September 30, 2023
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The Best L-Shaped Desk for Gaming: Our Top Picks

What is the best desk for gaming? Well, if you’re looking for an L-shaped desk that fits in smaller rooms and offers better ergonomics than conventional desks, we have some of the best picks below. Read on to find out more about our top recommendations! 

L-shaped desks are an excellent option for people who want a lot of storage space or need a large work surface. The design allows you to sit with your back against the back wall while still being able to reach everything in front of you. This can be great for gamers because it will put them at eye level with their monitor, so they don’t have to crane their neck up when playing games like Fortnite or Call of Duty Black Ops 4. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup with the best L-shaped desk for gaming, here are some of our top picks:

1.   GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

This GreenForest space-saving l-shaped desk is ideal for both work and gaming if you’re limited on space. Designed to fit into a room’s corner, its L-shape gives adequate space for a gaming setup on one side and a workstation (or anything else you choose to cover the area with) on the other.

Greenforest’s model is simple to assemble, arriving in three pieces with movable feet that allow you to change the height manually – and you can also combine two desks to make a ‘U’ shape. However, keep in mind that the desk is only supported by a horizontal bar around one end, which is not ideal for preventing monitor wobble.

2.   Coleshome L-shaped corner desk

Coleshome’s L-shaped desk is a conventional workstation with a sleek style that appeals to gamers. The Coleshome desk, in contrast to many others, has one long arm and a shorter one. The longer arm may be ideal for multiple displays, consoles, and other devices. However, the length may be an impediment for some users. The additional space required to accommodate the desk may also be an issue for some.

The Coleshome’s sturdy metal legs are reinforced with crossbeams to provide additional stability and strength. The desk’s top is constructed of “engineered wood,” providing a sturdy surface for gamers.

1.   Foxemart L Shaped Gaming Desk

Next up, we have a highly robust L-shaped gaming desk from Foxemart. This gaming desk provides a total of 51 inches of work area on each side, including the rounded corner. As a result, it can be used in both a work and play setting without issue. On the table, there is a 19 x 7.8-inch monitor rise for mounting the monitor without sacrificing the work area.

The Foxemart L-shaped gaming desk’s robust metal frame provides excellent stability for the MDF desk. The desk is constructed entirely of wood fiberboard, which allows it to support even the heaviest peripherals with ease.

2.   Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk

The L-shaped gaming desk from Bester is a reversible, 95.2-inch carbon fiber corner desk. You may adjust the desk’s dimensions to suit your requirements; it is extra-long and easily accommodates two people or two gaming setups. This desk’s ladder shelves may be adjusted to the right, left, or center while the desk is adjusted from straight to L-shaped. Despite the shelves, it still provides enough legroom and additional storage space.

The desk is constructed entirely of sustainable wood that meets CARB’s P2 grade criteria. It is exceptionally durable and is supported by a metal X-frame constructed of large steel tubes capable of supporting heavier loads.

3.   Earth Sign L Shaped Desk

With a 56.96-inch wood desktop and four shelves for additional storage, the Earth sign L-shaped gaming desk is a great option. The desk is modern and spacious enough to accommodate multiple displays, a mousepad, a keyboard, and docking stations, among other peripherals. The four shelves are detachable, allowing for easy adjustment, and are constructed as two-tier shelves on either side of the desk.

Additionally, the desk is simple to install, with a full instruction booklet and tools included.

Final Thoughts

The best L-shaped desk for gaming is not the same as a typical office desk. They are designed to be large enough to accommodate two or more monitors and peripherals while still providing ample space on one side of the work surface for writing papers or working with spreadsheets. If you’re looking for an attractive and functional way to serve dual purposes in your home office, consider any of these top picks from our list!

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