December 8, 2022
Alienware AW3420DW

Gaming Monitor – Dell Alienware AW3420DW” Gaming Monitor Reviews

Aw3420dw review: Brief

The Alienware AW3420DW is unquestionably a monitor worth considering if you’re looking for the best. However, the exorbitant price tag will likely persuade many consumers to go elsewhere.

Alienware 34 curved gaming monitor aw3420dw Pros and Cons


  • Excellent image quality.
  • Outstanding design.
  • Rapid response.


  • Extremely costly.
  • More ports are required.

AW3420DW Review: Full

The Alienware AW3420DW is proof that ultrawide monitors are making a comeback. Its predecessor, the Alienware AW3418DW, was one of the greatest displays we’ve ever tested, spending an extended period of time in our top selections. However, the Alienware AW3420DW outperforms it in nearly every way.

Alienware 34 curved gaming monitor aw3420dw retains the 34-inch display size and the 21:9 aspect ratio but adds stunning RGB lighting and simple-to-use settings that allow anyone to operate it.

However, this gaming monitor costs $1,499, which is a significant increase over the previous generation’s price of $999. There are some minor improvements from generation to generation, but upgrading is unlikely to be worthwhile if you currently own a 2017 model.

This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Alienware, but the AW3420DW is a stunning monitor. It is developed with Alienware’s new Legend design language and the stunning Aurora R9 desktop in mind.

To that end, there is an oval-shaped RGB light ring on the rear of the monitor stand, as well as an RGB alien head on the back of the display. There is something to be argued for placing lighting effects on the back of a monitor; you’re unlikely to glance at it, but it does generate an interesting array of lights on the wall behind it.

All buttons on Dell Aw3420dw are located on the right-hand side of the monitor. There’s a little stick that opens the complete settings menu, as well as three more buttons on the back that either open fast settings or interact with the main menu.

This option allows you to change the RGB lighting at the back, however, it’s not really obvious. Fortunately, you can also change this lighting via the Alienware Control Center software, providing the monitor is connected via USB to your PC.

Ports are covered by a little shield that is easily moved into and out of position. On the right-hand side of the stand, you’ll find power, HDMI, and DisplayPort, while on the opposite end, you’ll find two USB-A ports and a unique USB port for connecting the monitor to your PC for lighting management — this also powers the monitor’s other USB ports.

Dell Aw3420dw’s bottom panel features several quick-access USB-A connections and a headphone jack. This small region is also illuminated, making it extremely convenient to plug something in, even in a dark room.

We adore the abundance of USB connections here; there can never be enough, in our opinion. However, being limited to two display inputs on a monitor in this price range is a bit of a red flag. At the absolute least, we would have liked to see a second DisplayPort and even a USB-C connection.

Finally, the bezels. They’re not excessively thick, and Alienware has done an excellent job of concealing them, but they’re obviously there. Alienware has gone to tremendous efforts in recent years to improve its design game; we just wish it would minimize the bezels here. Alienware is owned by Dell, and if the company can nearly eliminate bezels on its premium laptops, why are the bezels on its premium gaming displays so thick?


There is no denying that the Alienware AW3420DW looks stunning. Regardless of the type of content displayed on the screen, whether for business or amusement, this monitor excels.

We’re blown away by how the Two Colonels expansion for Metro Exodus handles both dazzling fire effects and the incredible black levels. And, in a game whose tone and color palette are opposed, Bee Simulator looked amazing, with its vibrant colors and flowing movement. Whatever game we load up on Dell Alienware AW3420DW, it looks incredible.

Additionally, it is fluid. Not only does this monitor feature a 120Hz refresh rate, but it also has a 2ms response time, which means you won’t be held back by a slow monitor even in the most fast-paced online games. You may have stunning image quality and lightning-fast performance — you just have to accept a hefty price tag.

Additionally, the Alienware AW3420DW features a G-Sync panel, which is critical for such a high-resolution display. Metro Exodus, on the other hand, runs at roughly 50 frames per second, but owing to G-Sync, it seems like a native framerate. If you have a suitable Nvidia graphics card, G-Sync is essentially cheating, which we adore.

Alienware AW3420DW (1)

Dell Alienware AW3420DW’s display will also come in handy if you want to do some work when you’re not gaming. Due to the Ultrawide resolution, we can fit two large browser windows and Slack on the screen without having to alt-tab. It’s a significant time-saver, and at this point, we recommend an Ultrawide monitor to almost everybody who works at a computer.

This is a very powerful display with superb image quality – even if the absurd price tag somewhat diminishes its appeal. However, if you’re looking for the best and aren’t concerned with pricing, the Alienware AW3420DW makes a rather compelling case for itself.

The Alienware 34: Gaming and Observing

Although the image could be brighter, there is lots of detail in both the highlights and shadows, indicating excellent contrast. On the monitor, the action is also quite fluid, with no discernible motion artifacts.

Although the Alienware 34’s 120Hz refresh rate results in a generally very smooth action, I noticed some mild choppiness when I pushed the screen’s G-Sync capabilities to their limits in CS GO. With processing frame rates of about 300 frames per second, the panel displayed some vertical sync difficulties when I swiftly moved my character around. Even limiting the game’s frame rate to the native refresh rate of the panel, 120Hz (which is easily possible with our testbed’s GeForce RTX 2060 GPU), did little to alleviate the tearing. There were no significant screen-warping artifacts that rendered rapid maneuvers unsettling, but the seams of drawing fields may occasionally be visible. When I tested the display, I noticed no ghosting abnormalities.

The Alienware 34’s wide color gamut shines through in non-gaming footage, such as our 4K Costa Rica test film. Both the greens of plants and lizards and the reds of flower petals and birds appear lush and vibrant without being oversaturated. The details are precise, and the colors appear genuine throughout. Even without proper HDR signal processing, it’s a terrific monitor for watching videos.

Alienware AW3420DW monitor: Final Judgment

The Alienware AW3420DW is one of the best gaming monitors available, owing to its high resolution, astounding color accuracy, and attractive design. However, the majority of people will perform a spit take the moment they see the price. The $1,499 price tag is comparable to that of a respectable 4K TV, let alone a gaming monitor lacking any of the added capabilities offered by modern TV sets.

However, if all you want from your pricey monitor is a fast, stunning, and wide display, the Alienware AW3420DW monitor may be the answer.

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