December 8, 2022
Drag Clicking Mouse

Amazing 7 Best Drag Clicking Mouse Reviews

You may have used a different mouse while playing the game, but you may not find the drag-clicking technique in every mouse. The best drag clicking mouse is the one that can do multiple clicks at one time and boasts a high CPS.

People who play Minecraft may require repetitive actions, which can benefit from drag-clicking. But first-person shooters may not, so it is not worth investing in the separate drag-clicking for several different game genres.

But while looking for the best drag clicking mouse, you need to make sure that you are looking for a comfortable, decent grip type of mouse.


7 Best Drag Clicking Mouse

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse

When choosing the Best Drag Clicking Mouse, you can consider this Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex, which offers you premium durability and comes with a size programmable button. Isn’t that exciting? The mouse has 300 IPS which is perfect for the person for drag clicking, and has 12,000 DPI which is plenty for a mouse like this.

Most people think this drag clicking mouse may not be comfortable for people who play longer. But there is nothing like that, the mouse will be comfortable, and you will not have to worry about that because it boasts the customizable RGB lighting crucial for the gaming set-up.

While looking for the one mouse for drag clicking mouse, Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex has no comparison as it even offers you the sensor performance.


  • Great build quality
  • It is comfortable for the person to use as it fits in their hand properly.
  • Has 6 Programmable buttons, which makes it easy to program everything from the mouse.


  • The mouse is quite expensive, which means not everyone can afford it.


Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Customizable Wireless Gaming Mouse

The next mouse you can have while looking for Best Drag Clicking Mouse is Razer Basilisk V3 Pro. It is an amazing and feature-rich mouse you can find. It does offer you several incredible features that come with three RGB zones.

The mouse also has next-gen wireless charging capabilities that are placed simply onto the charging pad or dock and will be charged wirelessly within no time. Unfortunately, the charging puck will not add any extra weight to the mouse, and while purchasing, you need to get it separately or as a bundled part. But for high-performance gaming, it is a valuable investment that you can have.

When it comes to this mouse, things can become a little bit more expensive than they should be, and that is because of the extra features it adds, such as a sniper button and infinite scroll.


  • It feels well-built.
  • Extremely low click latency
  • Outstanding sensor performance
  • An ergonomic, right-handed shape that is quite comfortable for the person to use. 


  • Heavier as compared to FPS mouse
  • Not comfortable for small-hand people


Logitech G203 Wired Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G203 Mouse is another best mouse for drag-clicking that is quite affordable when looking for a high-end gaming mouse. It even showcases the programs the EGB LEDs and Light sync features to display personalized colors.

Furthermore, its switches are highly durable to withstand that s immense clicking and pressurized movements. The buttons can be highly sensitive as it has an ultra-fast gaming-grade sensor which reports eight times faster than the usual mouse.

An amazing feature about this mouse that makes it the best drag clicking mouse is its onboard memory. You can connect the mouse o the new devices and do not need to reconfigure the profile of the mouse. If you are using the mouse, you need to connect it and import the previous control setting, and everything will be just fine.


  • The mouse comes with a classic design, making it lightweight, comfortable, and durable.
  • Reduce the clicking force by adding the responsive springs
  • It comes with a drag-click mouse.


  • Does not provide you with Bluetooth or wireless connection.


Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse

While finding one of the best drag clicking mice, you can consider getting the Razer Deathadder Elite for those who just want victory and nothing else. During exclusive intensive PvP or FPS battles, one thing that you need is sensitivity, and if it is not there, then that might be a cause for your loss. Its sensor, which is 16000 DPI and 450 IPS sensor, will ensure that every move within the game is accurate.

Moreover, the mouse switches available here will also help the player win the battle in the game. Therefore, the Rajor Deathadder elite will be a customized mouse. The result of this mouse is intensive, with drag-clicking for about 50 million clicks.

While playing intensive battles, one important thing is ergonomics in the gaming environment. This mouse does come with two rubber side grips, so you can use it for comfortable usage for quite a long time.


  • It has mechanical mouse switches that make drag-clicking easy.
  • Perfect ergonomics design for high-octane battles.
  • You can get about 16.8 M color options through Razer Chroma technology.


  • Include fewer programmable buttons as compared to the competitors.


Logitech G502 HERO High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

The next best drag clicking mouse you can find is the Logitech G502 HERO, which offers you a competitive edge that is adjustable according to the weight profiles. In the packing, you will also find the five 0.127-ounce weight bars that you can attach to the mouse and makes its grip comfortable.

The mouse which you use comes with 11 programmable buttons then that will help gamers and computers use to use different tools and apps. You can install the program so you can get access to the buttons.


  • Good drag-click mouse
  • Use the mouse  from a long distance and use a 7 ft cable
  • You can match the team color by customizing the RGB lighting.


  • The mouse does not support wireless connectivity.


Roccat Kone AIMO Dragging Mouse

Roccat Kone AIMO is one of the best gaming mice that ROCCAT provides. Remember that it is the remastered version of the mouse and not the original one. If you follow some famous players who play Minecraft PvP, then you would know that it is their favorite mouse as they consider it as best drag click mouse for Minecraft.

Best Drag Click Mouse for Minecraft

Players prefer this because of its excellent control and stability. It even has a futuristic design that comes with plenty of RGB lighting, which is the main thing that appeals the gamers everywhere. In addition, the mouse only uses optical switches and no mechanical components, which makes it more durable as compared to traditional mouse switches.


  • Excellent building quality
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Excellent  owl-eye optical sensor



  • Heavy for fast gaming
  • Swarm software must run to make sure the lighting is working.


Glorious PC Gaming Race Model

The Glorious Model O Gaming is another robust contender you can find on the list. It is usually because the mouse offers you almost everything you need, and because of its durable Omron and matte textured surface make, it the choice of 20 million people. In addition, it has the design of a honeycomb shell, designed not to make the mouse lighter but also to the eye candy for gamers.

When it comes to performance Glorious Model O offers up to 20 CPS, and that depends on how skilled you are when it comes to drag-clicking. It may look ordinary and less impressive compared to another mouse, but it becomes easy to drag there.

Irrespective of which version you are getting, one thing that you need to ensure is that you should get the one with a matte surface. It is because it becomes hard for you to drag and click on the mouse if it has a glossy surface.


  • Lightweight and perfect for the medium and large hands
  • Ultra flexible wire, which is so light that it produces drag-free use.
  • Build for speed, control, and comfort
  • Durable


  • Not good for small hands
  • The sensor stops working after some time
  • The side button could be better



What is the best drag clicking mouse?

The best mouse for drag clicking can be Glorious Model D.

Can all mouse drag click?

No, the drag clicking mouse does have selective features. For that mouse needs to have switched, and the buttons must be able to activate it multiple times in just one second.

Does drag clicking hurt the mouse?

Yes, drag clicking can hurt the mouse terribly. It will not just the switches but also shortens the life span of the mouse. It may happen when you do not have any idea how you press the mouse.

The Final Verdict 

So, this was all, hope you have a good look at some of the best drag clicking mouse. You can learn how to drag and implement those strategies here so there will be nothing wrong happening to your mouse. Make sure that the one you are choosing suits your budget.

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