December 9, 2023
Alienware Aurora R10

New Alienware Aurora R10 Review

Redesigning the desktop was done by Alienware earlier this year. It now looks like the Alienware gaming laptops, which are some of the best out there for gaming. Alienware has used AMD power for the first time in a long time. This means that for $3,629, the new Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition ($3,629 as tested) is an attractive powerhouse that improves lighting and airflow, while still being easy to upgrade.

This is the best gaming PC money can buy, and the new Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition the best yet. The Aurora has long been known as the best. If you want to get the most out of this pc, you’ll have to pay for it.



  • The best-designed case on the market.
  • Outstanding Performance.
  • Alienware software suite.



  • Expensive.
  • Even when performing mundane tasks, the engine may be quite loud.


Alienware Aurora R10 in a Nutshell

Finally, the new Alienware Aurora R10 has changed the Aurora’s look to look like the company’s elegant “Legend” gaming laptops. On the Aurora R9, the new design was first shown off. It’s now available on the R10, which has a two-tone paint job that gives it a curvier, sleeker look.

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The Alienware Aurora R10 has a lot of vents and a concave front panel that looks like a big heater or air cleaner. However, I like the clean design and think it’s a good change for a PC that is getting old. The new shape allows more air to get through, and apart from a few loud whirrs when it started up, it was mostly quiet. As dazzling as our review item looked in Lunar White, I’d rather have it in dark grey Dark Side of the Moon.

This time, the new Alienware logo on the right and the front panel’s ovular strip are both lit up with a lot of RGB. This lighting is more prominent and appealing than in the previous design, and you can adjust it to your heart’s content with the Alienware Command Center programme. You will  like customising the three configurable zones with various colours and patterns, and will appreciate that distinct colour themes may be associated with specific games.

Features and Performance of Alienware Aurora R10

Users seeking higher frame rates for ray tracing-enabled games may wish to investigate the various Nvidia GPU options. The majority of people will not notice the visual difference in current releases. Individuals that are simply concerned with high resolutions, maximum settings, and ray tracing will almost certainly walk away without experiencing the buyer’s regret.

Additionally, there is a bevvy of built-in applications, including your Alienware, which acts as a hub for many of them. This opens the door to further applications, including the Alienware Command Center. Apart from the previously mentioned mild customization, there are performance and overclocking options accessible for experimentation. Through the Command Center, these settings can be stored in a user profile. Additionally, there are a substantial number of presets and customization choices for the audio settings, including built-in 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Alienware Mobile Connect, a not-so-unique spin on the Windows Phone software, enables everything from screen mirroring and texting to full-fledged phone calls from an Android or iOS phone. Among the several functions packed into the software suite, this may be the most pointless. Though it does not operate well with iOS devices in terms of connectivity, Windows Phone arguably works better with Android.

Most significantly, Alienware Aurora R10 includes Customer Connect for troubleshooting purposes if restarting the computer does not resolve the issue. If something goes wrong after that, a one-year guarantee is included with the option to extend it. Not only does the available software suite an excellent job of personalising the experience, but it also ensures that any potential issues are resolved. Simply ignore Alienware Mobile Connect.

The Alienware Aurora Ryzen R10 gaming desktop is one of the most well-built systems available. There is no game that this machine is incapable of handling. Everything in this package feels expensive, from the premium case design and specifications to the customer service.

Alienware continues to improve its futuristic casing design, which combines aesthetics and functionality. Even if the fan noise becomes excessively loud under load, there are alternative power/cooling choices available, including a more expensive 1000-Watt Multi-GPU certified PSU with an AIO liquid cooler.


Compromise-Free High-End AMD Gaming

The Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition is an excellent demonstration of AMD’s latest platform’s performance, outperforming Alienware’s own Intel-based Aurora R11 while being less expensive. That is the very definition of a win-win situation.

Having said that, this new Alienware’s plastic structure does not seem particularly luxurious, especially in comparison to the aluminium and tempered-glass towers that are typically available in this price bracket. Additionally, its cooling fans may be quieter. However, neither of these flaws is a deal-breaker, particularly if you are searching for a unique design and AMD’s latest hardware. The Aurora Ryzen R10 is a competitively priced and factory-customizable high-end gaming mid-tower that is a solid, if not exceptional, selection among high-end gaming mid-towers.


Alienware Aurora R10: Superior Command Center 

The Alienware Aurora R10 comes equipped with an enhanced version of Alienware’s Command Center software, which enables you to manage your system’s performance and game library in addition to personalising the illumination. The app will detect automatically any games installed on your PC and allow you to customise their themes (including power modes and custom lighting). Additionally, you can monitor the temperature and utilisation of your GPU and CPU and toggle overclocking for when you require additional performance. Additionally, there is the aforementioned Alienware FX lighting menu, which enables quick adjustment of the Aurora’s illumination as well as any Alienware peripherals connected.


What is Furmark?

Geeks3d Furmark is an intensive GPU stress test for graphics cards that are compatible with OpenGL API. There are many algorithms used in Furmark that are designed to push your GPU to its limits and measure its synthetic performance. Furmark stress test is created in such a way that it pushes your card to consume the optimum level of electrical power usage that no real game or program should. 

Therefore, Furmark stress test  is a synthetic test for the cooling capabilities of new hardware, finding its thermal throttling threshold and mostly useful for quick testing custom water-cooling kits. Furmark benchmark test is an intensive OpenGL that is designed to test your GPUs stability and limits. No game which is currently available is going to do that in the same manner that Furmark does. Furmark Benchmark uses fur to render  algorithms and  measure the performance of the graphics card.

How to Use Furmark GPU Stress Test?

Furmark GPU test is free and does not need any registration. Furmark GPU tests the stability and power of GPUs in a unique heuristic test that lasts as few as five minutes. The amount of strain that Furmark would place on the system could potentially wear out components if you test your system over and over. However, if you want to test your brand-new GPU and perform a single test to see whether it performs as it should while still under a manufacturer’s warranty, it will be fine.



If you’re searching for an AMD-powered gaming PC that can be designed with highly powerful components and easily updated in the future, the new Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition is one of the great options. The AMD Ryzen CPU and Nvidia RTX graphics options on the system are capable of running recent games in 4K at smooth frame rates, and the workstation’s stylish, RGB-lit style complements any command centre.

If you want comparable performance in a bit compact chassis and are willing to forego upgradeability, the viable option is the Corsair One i160 ($3,399). The Omen by HP Obelisk is slightly more svelte (it features a translucent side panel) and offers comparable performance for the price, but it isn’t quite as tool-free as the Aurora when it comes to tinkering. The Aurora continues to strike the optimal balance of performance and usability, and the R10 is the greatest iteration of this PC yet.


Q. Why isn’t my Alienware notebook recognising my new GTX 980M video card?

1)Ensure that you are using the modded driver that we have provided.

2)In Windows 10, disable driver signature enforcement.

3)Please contact our support group if you have any further concerns.

Q. Where can I obtain drivers for my newly acquired VGA card?

The  Alienware Aurora R10  Upgrade showroom stocks drivers for all of the video cards we sell. Above the yellow banner, you’ll notice a series of links. Please select Drivers to be directed to the appropriate drivers for your notebook.

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