December 9, 2023
football manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 Review – Information with Pictures

M22 presents innovative, forward-thinking strategies for developing a winning edge, embedding your footballing style, and earning it for the fans. The set includes an FM ‘Coaching Planner,’ which will take your tactical planning and squad development to new heights. Football is much more than victory; it is about triumphing over hardship and achieving achievement. Climbing to the summit or fighting your way back from the precipice are the most rewarding experiences. You are the architect of your club’s future in Football Manager 2022 – the fortunes of your fans are totally in your hands. Prevail at vital occasions to assist them in realizing their dreams and establish your reputation as a management master.

Football Manager 2022 is the latest installment in the long-running genre, bringing the beautiful game to life in ways never seen before, capturing both the tiny and large events that make the sport so intriguing. The options are practically limitless, and the game adds even more, such as the Data Hub and expanded staff meetings, which all complement the game’s new match engine. With only a few small imperfections, this is the closest Sports Interactive has got to perfection.

football manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 Review


Sports Interactive has mastered the art of generating the most complex and captivating football management simulations. The developer has been working on it for years, and each year’s entry improves on the game’s timeless foundations.

That is precisely the case with Football Manager 2022 from Sports Interactive. While the latest instalment of the long-running series adds a few notable improvements, where it truly shines is in the way it makes small, targeted tweaks to all aspects of the experience in order to further polish and improve it.

Consider both the matches themselves and the methods you deploy and switch during a game. Football Manager 2022 features a brand-new match engine, one of the game’s main changes, and with 3D player models being permitted to move freely on a 3D plane, movement is significantly more fluid and lifelike. To be fair, it remains a crude representation of what occurs on the pitch during a match, but with smoother pivots, fewer stunning bursts of speed, and curved runs, player movement feels much more fluid, resulting in more entertaining matches to watch.

Naturally, you will not be staring at your screen in silence while your players are on the field. Responding to changing situations during a match and adapting tactics on the fly in order to gain an advantage over your opponent has always been central to Football Manager, and this activity appears to be even more fascinating in FM 2022. This is accomplished in a number of ways, the most notable being a complete reworking of the pressing mechanism. Rather than depending on binary options and data comparisons to decide whether or not your team was pressing effectively in previous seasons’ games, pressing opponents in Football Manager 2022 is a much more involved process.

Immersive Experience

There are a variety of elements to consider when deciding on your pressing tactics, from player placement to the specific strengths and weaknesses of opposing players to selecting where you’re willing to create holes in your attempt to win the ball back and much, much more. Indeed, you’re encouraged to tamper with it throughout the match, because whether one of your full backs loses stamina or the opposition team changes shape, the pressing instructions you’ve given your team will need to be constantly checked and adjusted.

Another fantastic addition to Football Manager 2022 is the Data Hub. A stream of stats, charts, graphs, and heat maps is to be expected from a Football Manager game, and poring over those statistics as you adjust your team’s tactics or training or identify areas for improvement considerably adds to the experience. FM 2022 centralises all of this into a single data evaluation centre teeming with an excessive amount of data to analyse. Dive into the Data Hub, analyse your team’s performance and growth in a variety of various ways, and study it all will appeal to everyone who has ever believed themselves a tactical genius while wondering why their team’s manager can’t execute even the most basic tasks successfully.

The best thing is that the changes you make as a result of your Data Hub discoveries appear to be concrete. For instance, if you decide that your choppy build-up play is the result of poor ball retention and constant possession losses in the midfield, moving a skilled ball-winning defensive midfielder into the middle of the park may be advantageous. It’s empowering to know that if you’re not performing well, you can delve deep into the data abyss to uncover areas of weakness and then make focused changes to improve in those areas.

Transfers have also improved significantly. Whereas it was relatively easy to cheese transfers in previous games via clever budget adjustments, rapid player sales, and transfer fee structures brimming with potential add-ons designed to trick clubs into believing they were being paid large sums of money, things are much more rational in Football Manager 2022.

To begin, your budget appears significantly more constrained, severely restricting your transfer market activity. Selling unwanted players for a quick profit is also becoming more difficult, as if you’re looking to offload an ageing player, someone who hasn’t played much recently, or someone who is going through a bad run of form, you’re unlikely to receive many offers, and those you do receive will be anything but mouth-watering. Finally, agency interactions were improved, as the game now asks you to either express probable interest in a player or advise the agent that you are not interested. As you would imagine, both of these behaviours drive you to behave in a particular way on the transfer market.


Naturally, Football Manager 2022 has room for development. One of the most aggravating and ubiquitous flaws of the franchise has been its media and player interaction systems, which have remained mostly intact in this year’s games. They continue to feel a little too random, lack impact, and quickly become quite repetitive. Other subtle forms of repetition exist as well, such as routine emails from your reconnaissance team or load reports that provide little new or interesting information. Meanwhile, Football Manager 2022, like its predecessors, suffers from loading issues, which can make bouncing from day to day (or even event to event within a single day) appear unnecessarily lengthy. While this is not a new issue for the series, it is one that should be addressed in the near future.

After all, Football Manager 2022 is an unsurprisingly fantastic game. Annual franchises that progress year after year are becoming increasingly rare in today’s market, yet FM is a rare gem that continues to shine brighter. The latest instalment in Sports Interactive’s legendary franchise has the richest, most complex, and dangerously addictive edition ever.

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