February 17, 2024
Mario golf super rush

Mario Golf Super Rush Review

Mario Golf Super Rush was recently released by Nintendo on June 25, 2021. Its developer Camelot has been producing amazing sports games for years, and it’s knocked it out of the park with this one. Plus, it’s one of my own guilty pleasures!

The visuals of the Mario Golf Super Rush are simple but very colorful and suitable for an animated golf game. You get the opportunity to go to different areas. Each area has its own shop that you can visit to buy tools. With your Mii, you have to complete different training challenges and tasks, while surrounded by this beautiful golfing world.

The Mario Golf Super Rush game has timed button presses for playing, but it is easy to get the hang of it. You can also press a button to fill the bar that sets the distance, and then you can fill the bar once again to design the shape of your shot. Sounds complicated, but it becomes second nature after a few minutes of gameplay.

As you progress, you are provided with different golfing gear and equipment that you can use for various challenges and tasks. Each course creates a new environment for you to overcome the challenges by using different strategies. In the second area, you are thrown in a ‘cross country’ setup where you tackle holes in your preferred order. We could see what they were trying to do here, but it didn’t really add to the overall game in our opinion.

Other challenges and areas are better. Some of the challenges may seem repetitive in nature as they revolve around timed and speed golf. In such challenges, you have to keep a balance between the accuracy of the shot and the speed. You have to go to the ball every time you hit it and also keep checking the time.

In order to upgrade your badge, you first have to play three shots, and then another round of similar shots. After this, you reach the qualifying stage. These rounds teach you about different conditions. However, they are not as creative as the other golf games. Still, the game is fun to play!

Other than the adventure, you can also move onto general play mode. In it, you can play a multiplayer game and also experiment with the roster. You can go to the Solo Challenge area as well. This is where you play games to level up your character. It has the basic challenges that may make this part boring for some players.

However, you do get different options (different area choices, number of holes, etc.) to customize solo as well as multiplayer rounds. When you play and complete the Adventure (which usually takes 6 to 10 hours), you unlock the next six-courses.

Speed and Standard golf are the featured modes in Mario Golf Super Rush that you can choose during a solo or a multiplayer round. A new mode, Battle Golf, is also exciting, as in it your aim is to complete a certain number of holes before any of your opponents does.

Summing up

No matter which game mode you choose, you can play the game for hours if you are a true fan of golf games. You can play alone or with a bunch of friends. I’m more than excited when I play Mario Golf Super Rush, as I many other gamers. The Mario Golf Super Rush game gives you many customization options, and varied challenges, which increases the player’s interest. If you like golf, this is the game for you…

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