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Far Cry 6 Review – Information with Pictures

Far Cry 6 cast is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s long-running open-world shooter franchise, and very likely the best. The island of Yara is a stunning, perilous destination to explore, brimming with secrets and objectives worth pursuing this time around. It’s still best enjoyed in moderate doses, however, as Ubisoft’s habit of stuffing side missions into every square inch of the map endures. Want to know when does Far cry 6 come out? Well, you will get to know this at the end of the article.

Far Cry has been experiencing a bit of a dip over the last half-decade. Far Cry Primal and Far Cry New Dawn were mediocre spin-offs, while Far Cry 5’s potential fizzled due to an uninspired environment and muddled politics.

Enter Far Cry 6 is on the island of Yara. While Yara is an absolutely stunning destination to explore, brimming with quaint small villages, jungles, and vast stretches, it is heavily guarded by brutal tyrant Antón Castillo – because a Far Cry game would be incomplete without a humorously wicked head of state to depose.

With an emphasis on guerilla warfare and homemade weaponry, Far Cry 6’s good guys really seem like underdogs, which makes for an extremely fulfilling experience as you work your way through the game, taking down Castillo’s regime’s figureheads one by one.

Far Cry 6Story

Far Cry 6 traps you once again in a massive open world ruled by a charismatic lunatic, this time on the fictitious island nation of Yara. Even after this many games, the task of converting all the red dots on your map to blue dots remains enjoyable, whether by quietly silencing each opposing guard or by taking the less subtle way of firing bullets and Molotov cocktails at them until no one remains.

far cry 6

Yara is primarily modelled after Cuba and is ruled by fascist dictator Anton Castillo, who is expertly portrayed by notorious TV bad guy Giancarlo Esposito; with this performance, he has easily ascended to the top of my list of favourite Far Cry villains. His government would be unfathomably nasty at times if not for its genuine South and Central American inspirations. However, it is his unwavering commitment to his vision of a “perfect” Yara, combined with Esposito’s natural gravitas and the stoic charm he projects to his still-loyal subjects, that makes him an excellent foil for the chaotic diaspora of revolutionaries you are attempting to unite in order to overthrow El Presidente and his lieutenants.

Each of Esposito’s sequences is engrossing, especially his talks with his son, Diego. He’s a young man attempting to reconcile his view that the impact of our actions on others is more important than our own objectives with his father’s adamant belief that noble ends justify disgusting means, which generates some compelling (if one-sided) tension throughout. It’s unfortunate that the story’s conclusion does not bring a more definitive resolution to the several problems created throughout – albeit Castillo remains a memorable opponent until the bitter end. While Esposito gets much of the credit for the character’s popularity, the cinematic animation team deserves recognition for faithfully transferring the minute elements of his performance into digital character models.

Far Cry 6-gameplay experience

Across the board, the sound design is great. Weapons sound satisfyingly loud and punchy, and vehicles such as planes and tanks can be identified acoustically, adding a sense of urgency to high-stakes combat the franchise has rarely seen before. Far Cry 6 ps4 also boasts an excellent soundtrack, with a mix of original and licensed music that plays on stereos and vehicle radios throughout Yara.

We must emphasize on impressive number of accessibility choices of Far Cry 6 gameplay. Not only does the game provide one of the most complete colorblind settings we’ve ever seen, but it also includes a number of presets for vision, hearing, motor, cognitive, and motion.

These defaults can also be altered manually by the player, so we have to give Ubisoft a lot of credit for making Far Cry 6 as accessible as possible to players of all backgrounds.

Far Cry 6-Additional Missions

If causing random mayhem isn’t your thing, there are plenty of side quests and off-the-beaten-path activities to explore, and almost all of the ones I explored were either enjoyable diversionary activities. Given the size of Far Cry 6 gameplay, my map was roughly 20% untouched by the time I rolled credits, and I’m looking forward to delving back in and discovering what I missed – though I’m hoping there aren’t too many more platforming-heavy games. Platforming has never been a primary focus of the Far Cry series, but I also don’t recall the jumping and climbing controls being quite as fiddly as they are in Six.


Far Cry 6 cast is the most enjoyable game in the franchise in over a decade. Its cast offers good performances throughout an entertaining plot, even if it is somewhat predictable and occasionally misses the bolder swings it attempts. And, despite some shaky new inventory mechanics and a few odd design choices, its inventive weapons means that destroying an outpost, ransacking a convoy, or simply riding with a friend has never felt better.


When was the Far Cry 6 release date?

The Far Cry 6 release date was on October 7, 2021. The genre of the game is action and adventure and first person shooter.

How long is Far Cry 6?

The duration of this game is about 26 hours. However, for those who is looking to explore every nook and cranny of Yara, may take upto 44.5 hours to complete.

What are the Far Cry 6 specs or system requirements?

The game will need OS: Windows 10, with AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @ 3.Ghz processor or Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.1Ghz processor, a 60GB available storage in hard drive and a memory of 8 GB.

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