April 13, 2024
Curved Monitor

Curved Monitors for Gaming in 2022

The best curved monitor for gaming provides a far more immersive gaming experience than a standard flat monitor can. They’re magnificent, decadent, and look fantastic on your desk. However, before investing in one of the finest curved displays, check whether your gear is capable of handling so many pixels. A decent curved gaming monitor will provide a better resolution than a standard gaming monitor, and the more pixels you push, the harder your setup must work.

Here we have compiled the finest curved monitors for the best gaming experience.

Top Gaming Curved Monitors

Curved Monitor

LG Curved Monitor 34UC89G-B

Exceptional gaming performance.
Excellent grayscale and viewing angle performance.
G-Sync compatibility.

It does not support extensive color modifications.

The LG Curved Monitor 34UC89G-B is a 34-inch ultra-wide gaming monitor with a curved In-Plane Switching (IPS) screen and a slew of gamer-friendly features such as Nvidia’s G-Sync anti-tearing technology, a refresh rate of up to 166Hz, and numerous gaming pre-set settings. It performed admirably in our gaming performance tests and offers excellent grayscale reproduction with broad viewing angles, but it falls short of some colour accuracy.

The bezel-free cabinet, black finish with red accents, and slim V-shaped stand all indicate that the 34UC89G is a gaming monitor. The stand adjusts in height and tilt and features a hook for securing your headphones, while the cabinet features four VESA-compliant holes for wall installation through an extra kit. Two visual inputs (DisplayPort and HDMI) are located around the rear, facing outward, there are four USB 3.0 ports (one upstream, three downstream), and audio output.

The 34UC89G performs admirably in gaming. If you play Crysis 3 (PC) and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Sony PlayStation 4), motion blur and ghosting were non-existent, and screen tearing will not be an issue, even without G-Sync. However, after enabling G-Sync, Crysis 3’s action will become substantially smoother.

Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor S3222DGM

Excellent value for money.
Overall, the visual quality is rather good.
Relatively prompt and responsive.

“Strictly” 1440p.
There is no support for HDR.

It’s a 32-inch curved monitor  with a VA panel capable of up to 165Hz and 2560 by 1440-pixel resolution. Yes, the tried-and-true 1440p resolution, is often regarded as the sweet spot for real-world gaming due to its optimal mix of performance and visual quality. The caveat is that this does not apply to 27-inch versions. In terms of pixel density, this results in a somewhat large panel for 1440p.

The Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor 1440p screen has a large number of screen housing for office use or media creation and brings a much more immersive game experience. It is a good gaming console, with a fast response time, low input speed, and a few additional play features, which include support for flexible upgrade technology. It has decent visual handling and excellent brightness.

Acer Curved Monitor: Predator X38

Resolution that is expansive.
IPS panel of superior quality and responsiveness.
Refresh rates of 175Hz.

HDR is insufficient.

If your display credo is ‘go big or go home,’ Acer understands, as the Predator X38 features a gigantic 38-inch curved screen that looks beautiful. It sports a not-quite-4K QHD ultrawide display with a resolution of 3840×1600. With a 24:9 aspect ratio, the IPS panel looks fantastic, and the size provides enough of screen real estate for gaming.

Additionally, the display of Acer curved monitor has G-Sync technology, which enables variable refresh rates of up to 175Hz. This is a significant improvement over lower-refresh-rate curved gaming displays. It’s a large, bold, and gorgeous display, and the zero-frame bezel-less design is another plus. If you want to make a statement, this is one of the greatest widescreen gaming monitors available.

It is taller and roughly half as broad as the 27-inch 16:9 screens, although the increased resolution results in a somewhat smaller dot pitch than the lesser panels. Additionally, Acer also offers a gaming white curved monitor of 23-inch with a high rate of refresh and smooth graphics. 

AOC Curved Monitor C2783FQ

Easily accessible controls and inputs. No dynamic refresh.
Limited ergonomic adjustment.

The AOC curved monitor is not the fastest monitor on the market, nor is it the most feature-packed, but it does include a mild curve that provides a little more immersive viewing experience than a typical flat-panel display.

The AOC C2783FQ is a stylish 27-inch monitor with a softly curved screen and a Vertical Alignment (VA) panel for deep blacks and broad viewing angles. Although its $399.99 pricing places it towards the top of the inexpensive large-screen display category, it has few extra features.

The C2783FQ is a really attractive display. The VA panel is contained within a slim 1-inch glossy-black cabinet with silver trim and is bordered by narrow half-inch glossy-black bezels. The cabinet is permanently linked to a rectangular base and mounting arm, which allows for a forward tilt of 5 degrees and a backward tilt of 23 degrees, but lacks height, swivel, and pivot adjustments.

Samsung Curved Monitor 24 Inch CF396

Excellent sRGB color coverage.
Exceptionally bright for a cheap monitor.
Joystick controller in the form of a mini-joystick.

Limited port choices.
The stand’s tilt adjustment is also limited.

The Samsung Curved Monitor 24 Inch CF396 is an affordable and adaptable monitor that would be at home in an office, a study, a living room, or a game room. It has a few convenience features that are often reserved for more expensive displays. Additionally, the screen is bright, with outstanding color coverage for a monitor at this price point.

The screen is slightly concave from the user’s perspective because it is a curved monitor. The CF396 has a 1800R curvature, which implies that if enough of these monitors were arranged in a circle, the radius would be 1800mm, or 1.8 metres. This slight degree of curvature can enhance the user experience. Curved monitors are often utilised in ultrawide or gaming screens, while they are occasionally employed in cheap monitors such as the CF396.

Asus Curved Monitor ProArt PA34VC

Exhibits exceptional colour accuracy.
Includes software calibrating tools.
Ultra-wide screen with a refresh rate of 100Hz, a curvature of 1900R, and support for HDR.

Does not encompass the entirety of the Adobe RGB color space.

The Asus ProArt PA34VC Professional Curved Monitor is a large, cool monitor that’s ideal for gaming. It’s aimed at video editors, designers, and while it boasts great colour accuracy, it also has a lot of gaming-friendly features. Its curved, ultra-widescreen with a 21:9 aspect ratio, as well as its maximum 100Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync adaptive sync technology, are more often found in gaming monitors. While it is not inexpensive, it is an excellent panel for linking the gaming and artistic worlds.

The panel of Asus curved monitor has a curvature of 1900R, which means that if its curve continued around indefinitely, it would have a radius of 1,900mm, or 1.9 metres. This is the most angular curvature we’ve seen on a non-gaming monitor. As is customary with IPS panels, the PA34VC features extremely broad viewing angles (178 degrees), which, when combined with the ultra-wide aspect ratio, creates an immersive experience.


A huge ultrawide display like the Acer Predator X38 will require one of the greatest graphics cards to fully exploit its capabilities—specifically, by matching the high refresh rate with the high frame rates required to justify the purchase price.

For gamers on a budget, try the Dell S3220DGF, which is smaller than many of the ultrawide format giants. Hence, choose according to your budget and need as all these gaming monitors are the best in the market.

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