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sherlock holmes chapter one review

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Review – Information with Pictures

The Sherlock game Xbox series comprises of thriller centres around the young Sherlock Holmes and his adventure as he navigates an exotic, perilous island in the Mediterranean in order to solve the mystery behind his mother’s death. Read the article to know about Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review.

What is Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1?

sherlock holmes chapter one review

The new Sherlock Holmes game follows the world’s second most famous investigator as he returns to his childhood home on the fictional Mediterranean island of Cordona after learning that his mother’s death may have been more complicated than originally revealed. Cordona, with its sprawling breadth and wealth of period-accurate detail, initially gives the appearance of an Assassin’s Creed-style sandbox. However, due to a surprising lack of interactivity, it is not nearly as enjoyable to inhabit or as packed with discoveries as it initially appears.

Uncovering what really happened within the walls of Stonewood Manor becomes the focus of Chapter One’s storey, but resolving this central mystery requires solving a roughly 12-hour-long series of intriguing and diverse detours, ranging from tracking a stampeding elephant to infiltrating a sex cult, several of which resolve in unexpected and occasionally comedic ways. 

When was the last time you used a homemade inflatable elephant love doll to solve a crime?

Although we are introduced to this young Sherlock as a novice private eye, he already possesses a near-supernatural perception of the superficial as mentioned in the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review. The issue with him being a superhero from the start is that you never had the notion he was anything less than a fully developed investigation sensation from Chapter One’s outset, which meant there was no room for skill advancement to allow the crime-solving process to evolve over time.

In fact, the only item Sherlock’s toolset is lacking is his trusted sidekick, John Watson as said in the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review. He is probably still serving in the military at the time of Chapter One’s events. Rather than that, Sherlock is flanked by his imaginary companion Jon, who is identical to Watson in both name and function in that he serves as a sounding board for Sherlock while he investigates each crime scene, employing the series’ standard concentration and evidence-corroborating skills.

The Numerous Case Types Of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Looking into the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review, here are the numerous case types of this game.

Ace of Case

Unlike the oversimplified investigations in Sega’s recent Judgment games, Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1 allows you a little more leeway in solving each case as per the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review. When you get into a groove, Chapter One does an excellent job of convincing you that you are a proper sleuth arriving at your own deductions, which can be quite satisfying for extended periods of time as per the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review.

The issue is that the general absence of guidance can make determining how to advance an investigation a little too difficult at times. In one instance, someone was tasked with locating a pregnant immigrant using only a photograph, and he spent approximately 20 minutes displaying it to many shrugging people until he came across what appeared to be the city’s single pedestrian who could take me to her covert camp.

In another instance, he attempted to infiltrate a homeless shelter but was repeatedly turned away by the doorman, who continued to refer to me as “moneybags” regardless of how filthy and dishevelled he rendered Sherlock’s disguise. What type of wealthy individual wore the common dress in the nineteenth century? Internet millionaires were not even a concept at the time.

Jon might have served as an organic guidance system in these circumstances, but all he ever does is tell you you’re doing it incorrectly without presenting any relevant alternatives. Each investigation blunder is likewise documented in full detail in Jon’s diary.

Running into hurdles during a case would be less annoying if there were other things to do, but Chapter One is devoid of interesting distractions. Cordona’s surprisingly large setting is certainly postcard-pretty in parts, from ornate cathedral spires to the picturesque boat harbor, but there is simply not enough to do there to inspire or reward exploration beyond a pleasant bit of sightseeing – if you can put up with the Sherlock game Xbox Series constantly stuttering framerate.

Sherlock ‘n’Load

When Sherlock is not poking holes in witnesses’ testimony, he is blasting holes in the chest-imonies of bad guys. Frequently, either towards the conclusion of a case or when you choose to enter an enemy facility through force rather than deception, Sherlock will find himself engaged in a gunfight against waves of progressively formidable thugs. Whether it’s a bar room or a boatshed, all arenas are nearly identical in form and feature the same types of environmental dangers you can exploit, such as lamps that can be blasted to temporarily stun an assailant before you rush in and trigger a brief quick time event to arrest them.

However, it makes no difference whether you cuff or snuff them, because other than a mild reprimand from Jon – a slap on the wrist from someone who does not exist – there are no moral ramifications for simply murdering every goon you encounter. Given Sherlock’s infinite pistol ammo, it’s a lot easier to shoot enemies in the head than it is to manoeuvre them carefully next to a rupturable steam pipe in an attempt to pacify them nonviolently.

While it is true that you receive more money for arrests than for deaths, I wasn’t particularly motivated to acquire more money since the only things I could spend it on were newspapers and furnishings for Sherlock’s house. There are also some peculiar rules of engagement at work, such as the requirement to first shoot the armour plate off an opponent’s shoulders before attempting to blind them with Sherlock’s snuff powder. How does that function in practise?

The only time a Holmes-inflicted homicide is not the best technique is while confronting the various Bandit lairs strewn across Cordona. These are identical to every other enemy seen in Chapter One, but because Sherlock is raiding them on behalf of the police, any foes slain during the raid result in instant failure. To Chapter One’s credit, you may enter the options and turn off combat entirely, albeit this results in even less gameplay variety outside of the core investigation mechanics.


Sherlock Holmes game features an intriguing selection of riddles to solve, but the open-world environment does not really improve the traditional investigation gameplay, and the combat sequences are uniformly bland and repetitious. While there are moments of joy to be won when an inquiry takes off, the ambiguous case requirements frequently lead your sleuthing to stagnate and force you to rely on guesswork, while Jon’s annoyingly unhelpful advise just adds to the frustration. As per the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review, it is a competent detective game set in an overly simplistic open world.


Is this an adventure game?

Yes, as per Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review, it is an adventure game. The Sherlock Holmes game was developed and published by Frogwares. It was released in 2021.

How much is the difficulty level of this game?

As per the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One review, difficulties will depend upon you experience on the new Sherlock Holmes game. You may have difficulties for both Investigation and Combat in the game.

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