December 9, 2023
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Metro Exodus — What Is Morality and How Does It Work?

In Metro Exodus, morality is a key theme. It’s not just about the physical and emotional stress of trying to survive in the wasteland — it’s also about how people behave when pushed to their limits. In this article, we explore what morality means in terms of Metro Exodus, including its roots in the game’s story and gameplay mechanics. 

In the video game Metro Exodus, the player takes on the role of Artyom, a Russian survivor of a nuclear holocaust. The year is 2035, and humanity has been reduced to a few scattered groups of survivors living in underground stations, struggling to rebuild and eke out an existence in a world that’s been poisoned by radiation.

Metro Exodus is set in this hostile environment, where the player must make choices that affect not only his own survival but also the survival of others. These choices are moral, and they raise questions about what morality is and how it works. What makes a choice moral? Is it simply a matter of personal opinion? Or are there objective standards that determine whether or not a choice is moral?

In this article, we’re going to look at these questions and see what Metro Exodus has to tell us about morality. In the process, we might gain a better understanding of what morality is and how it works.

What Are Moral Points In Metro Exodus?

In Metro Exodus, morality is tracked in a system called moral points. These points are earned by making morally correct choices, being stealthy at certain levels, or exploring every part of the map to get supplies and weapons. The screen flashes light blue every time a moral point is gained, and the screen darkens every time a moral point is lost.

Moral points affect each game’s ending. There are two possible endings in Metro Exodus, and the player’s moral choices determine which endings they receive. The good ending is called the “Redemption Ending,” awarded to players who have earned at least 1000 moral points. The other ending is called the “Revenge Ending,” awarded to players who have earned at least 500, 0, and -1000 moral points.

The Revenge Ending leads to Artyom’s death. 

Being a good person in a post-apocalyptic world is challenging, even more so when almost everyone carries a gun. Regrettably, moral points are exactly proportional to lives spared. 

In earlier Metro games, killing some docile mutants and animals had no impact on mortality, but this isn’t the case in Exodus. As far as we know, the main way to earn moral points is by sparing human lives. 

Numerous gamers will object to this method since we all know that humans may sometimes be more wicked than the monsters in the series. However, it looks as if the developers intended for this game to reward peace.

How to Get a Good Ending in Metro Exodus?

To begin, you’ll want to maximize your stealth to finish each mission. While killing monsters does not affect the Morality system, killing enemies does. Additionally, you have the option of stunning or killing your opponent during a stealth attack. A stunned opponent may reawaken, which may be troublesome depending on the mission you’re at.

However, directly killing an adversary while in stealth might have a negative impact on your Morality. If you do something bad, an audible cue and a quick flash of light may serve as a warning. As mentioned before, characters may potentially show disapproval in future interactions with you.

Making a few mistakes will not exclude you from the good ending since there are further methods to increase your Morality in Metro Exodus. For instance, you may complete Side Quests for other characters, such as finding a little girl’s missing teddy bear. Finally, your actions will be considered to decide whether you have a good or bad ending.

Feel free to rage through missions, murdering everyone in your path if you want to get the bad ending. Meanwhile, to ensure a good ending, use stealth wherever needed and stun your adversaries rather than killing them. Additionally, make time to finish Side Quests and help other characters. The more moral you are in the game, the more likely you are to obtain Metro Exodus’s happy ending. Lastly if your interested please check our Metro Exodus PS5 upgrade article for console gamers!

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