December 9, 2023
Fix Noisy Mouse

How to Fix Noisy Mouse? 

Is your mouse making a noise? Just like computers, mouses require periodic cleaning of dust, dirt, food crumbs, and other detritus. When a mouse wheel becomes clogged with dirt and dust, it may create squeaking or nail-on-chalkboard noises. Certain mouse buttons just generate a louder click noise when pushed. This post will demonstrate how to fix noisy mouse.

What are the Advantages of a Quiet Mouse?

If you’re already considering purchasing a quiet mouse, it’s simple to justify. However, for those on the fence or unclear of its relevance, the following is a breakdown.

A quiet mouse’s primary selling point is its noiseless design. If you’ve ever played a game late at night or used a computer in a public library, you’re probably familiar with how annoying mouse clicks can be. The stillness of these mouses benefits not only others around you, but also you. Reduced noise equals fewer distractions and more focus. So, if your mouse is making noise, continue reading to find out how to fix noisy mouse.

Procedure to Fix Noisy Mouse

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How you fix noisy mouse wheel is determined by the source of the squeaky sound. If the squeaking sound is caused by dirt, you will need to clean the mouse. The following steps will show you how to fix noisy mouse.

  • Once the mouse is opened, flip it over and carefully pull back the top panel. You will be able to see the mouse wheel. Take note of how the mouse wheel sits so that it may be returned to its proper position after cleaning.
  • Hold the pressurized air can four inches away from the mouse wheel and spray. Disperse all dust and dirt until the area seems clean.
  • Wipe the mouse surface with a cleaning wipe to remove any persistent spots.
  • Immerse the tip of a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol. Then, using the cotton swab tip, run it around the perimeter of the wheel. Allow the wheel to thoroughly dry after cleaning.
  • Once the wheel is completely dry, reinstall the components and check that they are properly aligned. After reassembling the mouse, power it on and test it to ensure that the squeaky sound is gone. This way you can quickly fix noisy mouse without any assistance.

Is It Possible to Oil a Squeaky Mouse Wheel?

The majority of people believe that oiling their mouse is harmful to it. The reality is that if your mouse wheel begins to make squeaky noises, you can grease it. The squeaky sound might be a sign that your mouse is dirty and in need of cleaning. Alternatively, you may open the mouse and add some WD-40 oil. You should use a negligible quantity of lubrication.

How to Silence Mouse Click?

You can destroy your valuable mouse if you do this wrong. Please read through the steps and research about your mouse and then follow the procedure given there. While this is a simple process, getting used to an older mouse can be a great idea if you are unsure of your skill level with small electronic components. 

Follow the below steps to silence mouse clicks.


Before dismantling your mouse, you’ll want to unplug it from your computer or remove the batteries. If you flip it over, you should notice screws that you’ll need to unscrew to disassemble the mouse.

Once you’ve flipped the mouse over and located the screw(s) that hold it together, you can unscrew them and proceed. These screws, for example, may be hidden behind cushioning that aids in the movement of your mouse over a mousepad.


Separate the case edges with a tool such as a guitar pick. Depending on the brand and type of the mouse, you may need to slide it in a particular direction to free it from the base before separating them.

Avoid yanking it apart, since there may be exposed wires or cables inside that you can break.


Locate the components that click when the mouse buttons are pressed. These are typically colored differently to make them easily identifiable.


Separate the boxes that contain those items. Once you’ve located the pieces that click, you should notice that they’re surrounded by boxes. By prying open these boxes with anything thin, such as a guitar pick, you should be able to locate the flexible inner metal strip that produces the clicking sounds.

The clicking noise is caused by the metal strip colliding with the contact on the opposite end.


Reduce the length of the metal strip between the contact and the metal strip. Placing your screwdriver on the contact, softly smash the screwdriver with something like a tiny hammer so the contact dives lower and lower.

The objective is that by reducing the distance between the flexible metal strip and the contact, the click becomes less audible.

By pressing on the flexible metal strip, you may hear the clicking sound. If the contact remains too loud, you can use the hammer to pound it down.


Replace the mouse’s components. Replace the boxes that surround the metal strips and connections, and then reconnect the bottom and top mouse casings. Finally, before you finish, remember to re-screw any loose screws.


A computer’s mouse is a critical component. As a result, you should assure adequate maintenance. When you use your mouse, you may occasionally hear a squeaky sound. The good news is that it does not affect your mouse’s performance. However, it may not be pleasant to hear. Therefore, if you want to fix noisy mouse, follow the methods mentioned above.

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