras, printers, cell phones, keyboards, and webcam products.

3. Go anywhere mouse

This Microsoft wireless mouse is one that you can take anywhere with you. It is a company and modern design fit which is quite comfortable and handy for you to take anywhere with you. Moreover, with the stylish design, it becomes easy for you to manage everything to combine space-saving and comfort in some unique way.  

4. Fast-tracking sensor

Choosing the wireless mouse has become one of the best choices for people because of the smooth tracking on most surfaces. In addition, you can use the mouse the way you want to. It even has a USB transceiver, which makes it convenient for on-the-go storage. The transceiver will turn the mouse on and off automatically.  

5. Precise navigation 

The user can connect the mouse for faster navigation as compared to the other mouse. When you get the wireless mouse, that will be compared to a wired mouse in terms of reliability and price. With this, you can scroll better, track better and get many more things done. 

6. Better battery life

When it comes to the battery, you may want a mouse that will go for a long time. The Microsoft wireless mouse is the best option that you can have. The person can use the mouse without interruption for about 8 to 9 months. The LED battery status will indicate and let you know whenever there is a need for the replacement of the batteries.

7. True wireless freedom 

With this Microsoft wireless mouse, you can get connectivity with a different sensor. You can pair it with different devices, as you can pair it with the Windows 10 laptop through Bluetooth 5.0 LE. If you want, then you can also connect this with your Windows 10 PC when you enable that with the Swift Pair.


Here are some of the advantages you can experience from this wireless mouse are-

  • It comes with a comfortable and space-saving design, making it convenient for users to use.
  • The mouse has sturdy build quality. 
  • A person can find multiple color options when purchasing the Microsoft wireless mouse. You can choose the one that will go with your setup.
  • Relatively easy for the person to set up the mouse with the device you want.
  • Support the swift windows pair.
  • It has long rated battery life, so you can use it for quite a long time.
  • The best part about this wireless mouse is that it is affordable, so a normal person can also get it without any problem.   


  • The mouse has limited palm support.
  • It may cause connection lag occasionally. 


1. How to connect a wireless Microsoft mouse? 

To connect your wireless Microsoft mouse, you need to go to start first, then click on settings, where you will find the option of devices. A person needs to tap on add the Bluetooth device or any other device; after that, you need to choose the Bluetooth option and add the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, and it is done!  

2. How to charge a Microsoft wireless mouse?

You can charge the wireless mouse with the use USB cable, which will come with the mouse, and you can recharge the battery with it.

3. Does it work with Windows 10?

Yes, it does work with the Windows 10 laptop and Windows 10 PC.

4. Where can you find the connect button on the wireless mouse?

If there is any problem and you are not able to connect your wireless mouse, then you need to look for another step. There is a wireless mouse that has a connect button, which you need to press to start, which will be at the bottom from where you can connect the mouse to the computer through a USB receiver.

The Final Verdict

Getting Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse will be beneficial for a person as it will make their work a lot simpler and more convenient. You can add this stylish and modern design mouse to your system and make it look even better.

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