February 17, 2024
horizon forbidden west

Horizon Forbidden West Review

Horizon Forbidden West has been the long-awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, which debuted in June during Sony’s PS5 gaming event and recently received a playable teaser at Sony’s state of the play session. Let’s dive into some of the most exciting video game news around!

Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PS5 and, maybe even to the PS4. The game extends Aloy’s journey and brings her to America’s new frontier.

Horizon Forbidden West resumes Aloy’s journey west to a more far-future America, where she will meet awe-inspiring technologies and enigmatic new enemies.

However, the trailer reveals a little more. The landmarks show clearly a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, with a destroyed and underwater castle of fine arts as well as a golden gate bridge that has been covered by flora. It’s also clear that Sylens really does have a role to play, and Aloy would encounter different tribes as she travels through this new globe.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Aloy still has the trusty spear as well as a bow with her, along with a variety of arrow types, with which she can face her new adversaries, but she now has some new stuff to deal with. The PlayStation Blog tells us that Ben Aloy will have additional tools that can help her on her journey.

Using the Pullcaster, she can climb faster and get out of difficulty faster; the Shieldwing lets her to gently descend from tremendous heights or surprise opponents from above, and using the Diving Mask, she may explore a whole new different underwater world. Not to mention major improvements to her focus, which now displays locations where she can free-climb and allows her to control additional machines for rides or fights.

When it comes to solving the problems of the new environment, the large array of tools and weapons will allow players “techniques and choice.”

There are few things that are included in Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay, such as:

1.   Aloy’s Enemies In Horizon Forbidden West

However, it should come as no surprise that Aloy will need to stand up against another new bunch of enemies in this western location. The brief trailer depicted a gigantic mechanical turtle, a weird mammoth-like beast, and a slew of other creatures rising off into the distance.

2.   Aloy Gives The Players Access To Many Skills

Aloy is still focusing on her first game so that players will probably have access to so many of the same skills as Zero Dawn. Assume it to be used in some form; after all, unbelievable technology is destined to be in the ruins of Silicon Valley.

3.   Aloy’s Combat Tools

Aloy is also outfitted with many tools including a spear that can be used with multiple setups at a close distance. You can also use buffs known as surges to pull down unbelievably powerful enemies with increased attacks. The weapon wheel includes numerous different items, such as a slingshot that chucks sticky glue grenades to hunkering machines.

Special arrows could also be applied to strip armor and reveal weak spots, a thrower that ignites explosive spikes, and fire grenades to blind enemies as well as make opportunities for devastating attacks. Eventually, Aloy can recover dropped weapons from the battlefield, and also, the gameplay footage can be seen towards the end and turn the firepower of the opponents on them. Such tools can all be upgraded for better stats on workbenches.

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date

Since the launch game of the PS5 came and ended last year, the fans struggled to get PS5, but they wondered if Horizon Forbidden West would be part of the vast catalog of the PS5 games.

Right now, fans only know that Horizon Forbidden West will be released by 2021, but an exact date of the release has still not been stated.

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Although the release date for Horizon Forbidden West was noticeably removed from the gameplay presentation, creator Guerrilla Games confirmed the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel’s release date in a dev diary video which was released last year.

Some additional positive video game news is that the game will be released on PS4 as well, which means you won’t need to change your platform to play the game.

Guerrilla Games addressed the lack of a definitive release date for Horizon Forbidden West on Twitter immediately just after May 2021 State of Play. Guerrilla informed fans that “production is on track” and also that additional information will be available “very soon.”


Horizon Forbidden West PS4 vs PS5

A few PlayStation owners might be concerned about the fact that perhaps the PS4 version somehow holds Horizon Forbidden West, but while in certain ways this may be so, Guerrilla Games developers made sure that the game informer during an interview is even much more visually spectacular as well as immersive while ensuring that the PS4 version is performed properly when it comes to the Horizon Forbidden West releases.

The addition of underwater crossing is a significant new feature in Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy has a rebreather that enables her to enter the water indefinitely, explore underwater ruins, and discover new underwater machinery.

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The Guerrillas developers stressed that although PS5’s visual fidelity is a lot much higher than that of a PS4 edition, there are significant differences in the water in particular. The beautiful water parts of Forbidden West will be even more detailed as well as the waves upon the surface will become more advanced on the PS5.

There would also be a significant difference in lighting between the two platforms. This is because in the PS4 edition of the Horizon Forbidden West, lighting for sequences looks much better than that of the ambient lighting, which gives the scenes a movie look. This enhanced lighting on PS5 is used in the game, improving the atmosphere and the environment.


Horizon Forbidden West Pre Order

Not a lot of big retailers have yet started to order Horizon Forbidden West; however, there are a lot of areas ahead of the competition. You can pre-order the game by Simply Games for £69.99 GBP, and Shop To will also let you pre-order a replica for £69.85.

Although the game is yet to be released, again, you might see it mentioned on Amazon or GAME for a little while.

Release of Horizon Forbidden West PC: Will it be available on PC?

Sony has still not confirmed a PC release date, which should not come as a huge surprise for Horizon Forbidden West. Besides, for over three years, the original Horizon Zero Dawn was just an exclusive game for PlayStation, which was launched at the starting of 2017 on PS4 and finally came on the PC in the mid of 2020.

Final Thoughts

All Horizon Forbidden West has to do now is enhance the success of Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Forbidden West must appear, feel, and sound fantastic thanks to the PS5’s power, DualSense interface, with 3D Audio abilities. Based on the footage so far, the game appears to be quite lovely.

More RPG aspects, as well as the chance to better shape the tale and participate with the setting, would be welcome additions. On the other hand, Horizon Zero Dawn still seems new to play today. Therefore, if Guerrilla Games can just improve on that concept with Horizon Forbidden West, they will be among the best.

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