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guardians of the galaxy game

Guardians of The Galaxy Game Review – Information with Pictures

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game- Story

What is this Guardians of the Galaxy video game all about? To be specific, it’s a single-player game told through the eyes of the dysfunctional Guardians we’ve grown to know from comic books and films. You will experience the entire game via Peter Quill’s (Star-Lord) eyes, and he will be the one issuing commands and requesting assistance from his crew.

This presents itself in combat and exploration by combining the powers of the other guardians, utilising their skills for raw damage, or politely requesting that they hack open a door or carry something heavy for you.

The plot of the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy game begins with the Guardians forming a team and residing onboard the Milano spaceship, collecting bounties, completing jobs, and generally getting into mischief. The galaxy is recovering from a 12-year war against the Chitauri, during which our heroes were disenfranchised by the space authority, Nova Corps.

Quill, who abandoned the Ravagers following the battle to pursue a career in criminality, struggles to lead his motley crew of murderers and assassins from catastrophe to disaster, and you join them as they illegally explore a region of space that Nova is particularly interested in.

guardians of the galaxy game

The original group (Gamora, Rocket Racoon, Drax, and Groot) are all present, each with their own unique backstory. Drax is revered throughout the galaxy for allegedly murdering Thanos, while Rocket and Groot are on the run following their escape from the Collector’s museum on Knowhere.

The plot is told in chapters, and you’ll embark on a chronological adventure that will bring you face to face with some of Marvel’s most iconic characters. If you’ve read the GotG comics, you’re already aware with this horrific religious group, and the game’s tale follows a similar pattern. You’ll meet a kaleidoscope of strange and amazing personalities along the road.

Even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes receive a brief mention, however the frail humans are mocked throughout the game, and you should absolutely not expect IronMan to come flying in to rescue you, no matter how great that might be.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Game – Graphics

While the Guardians of the Galaxy video game does not fully utilise the next-gen graphics available on recent consoles — we played on a PlayStation 5 – we think it looks fantastic, especially when you visit the neon-lit streets of Knowhere. Although we disabled ray tracing for our playtime, we still experienced a fluid 4K 60fps experience, and the level was dripping with awesomeness.

Given that the game follows a somewhat restricted narrative path through each chapter (with a tiny variation for some exploration), you’re essentially funnelled into various fighting venues to clear rooms of foes. These locales are stunning as you travel between the Milano, Nova Corps warships, and other worlds, each with its own distinct aesthetic.

This is emphasised by the magnificent skyboxes, which can take the form of anything from the depths of space to the towering cityscape of Knowhere’s celestial head. While we encountered a few minor visual glitches throughout our gameplay, the game is largely colourful, brilliant, and as wacky as you’d expect from Marvel’s most inept guardians.

How Enjoyable Is Guardians of the Galaxy Game?

Between combat and cutscenes, you’ll explore the many environments of Guardians of the Galaxy game 2021, which range from Nova Corp space ships to breathtaking extraterrestrial worlds and, like the battle, they remain amusing throughout owing more to the banter and visual variation than to being particularly deep or fascinating on their own.

You’ll occasionally need to order your friends here as well, possibly instructing Rocket to hack a terminal or Drax to transport something large and heavy between locations. This can result in some really easy but nonetheless enjoyable puzzle solving as you discover the optimal technique to combine various talents. 

Collectibles include crafting cash that can be used to increase Peter’s powers, cosmetic costumes for various team members to wear, written logs that add flavour to the plot, and rare artefacts that open additional discussions while hanging out back on your ship between chapters. Collecting these items was always rewarding, even if the side roads were frequently just as easy to identify and follow as the major ones. The only real gripe here is that making currency is so ubiquitous that it becomes a little boring to learn, but that is likely due to the sad lack of a sprint button.

Have You Played Guardians of the Galaxy Game Till The End?

Continuing the theme, the upgrading system is another something that remains fulfilling and pleasant until the very end, even if it can feel a touch bland at times. Completing fights gives you ability points, which can be spent on any of 15 distinct perks available from the start. Having everything on the table up front is advantageous because it allows you to prioritise the upgrades you desire in the order in which you desire them, but it also eliminates any surprises as the campaign proceeds. Even without that, I like how meaningful the perks felt – only a few of them raise stats directly, but the majority unlock additional moves such as a dash punch or time slowing for a brief while when you dodge at the last second.

Finally, it’s worth noting that I encountered a few of issues throughout my time with PlayStation 5. Apart from two major crashes, nothing was out of the ordinary, and Square Enix has stated that a number of the faults I encountered will be addressed prior to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy game. That said, I encountered a couple of instances where my progress was slowed down due to an event not triggering correctly or a button prompt breaking, as well as some odd visual issues here and there, such as the adult Peter model being horribly squished into the frame of childhood Peter for one scene. It never took more than a fast checkpoint reload to resolve errors, and the auto-save and checkpointing are so forgiving that even the worst issues never turned me off, but it’s unclear how much of that will be available on launch day.


Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy game strikes a wonderful balance between humorous, action-packed adventure and actual heartwarming storey moments, and the decisions you make can add some unexpected personal twists to your particular game. While the level design are simple yet continuously fun, it is the relationships amongst the characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy game that keep things fresh as they progress. While Guardians of the Galaxy 2021 is unlikely to set the world on fire, it is another convincing illustration of how much fun a straightforward, no-frills single-player campaign can be.


When is the Guardians of the Galaxy game release date?

The Guardians of the Galaxy game release date was on October 26, 2021. The genre of the game is action and adventure.

How long is the Guardians of the Galaxy game?

Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy game will take at least 15 to 20 hours to complete according to Rock Paper Shotgun. Although the time depends upon how quickly players can make it through the various fights in the game.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy game free?

Yes, players can pick up a free copy of Guardians of the Galaxy game with a new offer from NVIDIA. If you want to pick up a free copy of Guardians of the Galaxy game, then NVIDIA has you covered.

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