February 17, 2024
LG 27GN950-B

One Of The Best Gaming Monitors Reviews – LG 27GN950-B

A must-have for anyone seeking for a crystal clear monitor is the LG 27GN950-B 27. Why? Well, 4K is currently and for the foreseeable future the highest resolution for desktop PC monitors (3840 x 2160 pixels). The screen density is enough to hide all traces of the image’s pixel structure even at a diagonal of 32 inches. With a deep 163 pixels per inch resolution on a 27-inch 4K display, you can sit quite close and never notice the dots.

What does this mean for those who want the best gaming monitor available? Although the high resolution is nice, the noticeable effect it has on frame rates outweighs the inexpensive cost of the LG 27GN950 B 27. One of the top cards in our GPU benchmarks hierarchy is needed to drive 8.3 million pixels at a rate faster than 100 frames per second (fps). This makes this a limited and exclusive group, along with the excessive price of fast 4K gaming monitors.

The first thing we noticed was the cost of the LG 27GN950 B 27. At the moment, LG is asking $800 for it. This offers a significant discount over the Asus and Acer gaming monitors mentioned above. Its backlight is mostly to blame for this. Instead of the full-array local dimming (FALD) components used by Asus and Acer, LG employs an edge-lit backlight with its own local dimming feature. By individually dimming the individual LEDs, the LG 27GN950 B 27 produces HDR quality comparable to those of its FALD counterparts.

The term “Nano IPS” refers to the sub-pixel structure of an IPS display and is used to describe the panel. Similar to Quantum Dot technology from Samsung and others, its goal is to increase the color gamut. This objective is achieved by the LG gaming monitor’s 95% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. Additionally, the lighting is VESA DisplayHDR 600 certified and emits over 600 units in HDR mode.

The important factor here is the refresh rate of the LG 27GN950-B. Rare and requiring a substantial amount of bandwidth are 144 Hz 4K monitors. As the LG gaming monitor uses Display Stream Compression to transport all those pixels over a single wire, you’ll need a graphics card (likely one of the best graphics cards) that supports DisplayPort 1.4 in order to operate at maximum performance. Before buying this gaming monitor, make sure to always check the specifications of your graphics card.

The LG 27GN950-B can output 144 Hz with HDR and FreeSync Premium Pro through DisplayPort if the necessary hardware is available. For frame rates below 48 Hz, it includes low framerate compensation. The same G-Sync Compatibility certification from Nvidia is also present.

Accessories and Assembly for LG’s 27GN950-B

After securing the base and upright with two captive bolts, the panel for the LG 27GN950 B 27 snaps into place. Along with wire for DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB, the box also contains a little clip for managing cables. A brick is used to supply external electricity. Due to the bandwidth requirements of the gaming monitor, LG suggests using the included cables to run 4K resolution at 144 Hz.

LG 27GN950-B 360° 

With a bezel that is just 5mm thick on the top, sides, and bottom, the LG 27GN950-B has the smallest bezel we have yet to see. While it is not completely frameless, it is the closest gaming monitor we are aware of to being frameless.

With just enough rounded corners to prevent being overly harsh, the design is angular. It uses the standard matte black in brushed and pebble finishes. The LG and G-Sync logos are prominently placed on the red-trimmed base’s bottom.

LG 27GN950-B

The LG logo appears swoopingly on the back, and the connection point for the upright is surrounded by a ring of RGB LEDs. If you make use of the 100mm VESA mount, you can remove the stand and still enjoy the lights. The dial in the bottom middle is used to regulate the RGB. They are turned on by pressing it. Then you can change the impact by choosing from six options. Additionally, you can coordinate the effects with the audio and on-screen content using LG’s free Ultragear Control Center software. The stand has a 5/15-degree tilt, a portrait mode, and an adjustable height of 4.4 inches.

You can connect powered speakers or headphones using a 3.5mm audio jack. There are no speakers on the LG 27GN950-B. Different dynamic contrast settings are available on the LG 27GN950-B. In Gamer 1 mode with Local Dimming disabled, you may simply use it as-is, which looks excellent. Due to its high P3 gamut coverage, the monitor provides slightly greater color saturation and contrast compared to other IPS panels. We could work on paperwork and graphic editing all day without getting tired with the backlight set to 200 nits. When Local Dimming is turned on, contrast is doubled, and it’s noticeable. Blacks were deeper, while colors appeared more vivid.

Normally, highlight and shadow details were preserved as well. We saw it in action a few times when a little brilliant thing appeared against a shadowy background. Then, when the backlight was brighter than the surroundings, a vertical band could be observed. It resembles the sometimes observed halo effect on FALD displays, except the halo extends the entire height of the screen. This was an extremely strange occurrence.

One of the few displays that looks well when using Windows productivity apps in HDR mode is this one. The contrast is outstanding even though the color is a little murky. You can also decrease the lights if it is too harsh. One of the few gaming monitors we’ve seen that lets you change the light intensity in HDR mode is the LG 27GN950-B. An alternative to this is to use the HDR Effect mode. It is dazzlingly bright with the default brightness level of 100. However, it becomes more tolerable when the lighting is reduced to 26 (or roughly 200 nits). There are many great, practical alternatives available to users here.

In Our View

One of the fastest 4K gaming monitors at 144 Hz, the LG 27GN950-B offers excellent HDR and accurate color at a lesser cost than a top-tier FALD panel.


  • Ultra-high-definition resolution.
  • Local dimming generates contrast comparable to that of a VA.
  • Outstanding HDR.
  • Color gamut is broad and accurate.
  • Rapidity and responsiveness.
  • Compatible with FreeSync and G-Sync.


  • sRGB mode with excessive saturation.


 What is the lg 27gn950-b 27 inch ultragear price?

In many online sites, lg 27gn950-b 27 inch ultragear price is approximately $800.

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