February 17, 2024
super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 Game for Sold for $1.5 Million

Nothing has been more astonishing than the retro game auctions in recent years.  Well Today we received news that a vintage Super Mario 64 game for the Nintendo 64 console sold for $1.5 million. This has broken some of the records held from previous sealed retro games up for auction.

The 1996 cartridge is one of the few early examples of 3D gaming which came into the publics attention at the time. It was a marvel of gaming technical revolution. The Auction authorities mentioned that fewer than 5 such examples exist in such pristine condition.

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This Super Mario 64 game beat previous title for most expensive retro game sold, which was the legendary game of none other than of course Legend of Zelda! That game was sold for $870,000 on Friday before this announcement was made.

The Super Mario 64 game cartridge was graded by experts at a 9.8 A++ rating which is practically mint. (link of a firm that rated the game)

Though that makes this game valuable, it is strange how a previous Super Mario 64 game with the same rating was only sold for 13K, which is indicative of the gaming collective market experiencing a surge in interest, and following. Whatever the bidders saw in this game it must have really peaked their nostalgia from a long gone early gaming time.

Super Mario 64 was the best selling game for the Nintendo 64 console when it came out, not to do other amazing games such the Jame Bond game for the 64. But Super Mario 63 was amazing as it allowed the use of 3d technology for a greater immersive experience, rather than the 2D games of the previous decade.

Heritage Auctions the one which had bidders in a war over the game, and the amazing end sale value were shocked at the end result, what this means for the future of such auctions of retro games is uncertain.

Many gaming enthusiasts, experts were also intrigued and taken by surprise by the high price paid for the game.

Some such as Kevin Lewin was quoted as saying that “there are likely more sealed cartridges of retro games out there despite the sensational media reports”.

With such increase in prices, which is causing volatility in the collectible gaming community, many question whether there is over inflation in the market.

The offer of the Zelda cartridge broke the past record, set in April for a unique NES cartridge of Super Mario Bros, the main side-looking over platformer highlighting the popular handyman, which sold for $660,000.

The record-breaking sell off this week saw a tremendous scope of collectable games go at significant expenses – a duplicate cartridge of Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo sold for $96,000, as did a duplicate cartridge of Zelda: A Link to the Past. There will be great debates, and discussion regarding value of games, and market manipulation due to certain circumstances such as greater interest in games, cards, collectables by people who started hobbies during the pandemic. Nonetheless there provides great opportunity for marketing by Nintendo and other gaming companies to promote future releases of iconic genres such as Super Mario for the new generation of consoles.

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