February 17, 2024
PC controller

Ecstatic Reviews For PC Controller or Gamepads in 2022

Whatever your opinion, the best PC controller is an essential part of a contemporary PC gamer’s toolkit. Although PC gamers strongly recommend the best gaming mouse and keyboard, many other genres gain a lot from a good pad.

To determine which PC controllers are the best buys, we put today’s leading models through rigorous testing. Let’s take a look at the top PC controllers that will appeal to any player.

Top PC Controllers

PC controller

Series 2 Xbox Elite Wireless PC Controller

Numerous customization options.
Detachable USB-C Charging Dock.

In comparison to the majority of controllers, this one is very large.
Extremely costly.

It’s clear why the Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller is ranked first after using it for more than 10 minutes. The Series 2 is absolutely luxurious. You have an unprecedented level of control over your game experience thanks to the virtually endless customization options (pun intended). It’s a lifesaver to have control over the d-pads, shift paddles, and joystick tension, among other aspects of the controller.

The addition of a handy small carrying bag that doubles as a charging station for the controller’s new rechargeable battery, which has a 40-hour power life, is the most obvious difference between the Series 2 and Series 1 models. Finally, the project Xcloud and Apple Arcade releases make it simple to connect the Series 2 controller through Bluetooth.

Spending $160 on a PC controller is a tough sell for the majority of players; that’s nearly four times the price of an Xbox One controller. However, if you’re a committed gamer who values performance and extensive customization, the Series 2 is a no-brainer and well worth the money.

Controller for Sony DualSense Wireless PC

Thumbsticks are incredibly accurate.
flexible triggers.

Feature support is limited on PCs.
The battery life isn’t very noteworthy.

Due to its innovative haptic motors and “Adaptive” triggers, which may offer resistance beneath your finger, the PlayStation 5 DualSense emits a “touch it to believe it” sense. The phrase “has a PS5 controller on PC” appears in the name. The rumbling is also some of the nicest and most subdued we’ve ever felt in a controller. It really is as great as they say.

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The bad news is that since PC games need to be created to utilise them, DualSense’s most sophisticated features are not yet present in them. The controller is already fully supported by Steam, making installation and use as simple as with any other pad. If you prefer Sony’s analog stick layout or appreciate gyro aiming, this is the PS5 controller for PC that you should buy. It’s a touch less comfortable than the Xbox Series X controller and takes a little more work to use in non-Steam titles.

Perhaps in the future, PC games will also include those new triggers and haptics.

Controller Scuf Instinct Pro for PC

Extensive customizing options
Provides a comforting sense of solidity in the hand.
Prompt and accurate.

Customization is an actual expense.
AA batteries are required; they are not rechargeable.

The Scuf Instinct Pro is the culmination of almost a decade of research and development to produce a gamepad that is not only exceptionally comfortable due to its superior ergonomics but also sets a new standard for what a controller should be.

On the other hand, the Scuf Instinct Pro’s four customizable paddles are straightforward to use, enabling you to hold the controller normally while easily pressing each one. It also has a PS4 controller on PC.

The four paddles are positioned on the controller’s back, directly below the base. The two major paddles are built into the grips and are slightly elevated to be conveniently accessible to your middle fingers when holding the controller. Two additional wedge-shaped paddles are located adjacent to the primary paddles. These two points — the pad on one paddle and the side of the tip on the other – function as a natural resting position for your middle finger, allowing you to easily activate either.

The major paddles have a slight resistance to them, which prevents inadvertent button presses during gaming. The secondary paddles have a bit more give, adjusting for the way you push them diagonally with your middle finger’s outside half. Due to the variation in tension, all four paddles feel equally pleasant to push during gaming without causing additional strain.

The majority of pro players will almost certainly choose to play wired in any case, as this gives the lowest latency and decreases total weight. Fortunately, the Instinct Pro PS4 controller on pc is compatible with the Xbox Play & Charge Kit, which allows you to utilize your existing rechargeable battery.

Enhanced PowerA Spectra Infinity

Design is nearly comparable to that of an Xbox One Controller.
Reasonable price.
Attractive lighting.

No wireless support.

PowerA’s Spectra is an affordable wired alternative to an Xbox One PC controller. While the lack of Bluetooth or any wireless functionality may put some people off, this controller is snappy, has a nice weight, and, most significantly, feels virtually identical to the Xbox One controller.

The Spectra’s individuality is enhanced by the edge illumination, and the three-way trigger locks are ideal for competitive shooters. The Spectra would have received a better grade, but its lack of wireless connectivity is a significant shortcoming in the era of untethered gaming.

Between the direction pad and the right analog stick is an illuminated volume rocker for the headset jack. Apart from the Advanced Gaming Buttons, the gamepad’s rear has three-way trigger lock levers separated by Program and LED buttons. Additionally, there is no battery compartment door, since this is a wired controller; a recessed micro-USB connector on the top edge links to a 10-foot fabric-covered cable with a breakaway joint and a USB-A socket at the other end.

The PowerA Spectra Infinity is a dependable, wired PC and Xbox controller that has an eye-catching light show. If you’re not opposed to dealing with a cable, this is rather tempting. It’s a bit pricy at $45 considering it’s wired, especially given the absence of app-based management and the requirement to set the back buttons and lighting effects manually. Nonetheless, it feels roughly as nice as a normal Xbox Wireless Controller, which is great praise for any third-party controller.


Additionally, some games ported from console to PC end up having an absurdly complicated control scheme when played with a mouse and keyboard. That is true even for titles considered PC classics. When played with the greatest PC controller, for example, The Witcher 3 really features a considerably more intuitive control mechanism.

Finally, while the mouse and keyboard arrangement is excellent for a wide variety of tasks, there should surely be a place in your armoury for the finest PC controller. 


Is GameCube controller PC available?

There are a few GameCube controller PC available online with new programs that offer compatibility with Nintendo Switch. Older adapters are designed to work with both Wii U and PC. You need the GameCube controller connected to the PC adapter for using it.

How to use the guitar hero controller PC?

Because the Xbox 360 guitar hero controller PC comes with a USB cable. This means that the USB cable can be easily connected to the USB port of your PC. Simply take a USB cable for the controller and connect it to the USB port of your PC. Then you will be done.

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