April 13, 2024
xbox series x updates and latest news

Xbox Series X Updates and Latest News

The Xbox Series X and its more inexpensive counterpart, the Xbox Series S, were launched nearly seven months ago. Ever since their release, Microsoft has made several much-needed upgrades to its new Xbox systems and released many great titles that use the new technology. We’ve also been promised some exciting Xbox Series X new releases in the near future.

However, many gamers’ main concern since the Xbox Series X’s debut has been trying to buy the gaming system. Buying an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console isn’t simple, thanks to worldwide chip scarcity, high demand, resellers, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

xCloud Games Will Get an Xbox Series X Upgrade

On June 10th, Microsoft said that it was in the “final phases” of updating its Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) storage systems with Xbox Series X technology, and it appears that can already play your favorite titles on that new hardware. Several xCloud games now have improved graphical choices in their configuration menus that were previously only accessible on the Xbox Series X. They are running considerably quicker on xCloud than ever before.

I also noticed that Dirt 5 opened up fast and had no latency throughout the races. However, Forza Horizon 4 doesn’t seem to be running on the improved xCloud hardware quite yet; the latency was worse than in Dirt 5, plus the game ran considerably slower.

Microsoft did not disclose that the newest physical server was being rolled out in any statement but assured that it would have more information shortly. Microsoft claims to be constantly researching new features and making changes to enhance the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience. They also said that they would provide additional information regarding the improvements to the Microsoft Data centers in the near future.

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Microsoft also announced on June 10th that Xbox Cloud Gaming, the company’s cloud gaming service that is presently only accessible as an invite-only beta, will be available via the web for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers “in the coming weeks.” In E3, Microsoft also announced that xCloud would be coming to Xbox One consoles, allowing older gear to play next-gen titles such as Microsoft Flight Simulator over the cloud.

The Upcoming ‘Designed for Xbox’ Displays Will Feature the Stablest Xbox Series X Support

Microsoft is adding monitors and screens to its own Designed for Xbox initiative. Some game displays will now sport an all-new “Gaming Features for the Xbox” badge, indicating that they feature HDMI 2.1 technology, including better refresh rates, 4K, and HDR at 120Hz compatibility for Xbox Series X and S systems.

For now, we only know three different HDMI 2.1 screens that will be getting this all-new badge. This includes the new Philips Momentum 55-inch panel. With the AMD Free Sync Premium Pro, as well as a special Xbox picture setting, and Display HDR 1000 compatibility, the Momentum offers 4K clarity at 120Hz. Microsoft claims it collaborated with the Philips company to verify the Xbox Series X and S screen, which will be available this summer for a price tag of $1,599.99 globally.

A 43-inch Asus display with 4K at 120Hz, Display HDR 1000, and AMD Free Sync Premium Pro compatibility will also be getting this badge. A unique Xbox version featuring an Xbox mode — with bespoke hue settings, color and contrast— will all be available later this year for $1,399.

The 28-inch Acer Xbox Edition Gaming Monitor is the last in the trinity of built-for Xbox monitors. It also offers 4K at 120Hz, 1ms reaction time, AMD Free Sync Premium Pro, and Display HDR 400. It even has an integrated KVM switch that allows you to rapidly switch between several PCs using only one keyboard, mouse, or monitor. The Acer XV282K KV Xbox game monitor will be available this autumn for $949.99.

The Xbox Series X and S See Phenomenal Growth In Japan

It’s still early, but it seems like the Xbox Series X / S are connecting with Japanese gamers, as per Xbox’s Asia area head, Jeremy Hinton.

Xbox failed to garner much success in Japan, with some fairly humiliating sales figures and a lack of enthusiasm from Japanese programmers to show for it. That seems to have changed, as Hinton claims that the country is now “Xbox’s fastest-growing market globally” and that supply is often sold out “within minutes.”

Hinton told IGN Japan that the company has experienced “phenomenal growth” over the last year, with a large proportion of sales flowing from Japanese customers who previously avoided Xbox systems.

Hinton also said that those who previously purchased an Xbox system are now switching to the Series X / S, which is good news for the company.

Meanwhile, it seems that the more inexpensive Xbox Series S is connecting the most with Japanese gamers, with Hinton claiming that the sleek white console has experienced greater demand than the Xbox Series X. As a result, more development kits have been given to Japanese indie developers, and more Japanese games have been added to the Xbox platform.

Xbox Series X Restock Updates

The restock of the Xbox Series X is picking up momentum. Last week, both Dell and Walmart experienced restocks. This was the first significant Xbox Series X restocking event in months. Additionally, with Prime Day promotions in full effect, we may expect to see discounts on Xbox titles and equipment.

We’re keeping track of the newest Xbox Series X restock rumors and drops to assist you in finding Microsoft’s newest consoles.

There are no Xbox Series X restocks available right now as of June 23. Last week, Dell and Walmart received short restocks, but both stores are already sold out. On Prime Day, we don’t anticipate having any Xbox restocks, but considering the fierce competition, it’s worth keeping an eye out. Considering that programmers have yet to analyze the Xbox Series X, now is the best time to pick one up in preparation for real next-gen gameplay eventually this year.

Last week, GameStop held an in-store-only Xbox Series X restocking. The device was quickly sold out in several stores; no supply was available on the internet throughout this drop. Power Up Reward Pro users will be able to access next-gen console releases earlier than anyone else, according to GameStop, so now is a perfect time to join.

Microsoft, Walmart, and Amazon may all refill Microsoft’s latest gaming consoles in the days ahead, so we can expect more online restocks soon. There haven’t been any verified drops from these merchants as of yet. Furthermore, while Amazon UK did replenish the Xbox Series X on June 22, an Xbox Series X drop on Prime Day seems doubtful at this time.

Target, on the other hand, has recently revealed a major shift in how it manages Xbox Series X restocks. Instead of waiting for batches of stock to arrive, like with the PS5 replenishment, Xbox Series X units will be ready to purchase as soon as they arrive in shops.

This implies that Target would no longer have national stock drops, and the consoles will only be accessible when stock arrives at each local store. Last month, we witnessed this new system in action when select Target stores began selling the Xbox Series X.

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